Written by Robert

11 Mar 2016

Please read past posts for background? Its been a while since i have posted my/our escapades with John our neighbour, but on this occassion my fantasy came true.

The last post was when I watched John fuck Paula in the conservatory? And on other occasions after, John was a regular visitor to our home and believe you me, their was a lot of teasing and flirting going on between them. I decided to hatch another plan of a night of total lust for all three of us and as usual not telling Paula what was going on? After all she still had not told me about all the other occasions with her and John that I had witnessed!

We had a couple of weeks of great weather towards september last year and I was doing a lot of pottering about in the garden while Paula was doing the odd bit of sunbathing and generally relaxing. John came over a few times to help me out,

weeding etc etc. I asked John if he could come over the next day weather permitting about 4pm to give me a lift with cutting the grass,( trust me I could do it myself but I wanted him their). I said that we could have a few beers while doing it and he could stay for his tea if he wanted to. He duly obliged and off he popped home. Later I told Paula that if the weather was nice the next day that she should put her bikini on and enjoy the rays while I cut the grass with John.

As morning came the weather was gorgeous, we had breakfast and then went grocery shopping upon our return we both got changed and sat out in the garden, as it approached 2pm I asked Paula if she fancied a glass of wine of which she did not turn down, as we both sat in the garden drinking wine and feeling the effects of the alcohol in the warm sun, we started flirting and teasing with each other. Paula was wearing her bikini but had a wrap over her bottom half, so I kept pulling the strap that was keeping her bikini top in place which then exposed her tits, as we popped another bottle of wine open I could see Paula was getting a little worse for wear and suggested that she had a lie down on the sunbed and have a nap?

"will you put some lotion on me" she asked. Without hesitation I removed her wrap and started applying the lotion all over her as she lay on her front, and then went and sat down again enjoying the weather and drinking the wine.

It was just approaching 3.30 and after 15 mins I called to see if she was awake? no response came back, I went over to her and I undid her bikini top, still no response, I put my hand on her back and gently moved towards her arse, I then moved down towards her pussy and gently with one hand pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and with my other hand pushed her left leg to the side which exposed her glistening slit, I gently rubbed her clitoris which made her pussy lips swell and then I parted her pussy lips to expose her ever inviting hole.

As John walked across the road,I went to the front door and put my finger to my lips and said "shhh Paulas asleep, forget doing the grass we will have a few drinks instead until she wakes up", John nodded and came into the house and we went into the kitchen and got a couple of beers each and went into the garden.

I pointed to the chair where he could get the best view of Paula and I sat opposite him, As he glanced over towards Paula I could see straight away John had a great view and I was getting aroused by what he could see. After about ten minutes of chatting I decided to come clean and said to John "what do you think of the view" he looked puzzled? I said "Paulas pussy? what do you think to that slit, it needs a good fucking John, dont you think"? He was taken aback from my comments but then I carried on, "come on John , wouldnt you like to be fucking that juicy pussy"? John blushed, I commented "dont worry, I bet you would love to be fucking her right now? because I know I would!" and with that I stood up and shown my erection through my shorts, within seconds John had done the same. John said "I am sorry Rob but you have such a sexy wife", I replied "I know John and I have witnessed you fucking her?"

John stuttered and before he could say anything I confirmed that it was ok and that now was the time to complete my ultimate fantasy.

John said "what do you mean?" I explained, "To see if Paula is going to take both of us ? " John replied "while she is asleep?"

"No John just follow my lead? are you up for it?" He nodded and with that I pointed for John to go to the bottom of the sunbed, I went around to the top and dropped my shorts to free my raging hard on, I guided the head of my cock towards Paulas mouth and gently rubbed it against her lips and at the same time saying "Paula, Paula come on babe I have got a surprise for you?" As she gradually arose from her unconscious state she realised my cock was resting on her lips and she stuck out her tongue to wet my bulbous end, before then opening her mouth to take my length oh so very slowly.

I pointed to John and then put my finger to my lips again, I then told Paula to pull her knees up and get on all fours? "ooooh" she muttered "I like that!!! As she got into position I reached over her back and and grabbed her inner thigh and arse cheek to give John a great view of Paulas ever swelling pussy, as I pulled my hand away I beckoned John to come closer, and then I put my hand back in the same position I then started rubbing her pussy lips with my middle finger and as I stopped I pointed to John to take over.

I left my hand over her back but not touching as I watched John rub Paulas pussy, I swear my cock grew another inch in excitement. Paula was sucking my cock and also enjoying unbeknown to her Johns finger teasing her pussy,

I then said to Paula "just imagine someone watching us? maybe John eh? what would you do to give him a show?" And with that I beckoned Johns hand away, Paula replied "mmm, oh god yes, you know that makes me horny" Paula reached underneath herself, arched her back and started playing with her pussy and with commentary she fantasised "I would part my pussy lips like this so he could see my hole ready to be licked and then"! I interrupted Paula and said "would you let him play with your arsehole? like this" and I beckoned John to continue with her fantasy, "oh fuck yes, just like that Rob! Dont stop I am so fucking horny right now" " And then what would you like to happen?" I said, In between sucking on my cock and breathing heavily with lust she continued "I would love him to tease my clit with his cock and slide it up and down my slit and then thrust his big hard cock into my pussy while I feel you explode all of your cum into my mouth".

John had dropped his pants and while still manipulating her arsehole he was wanking his generous manhood inches away from Paulas pussy, I grabbed Paulas arm away from her sopping wet pussy lips and put her hand onto my cock and told her to start wanking me, Paula was begging me to fuck her, I said "dont worry you are going to get something soon?" I then asked "Are you still thinking of Johns big dick inside of you?" "yes ohhhh fucking yes fuck me fuck me hard " And with that I pointed to John and he put the head of his cock inside Paulas drenched and bucking pussy as I fucked her mouth and took over playing with her arsehole, Paula pushed backwards and took all of Johns cock inside her just as I said to her " Its ok babe Johns fucking you good just as you have asked? make sure you enjoy it? Ive seen you fuck him before and it gets me soooo fucking hard, go on Paula fuck him, fuck John, fuck him hard, grip his cock with your pussy" And with that my hips jerked and I shot jet after jet of hot spunk down my wifes throat, as she almost choked ,John withdrew from Paulas pussy and came around the front and thrust his cock towards Paulas mouth but was too short and started cumming all over her face, while Paula was still opening her mouth in anticipation of any of Johns cum, one jet hit her lips and she licked them and then grabbed Johns cock to rub all over her face.

As we all came down from an absolutely fantastic fuck, the realisation came into Paulas mind and I explained about it was what I wanted to happen and that it didnt change anything regarding our relationship or love or even our friendship with John. We all had a great time and everyone got what they wanted at the time, we have had another experience since which I will tell on a later date.