Written by Barry the man

23 May 2018

Hi. I’m Barry, im56 and married to Susan 45. I adore my wife who is a stunner. She has an amazing figure with nice soft breasts and a great firm body and ass. My downfall is that I love watching her being fucked by other guys. She can take it or leave it but she does it to please me which makes me feel a little bad but she admits that having another man on top and inside her gives her a thrill and most times she has the most amazing orgasms, and our latest ‘adventure’ has its benefits.

We have a large house with quite a big garden which needed an overhaul. I hate gardening, so we decided to employ a professional landscaper. All that was fine but the cost was out of our budget so we agreed to have part done this year and part next. However, as is always the case Susan is impatient and wanted it done this year.

We were talking about it one evening when getting ready for bed and she says that she knows a way that may allow us to have the work done at a discount. I looked at her and she opens her blouse to show me her big soft tits. I was surprised that I hadn’t thought of that, two birds with one stone so to speak. Usually, when were in the mood for our ‘out of the box fun’ we go to a hotel and Susan finds a guy to flirt with before going to his room to be fucked. She will record the event on her phone for us to watch later, or she convince him to allow me to watch.

But this was classic and I was impressed that she was prepared to do it, after all, this gut is not exactly good looking, has a good body I guess but has a face only his mother could love. I wracked my brain as to how I could watch and decided to invest in some home security and put it in the shed where the deed would take place.

The very next day I get the equipment and hid It in areas of the shed which would allow a good view. The next working day he arrives, and Susan gets to work with a tight skirt, tight blouse with no bra and starts her flirting. His eyes were all over her instantly, she asks about getting the work done and how much and he confirm the original price. I’m hiding in the bedroom hoping the action would start that day and I can here Susan giggling and twisting her hair and turning to look at the garden and then back at him but in reality, shaking her tits so he gets a good look. Then she comes back in and tells me that he will think about what he can do. I was gutted. Susan looks at me and with that look in her eyes that tells me that she’s made a decision she walks back out and starts again but this time quietly and I can’t hear. Then she takes him by the hand to the shed and I start to hear the conversation about how she doesn’t want her neighbours hearing he business, which is bullshit because our nearest neighbour is over 200 yds away.

I watch and listen ‘is there anything I can do to get the price down’? With that she undoes a few buttons of her blouse. This gut has clearly never had this happen to hm before and I can tell that he has no idea what to do but He’s staring at her chest. Susan opens her blouse and takes his hand and places it on her breast., ‘I really want this garden to be nice’. He’s giving her a gentle squeeze.

‘ I don; get any sex at home’ ( Lying bitch), maybe we can come to an agreement that works for both of us. He asks about me and Susan tells him I’m away all day every day and takes her blouse off.

‘I suppose I can get the price down’ he say’s. Susan unbuttons his trousers and takes his seriously and unexpectedly impressive manhood out. I can tell that Susan is surprised as well ‘oh, didn’t expect that’ she tells him and she starts to slowly toss him off.

Then Susan gets onto her knees and puts him in her mouth for a while and sucks him off. I am hard now watching her head bobbing back and forward and she’s giving him head. The general agreement between us was that she would get hm to agree to doing the additional work for a low price before she considered having sex with him but I think she got a little carried away. Susan stands up and takes her skirt and knickers off, ‘ lets fuck’ she tells him and lays down on a pre positioned fold away sun bed. In no time at all he is undressed, his cock is being pushed into my wife and his ass is bouncing away.

Susan is groaning and moaning, and I can tell when she’s faking it and this was no faking, my wife was enjoying being shagged by this guy and to be honest, although I was a little missed that she got into it with him so quickly I was hard and enjoying it. Within a few minutes she’s telling him to slow down but he’s not listening. The two of them are moaning and groaning. I’m relay enjoying watching my wife’s legs wrapped round his back with his tongue in her mouth and hands grabbing her soft tits, Susan warns him not to cum inside her and a few minutes later he pulls is dick out and sprays cum all over her tits and there was a lot of it. Susan wasn’t impressed and tells him ‘that was nice’ gets up and dresses herself. They kiss a little more and she tells him that they can do this every day but that she needs to know how much the garden will cost because if its too expensive then he will have to finish the basic job by the end of the week. In other words, if you do the whole garden it will take a lot longer and there is more sex.

Susan comes in soaking wet with his cum which has stained her blouse. ‘That was shit’ she told me, I fuck her doggy style whilst we watch it back.

