Written by Robert

7 May 2017

So as the holiday was coming to an end and the thought of going back to reality after all the teasing Paula had been doing for me, I had one more tease planned in my mind.

The couple who had come in next door after the lads had gone home were elderly mid to late 60s and were very polite and chatty and Tommy who was the elder of the couple was funny with it, quite a character,always cracking jokes, some of which were rude but got ruder the more he had to drink. Mary his wife was quite laid back and easy going and was constantly nudging Tommy in disapproval of some of his jokes.

We would have the odd chat on the balcony but mainly we would meet in the bar and have a few drinks together before retiring to bed, Paula on the odd occasion would be sat on the balcony with flimsy clothing and Tommy would be out ogling at her while pretending to read a book, Mary didnt do much sunbathing so when Tommy was on the balcony, Mary would either be downstairs in the bar or in the lobby chit chatting.

So the day before we were due to fly home i asked Paula if she was up too one more tease, and of course Paula just smiled and nodded. I told Paula to go out on the balcony in the morning with just her nightshirt on which is quite loose and hangs quite short but enough to cover her essentials. So as she went outside with a coffee and her phone in hand, she placed them on the table and sat down. It was only a couple of minutes before Tommy appeared and was chatting over the barrier and as i was sat on the bed watching them both and i could see Tommys eyes wandering all over Paulas body.

I text Paula "come inside for your sunglasses but as you get out of your chair, slide down and open your legs towards Tommy?" As i waited for Paula to receive the text i positioned myself away from the door and watched, as she picked up her phone and read the text,she smiled and after putting her phone down she turned to Tommy and said " I need my sunglasses" and with that she slid down the chair which lifted her nightshirt and as she turned, her left leg parted and her pussy was displayed she then stopped for a second to reach her empty coffee cup and Tommy took this opportunity to stare at my wifes pussy. As Paula then stood up her nightshirt dropped to its normal state and she came into the room with a big grin on her face, i beckoned her to close the door and as she did so i went over to her and kissed her while reaching for her pussy, i started rubbing her clitoris and got her pussy lips swollen before then asking her to get her sunglasses and to carry on teasing Tommy while i watch.

Paula grabbed a puzzle book and pen and she went back outside, Tommy smiled at her and watched her as she put the puzzle book and pen on the table, she then knocked the pen so it rolled off the table and then bent over to retrieve it. Tommys face was a picture, Paulas pussy in full view , swollen lips, her clit enlarged and her hole slightly glistening but ever so inviting. Tommy licked his lips and as Paula sat back in her chair Tommy got out of his and went inside. He returned a couple of minutes later with a drink and sat facing in the direction of Paula, by this time Paula had turned her chair towards his direction and had her right foot on the foot ledge of the table with her knees apart about 6 inches, she had also slid down the chair so it had her pussy on view. Now she was pretending to do the puzzles and while also pretending to be thinking, her right knee was moving from side to side which with every motion her pussy lips would part and then come back together, fucking awesome. Tommy couldnt help but keep staring at what was on display, and Paula as usual would exaggerate even more. Her hole started glistening as she got more excited and it was then i text her to come back inside and to leave the door slightly ajar and to pretend that she was too warm, but also to point out that i had gone downstairs to get checkout times I then told her that when she came inside, to lie on the bed face down and to pretend to do the puzzles but have your pussy on display and after a while to masturbate so he could watch as well.

Paula came in from outside and lay on the bed, her night dress rode up a little and she had her legs apart, she had put her book to one side and was playing with her phone and within a few minutes was watching porn, I watched Tommy position his chair so he was looking through the 11 inch gap in the door and of course he was staring at Paulas pussy, with phone in one hand, the other hand went underneath her and with her middle finger she was gently rubbing her clit and then flicking her pussy lips, after a few minutes she then lifted her arse and arched her back and with her head to the side in my direction she was watching me wanking. I put my thumbs up to her and as i did this Tommy had stood up from his chair, I can only assume Mary wasnt in the room because Tommy came to the corner of the barrier and was rubbing his now erect cock inside his shorts. As Paula once again looked at me I pointed out Tommy was wanking and with that she reached her full hand underneath herself and started spanking her pussy while with her other hand spreading her arse cheeks , she then spread her pussy lips and inserted two fingers inside her love hole and was fucking herself, as Tommy saw this he freed his cock and started wanking, as Paula carried on knowing she was being watched all her inhibitions went and within seconds she flipped onto her back and looked straight at Tommy who tried getting out of view but was caught red handed,

Paula just smiled and carried on and so did Tommy. Tommy had slowed down with his wanking strokes and was enjoying the show, Paula continued until she reached her orgasm and stuck her tongue out while staring at Tommys cock , this sent Tommy exploding his cum all over the dividing barrier, Paula continued playing while bringing herself down and Tommy watched a little longer before going into his room, I then closed the door and wanked all over Paulas face.

We flew back the next day and had a thoroughly enjoyable teasing holiday and if Tommy is on this site, i hope you enjoyed the show as even now Paula talks about it????