Written by Joe black

18 Nov 2017

My wife liz worked in a local factory as a cleaner in the evenings when the workers had gone home. I would  drop her off at 19:00 and return at 22:00 to collect  her twice a week Tuesday & Friday. I had told my wife numerous times that I would  love the idea of her being fucked by someone else, she never dismissed  the idea outright but always replied your enough for me.

                                                                              One night I arrived  early to pick her up, i was standing outside the car having a smoke when a foreign guy came over to me, he reached out and shook my hand and said you Joe in broken  english. I said I am and you are? Nicoloi he replied, nice to meet you Nicoloi . You wait for Liz? Yes I said. As he was walking away  towards  his car he glanced  back and said you are very lucky man , she is very nicel womans. No one had ever said that to me in 33 years of marriage.

 Liz is 56yrs and I'm 57yrs, she has nice tits not as pert as they once were but not saggy either. She's a size twelve nice ass great to shag I have to say. She's  definitely not as confident about her body and looks as I am. I tell her any bloke would  love to shag you,  her response is get lost you that's just you fantasizing.

                                            Now back to my story, I began to think if I could get her to shag someone else without her realising I had engineered  the whole situation that would be fantastic because breaking the ice with the first one would be the hardest, she would think it had happened  naturally.

                                             The following week I'm outside the factory waiting for Liz and again Nicoloi comes over to me and says I am speaking with your wife Liz and I tell her , I pass by your house on the way home. If you cannot  pick her up sometime I can give her lift. Thanks  Nicoloi  that's very kind of you. Liz sits into the car and I said I was chatting  with Nicoloi,  he says he lives nearby our house, oh yes she replied he's  a pest sometimes ,always chatting when I'm trying to get my work done. He says he can drop you home If ever I can't make it, yes he said that to me too. How old is Nicoloi I enquired I think he's 37 she replied.

                                             Over the next month which was November I decided to put my plan in place, but wasn't sure how . I deliberately made some excuse so I wouldn't pick Liz up from work which meant Nicoloi would drop her home. It is a 30 minute drive to our house which gave them plenty of time to become more familiar with each other. After the third time Nicoloi dropped her home Liz began to talk more openly about Nicoloi,  how charming he was and he has such a warm heart.

                                               December had arrived and the factory were having a big Christmas bash which only staff could attend which also included the cleaning staff this was my opportunity . Nicoloi had asked both Liz and myself was she going to the bash. Liz was hesitant but I said go with Nicoloi and have a great time and let your hair down. Liz normally  wears leggings jeans or slacks on a daily basis or even when we're out socializing, so when the night arrived of the party I had convinced Liz to wear a figure hugging dress she had previously bought for a wedding it certainly showed off her great ass and enough  cleavage too.

                          Nicoloi arrived in his car at our house on the night of the party to collect Liz, he would travel to the party and get a taxi home. While Liz was getting  ready Nicoloi and I were chatting downstairs, I reached out to Nicoloi  and handed him a key card, what is this he enquired ! It's a key card to a room in the hotel your going to Nicoloi. I want you to show Liz a good time and make sure she enjoys herself don't worry it's already paid for. He looked at me astonished and then the penny dropped,  are you sure Joe,  yes enjoy and don't ever tell Liz about this.

                                            Just before Liz came downstairs I had briefed Nicoloi on what drinks to introduce during the night and in what quantities, finally it was time for them to leave. Liz leaned into me and kissed me on the lips, as she was leaving I patted her ass and said enjoy I won't be waiting up.

What both didn't realise was earlier in the evening I had put two inexpensive spy cameras in the room,one was disguised as an alarm clock which I placed on the locker next to the bed but which also had a view of th entrance into the room . The other was discreetly placed over a picture in a shady spot in the room but which had a full view of the bed. They would be triggered by movement and copy everything to a tablet which was hidden behind the iorning board in the wardrobe. I had requested a late check out for the room which Nicoloi wasn't aware of this was so i could return to retrieve the cameras.

Liz had returned from the party sometime around 4:30 am . Next morning I asked naunchelauntly was the party good! I had a fantastic time She replied Nicoloi is a perfect gentleman and a great dancer. Wonderful I replied, bet your glad you went now. Oh yes I really enjoyed it.

I made an excuse to leave the house that day to retrieve the cameras from the hotel and return home. Liz was in great form and she made it very clear when I arrived she wanted me. We made love with an intensity we hadn't done since our younger days and now I could not wait to see what had actually happened.

Later that evening Liz went to bed early so now was my opportunity to view the footage from the night before. They arrived to the room around 1:30 am as the door opened they were kissing passionately and Nicoloi was caressing her ass . He kicked the door shut with his heel and as he did Liz dropped to her knees undid his fly and began to take his manhood into her mouth, he certainly was larger then me both in girth and length. Nicoloi beckoned her to stand up and with that he unzipped the dress to reveal some very nice French lingerie. In a flash he had her bra off and was cupping her breasts in his hands while gently teasing her nipples with his tongue. I could see by Liz she was very aroused , they both fell back onto the bed she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist while he rammed his cock into her as she writhed in ecstasy to the point of orgasm.

I'd say during the course of those few hours in the room they made love at three more times in every possible position that's a lot more than I could manage these days.

Months have passed since then and Nicoloi has gone home to Hungary, he never ever mentioned that night to me but I suspect while they were working or when he was dropping her home they had been enjoying each other's company to put it discreetly.

Hope you enjoyed this Absolutely true story.............joe black