I decide to call in sick in work so that I can watch what happens the next day. Susan plays it cool and gets him to stand at the shed door so I can hear and she asks him if he had come up with a price. He tells her that he enjoyed yesterday, she tells him that she did as well ‘what’s the price’?. The cheeky shit asks her is they can do it again, Susan tells him that it depends on the price. I am shocked and turned on at the same time that my wife is offering sex in return to a financial discount and garden work and can’t help but giggle to myself.

He says he can give a 50% discount, ‘can’t afford that, never mind, it was nice ‘she tells him and walks off. He calls her back and is getting stressed ‘ how about I do it for £*****’ if we can do that again. The next bit almost made me cm in my pants. ‘how long would it take’ she asks him. He tells her that it would be about 3 weeks. ‘do the whole lot for the £***** and we can fuck everyday and I’ll let you cum inside me if you like’.

In an instant he agrees and tries to kiss her. She pushes him back and tells him that he will have to wait until the end of the day for his ‘ treat’. That afternoon, about an hour before I am supposed to come home Susan puts on a bathrobe and walks to the shed, her little sex toy follows her in and I Watch her standing there naked, her amazing body being touched and grabbed, I watch her suck him off before laying on her back and letting him thrust himself inside her. Susan was never able to have kids so I wasn’t worried about her getting pregnant & this guy was so lame I don’t think he gets lucky with anyone very often.

I watch him pounding my wife and listen to her moaning and scratching begging hm to keep going telling him ‘your so fucking big, don’t stop’. I am wanking myself watching and I cum in my hand before he finishes. He tells Susan that he’s going to cum, Susan is chanting ‘not yet, not yet’.

He tells her he can’t stop it so Susan tells him to cum inside her. He obliges and impregnates my wife with his semen. The Susan is having a major orgasm and is finding it hard to breath.

Every evening Susan and I fuck hard watching her and him and I love sucking her soft tits knowing that his mouth was there earlier, and putting my cock in her knowing he put cum in her earlier and our sex is amazing.

When I returned to work I couldn’t wait to get home and watch that days episode. I was getting a little concerned at how much Susan was into this, I listened to them and watched him bend her over my work bench and fuck her from behind. Watching her get soaking wet with perspiration as her big soft tits swung in rhythm to his thrusting his shaft into her. Susa didn’t; want to watch it with me and I guess I know why. I’m sure she forgot the camera was there and I would listen to them talking as they fucked. I would listen to her as she was being fucked from behind telling him ‘ your fucking amazing, your cock is amazing’ & ‘fuck your making me cum hard’. She tells him to go slow ‘I want this to last’ . He tells her that he will be gutted when his work is done and she tells him to take his time and not to worry about me, that she will tell me that you are a professional and that she has told him to take his time. I listen to her out of breath telling him ‘ I fucking hope this takes weeks, you are so fucking hard and big, you make me cum so hard’ .

The she starts squealing and thrusting her backside into him ‘fuck I’m Cumming, cum in me cum in me, oh fuck I’m Cumming’. And then she lets out a scream as he cums inside her.

Susan admitted that she fucked hm in our bed one afternoon, but I put a stop to that, that was out of order. The work took four weeks longer than agreed, partly because he had to go and earn money so came to our place for a coupe of hours a day, of which one hour or so was spent inside my wife. Their sex sessions lasted ages, I watched him cum in her pussy before she dropped to her knees and let him cum in her mouth. I watched then caress each there kiss gently before he left.

I am ok with all this, our relationship is very strong and I even allowed her to have him in our bed. There was an ulterior motive though. I hot the camera and watched her riding him with her tits bouncing as they fucked. I let it go on for about a month after the work ended for my own pleasure but knowing that the deal was to get the garden doe on the cheap and that now she was fucking him for pure please was too much for me. I would watch him lay my wife on her back and run his tongue round her nipples before gently sucking her and whilst he explored her pussy with his fingers she moaned and ran her tongue round him mouth with one hand rubbing his cock.

In the shed it was just pure animal fucking but now they made love, he would slide onto of her and int her and gentle have sex until they both cum. And then afterwards they would stroke each other’s bodies and the glow of the orgasm subsided. I know that it was time to put an end to it.

I told her that I was recording it and she was very angry to begin with but as I said, ‘I thought this was for both our please, not just hers’ and she agreed. One evening we were laying in bed, her soft tits on my chest and she admitted that she had looked forward to his visits a little too much.

Susan ended it and he was gutted, we have however agreed to keep the recordings for our own pleasure. We have also agreed that from now on it will be one night stands with strangers not long term fuck fests. I know we are a little sick bit we worked out that Susan and our gardener (including when they fucked two or three times in one session) fucked around 45 times in 7 weeks.

Lesson for us all, if you do this, keep it under control guys.