Written by Jance

24 Sep 2016

We are in the US and live in Oregon. My wife likes to party with other guys and I love it.

She has had numerous lovers and one off fucks.

The youngest guy that she fucked was at Sesso, a local Sex Club. He was a traveller from Spain, and very attractive. We were dancing, he was standing off to the side watching her dance. You could see he liked what he saw. I signalled him over. He started dancing with my wife and they got very friendly on the dance floor.

He pretty much stripped her, pulling off her dress and bra and handing them to me as he played with her tits and finger fucked her pussy on the dance floor. She wasn’t the only one dancing that had lost their clothes.

Her panties were around her knees as he made out from behind her. She was stroking his cock and he was fingering her cunt- totally oblivious to the others on the floor watching intently. It was super hot.

We headed upstairs and the Spaniard (as we call him) handled her all the way up the stairs. There is one room with a large window for people to put on a show for people in the club. There was already a couple fucking on a couch off to one side.

We went into that room beside the main bed. My already naked by now wife, dropped to her knees and started sucking his cock. She paused for a minute while he pulled all his clothes off and I stripped as well. She then resumed sucking his cock and he basically throat fucked her. By now there was a large audience watching through the window. She did an awesome job and he soon came down her throat as he face fucked her.

She kept licking and sucking his cock and he never lost much hardness and after a few minutes it was back like a rock. He put on a condom and pushed her to the bed, turned her round and mounted her doggie style. I moved around front and she sucked my cock, but she couldn’t stay focused as he fucked her from behind.

Eventually he moved and rolled on his back and she straddled him. I played with her tits and she jerked me off while she rode his young cock.

Eventually he rolled her over and fucked her missionary. She fingered his arse while he fucked her and then he pulled out, took off his condom and came all over her tits. He flopped over next to her and I jumped on her. I fucked her and I licked his cum off her tits. She liked me doing that and I kissed her and feed the cum in my her mouth. We have done that before.

As I fucked her I looked over and she was stroking his cock. She pulled him closer and then started fingering his arsehole again while I fucked her. I wanted to cum so I pulled out and came all of her tits. Just to show I could do it to.

There must have been 30 people watching through the viewing window.

As we got dressed, my wife continued to kiss him, and then it killed me when she asked “What was your name?” She had totally fucked this guy like a total slut and did not even know his name. I found that amazingly hot. We found out he was 22 to my wife’s 39 at the time.

She also had an ongoing fuckbuddy for a while who was 26. He used to cum fairly quickly but he made up for it because he could repeat quickly again and fuck her hard and last longer for the second or third cum.

She has a fantasy of being fucked gang bang style by a bunch of college guys. It is probably hard to arrange and make that happen but who knows.