Written by trainman

6 Dec 2013

My suck buddy rang the other day 3.30 in the afternoon ...... he was at the sauna ready to leave and wanted to know if he could call in and bring a guy he'd met there ...... said we had similar likes so I said sure, why not......

About 45 mins later i heard him arrive, i'd left the door open, that's how we always play .... i was in the lounge watching porn, slowly wanking, the door was behind me and I sat in t-shirt and sweatpants, my hand down the front playing with my cock ..... he stood behind and reaching down began to squeeze my nipples thru the t-shirt, that just made my cock get harder .... i leaned back and closed my eyes then sensed someone sit next to me and begin to stroke my leg as my tits were still teased. 'Put your hands on the seat next to you' my buddy said and after doing that I felt a hand on my leg slowly moved up my thigh til it touched my cock thru the fabric. The stranger began to fondle and squeeze my cock and balls, he could feel that I was wearing one of my steel cock rings and I heard him murmur in approval. My cock was rigid now inside the sweats and the stranger outlined it with both hands.

My suck buddy moved round and sat next to me on the right, leaning across to kiss my neck as he pulled and rolled my nipples. It was wonderful. The lounge looks onto a big shared garden; there's a large picture window with a blind which I'd left up; it was 4:30 and just starting to go dark. We could still see out and anyone could see in ..... and that was the turn on. My buddy told me to stand up, put my hands behind my back and keep my eyes closed ... and with one of them either side of me I felt hands pushing my t-shirt up and pulling the sweat pants down .... they left me standing like that, t-shirt at my neck, tits, chest and belly exposed; sweats round my ankles, legs, ass, cock and balls exposed ..... my cock jutting out stiff as a poker. He told me to spread my feet but I could only do that so far beause of the sweats ... one of them slipped a hand between my legs from behind and cupped my balls as his other hand went round my shaft and began to slowly wank me. The other reached up and began to twist my nipples as his other hand stroked my ass. I was loving it when one of them gave me some poppers and with my eyes closed i took a deep long draw.

That just made my cock swell even more and made me even hornier, so when one of them softly and gently slipped my cock into his mouth and tugged my balls down and back, I felt such a slut ..... their plaything as they both sat fully clothed with their naked STUD in front of the window in the middle of the afternoon. My buddy stod behind me and reaching round to my tits pinched the nipples as he turned my head and kissed me deeply .... my hands behind me felt his cock through his suit trousers, hard in his cock ring; the stranger sucking me and licking my balls......