Written by Paulrcouple

1 Jul 2011

As you have heard that saying we are creatures of habit. Those of you that have met us know we run a pub and our day off is Wednesday.

We go into Manchester every week start off In the Living Room on Deans gate Jane leaves me and goes shopping Kendal's Debenhams and Harvey nicks.

Same people in every week its about one when we get there We just nod and say hello its full of suits and businessmen and bimbos on the pull.

Jane said there's one bloke about our age that follows her round the shops i said she was dreaming it but she said she was sure.

We see him in a lot of pubs we go into we all ways finish up at Monro's at about six and he always comes in after us.

There's entertainment on there singing and dancing people our age and young lads on the pull for older women we have done ok there in the past..

Any way Jane met me in the Oyster Bar and told me he had followed her again i said would you fuck him he is very smart and turned out well i might do well lets go for it then.

So this week we went to the Living Room as normal Jane smiled at him had her drink and left i watched him leave just after her.

She went into Kendal's got two maxi dresses to try on and went into a cubicle were he could see in those of you that have met Jane will know she is not shy at coming forward.

Jane said he was standing were he could look in like he did every week Jane left a gap in the curtain so he could see in she was wearing a maxi dress un did the strap and let it fall to the floor she does not wear any knickers in those type of dresses and she did not have a bra on her boobs are still firm.

She said she squeezed her boobs and tweaked her nipples and rubbed a finger up the slit of her pussy then tried the next dress on and did the same again when she came out he had gone. She repeated it in all the shops and smiled at him before she went into a cubicle.

She came to meet me in the Oyster Bar and told me what she had done i got a hard on while she was telling me we shall have to get talking to him now so we left and went to the Shakespeare we got a drink and he came in he stood next to us and we struck up a bit of a chat the first time we had spoken.

He told us he had lost his wife and lived in Sale and was a bit lonely Jane went to the toilet he said i had a lovely wife very sexy i said thank you he asked if we were going to Monro's i said yes he said he would see us there and went..

I Told Jane what was said i told him we were not going home we had a room booked in the Ramada which we do a lot if you see our add on sh.

We got to Monro's he got us a drink and started chatting he went to the toilet i said to Jane make a move he came back Jane said i wish you would dance no i seldom do he asked if he could dance with her i said yes yes it was on.

They danced for ages he was holding her tight his hands on her bum and she was grating her pussy on his groin.

They came back to me we had a couple of more drinks he asked us if we would like to go for a meal with him isaid yes on one condition you come back to our hotel and fuck Jane.

More to come later if interested