Written by Happy to watch

15 Mar 2010

The plumber called me at the office and said he could fit the job I wanted doing in the afternoon if I was free, I wasn’t but needed the job doing urgently so said that I would arrange for the wife to be there when he arrived!

To cut a long story short the wife had been fucked by the plumber before but a while ago and it seemed like he’d lost interest. When I asked her to go and let him in she said ok and away she went not thinking anything would happen as it hadn’t recently when he’d called on another job.

He arrived and set about the job and after replacing parts had to wait for the heating to kick in and check that it was operating properly. While he did that he and the wife were chatting and mildly flirting with each other but nothing that was leading anywhere and then he went around the house checking the radiators, she followed. She noticed he was looking down the revealing top she had on at her tits and made sure he got every opportunity to see as much as he could without her making it obvious.

After a lot of chat and flirting in the kitchen and other rooms as they went about the house the plumber said everything seems ok and got ready to leave He went to open the door and as he did my wife said it was a pity that he wasn’t interested anymore at the same time slapping his bum the plumber said he was but it was naughty as they both had partners!! My wife said she wouldn’t tell if he didn’t and they closed the door then immediately embraced each other and began passionately kissing (really going for it and eating each other – to get the right picture) while they were kissing he fingered her, rubbing her clit over her dress she says she came in record time and was very vocal. He always has this effect on her and can make her come quickly. It all happened very quickly and all she could do to him was hold on to his bum while she was being fingered and shuddering to orgasm. They didn’t have time to go any further and so have agreed that there is more plumbing work to be done and as soon as possible so that they can finish what they have started. My wife is so horny for him and has told me that she is ready to do anything to please him so that he will fuck her regularly and is eager to let him know that whatever he wants no matter how kinky or how much he wants to humiliate and sexually abuse her that he can. She wants to be his cum slut and let him cum in her mouth so that she can swallow and taste every drop even if it makes he gag and then wants him to cum inside her and fill her unprotected womb with his warm spunk so that she can feel it in her and enjoy the feeling when it seeps out down the inside of her legs giving her a sticky pussy. She says there isn’t anything she can think of that she won’t let him do! He has a bigger and longer cock than what she is used to and reaches her G-spot when he fucks her. Although we have a full sex life and do most things together she wants to be dirtier with him than she has ever been with anyone else including me! Because of my size she’s reluctant to let me fuck her arse and he’s bigger but she’s aching for him to fuck her arse as deep as he can filling it with spunk knowing that it will be painful and stretch her more than she ever has been before. She also wants him to take sexually explicit photographs and movies of her and show them to his friends whilst bragging about what he has done to her and hopes that will lead him to make her fuck his friends either individually or in a gang bang so that he can get turned on and want her more. All of this is totally out of character with what she is usually like but she says she doesn’t understand and can’t help herself and hopes that I don’t mind. Obviously I don’t I’m totally turned on writing about it and only hope the plumber reads this, recognises the story and happen!

Previous fucks with the plumber were memorable and worthy of writing down but this is a whole new level and I cant wait to see where it goes.