Written by graham

28 Sep 2010

My wife of 30 years trish is very much of the old school maam brigade never wears anything sexy and sex when we do it is in out thank you that is all she ever wants.She has never been with anybody but me. 2 months ago 6 months ago her best friend sal got divorced and after a lot of evenings in they and another pal maggie decided to go away to benidorm for a long weekend.Now trish although now turned fifty she has always had a very nice figure size 8 with 32c tits and very tight bum but never off.Anyway the day arrived and i ran the three of them to the airport. i thought i would redecorate the bedrooms while they were away. So i wentupstairs into the back bedroom where maggie and sal and slept the previous night and foun loads of empty shopping bags some from la senza lingerie shop as i was tidying them all away inoticed that some of the hangers left behind where for size 32c and size 8 for bras and knickers and i know that these were trish size has her 2 friends were a lot bigger this set my mind racing.when she returned home 5 days later i confronted her and this is the story that she told me.

her 2 friends had taken her out the previous day for a shopping and pampering trip while I was at work they had persuaded her to buy a load of sexy underwear and swimwear and also took her to beauty salon and they had all had a brazillian wax now trish had never done more than the lightest of tri,mming to he jet black bush before and now all she had was a very small landing strip.

They arrived in Benidorm and on the coach to their hotel was a stag party of 30 - 40 year olds. they had latched onto the three of them and as soon as the went down to the bar for a mid afternoon drink they were being plied with free drinks.trish does not drink much and was soon very tipsy. She said she was going to lie down and headed for the lift leaving the other 2 with 4 of the stag party. Ashe was approaching the lift she became very unsteady on her feet but a bloke called pete who was with the stag party saw her staggering and rushed to help her keep her feet.he got in the lift with her and escorted her back to her room as she entered she fell and he came in and helped her to get on the bed but she fell again this time causing pete to land under her on the bed. She said she could feel the bulge in his trousers and before she knew it he was kissing her and feelling her tits it did not take him long to get his had up her skirt and to pull her thong to one side and to push a finger up her damp cunt this was he first man aprt from to do this. She said she felt exited and she reached down and pulled his zip down and released what she discribbed as a monster dick. he guided her head down towards his dick and she gave oral sex for the first time ever it was not long before he stripped her naked and dropped his trosuer to the floor . he prceeded to lick and suck her tits till he nipples stood out and then went down on her freshley wxed cunt and licked her out paying great attention to her clit before she had 2 orgasams in quick succession he the placed his dick at her lips and parted them as he slowly worked it into her once fully inside her very srteched cunt he hammered away at her till with a loud moan shot his load deep inside her she locked him lean and they were in the middle of another fucking session when when sal and maggie returned and caught them at it they left them to it and when they returned 1 hour later trish was fast asleep legs wide open and pete spunk dripping from a very red and swollen cunt

If this get a good response part 2 will follow