Written by John

19 Sep 2011

My wife and I enjoy making love outdoors....on the beach or in the woods, we just love the feeling of being naked in the great outdoors. It makes us both feel so horny.

We do occasionally swing which is why we are on this site. Both the wife and me are fully bi sexual and always play together, whether it's meeting other bi couples, females or guys. All our meets are pre arranged and usually with regular play friends.

I want to tell you a true story and on this occasion it was certainly different. On a warm summers afternoon my wife, Alison, and I took a drive out to Thetford forest near our home in Norfolk with the intention of having a bit of fun between ourselves in the woods. We parked the car in a part of the forest we were less familiar with and began to walk to find somewhere secluded. We had walked several hundred yards and both noticed another car had parked up next to ours. We were alittle concerned because no one appeared to get out and I thourght they might try to break into my car. Anyway, we continued walking and then took a turn into a cleared area of the woods to find a secluded place to play. Finding a place both Alison and me stripped naked and embraced. Alison has a gorgeous petite figure with firm and pert breasts and a delicious shaved pussy.

Alison got down on her knees and began to stroke the length of my shaved and cut cock while cupping my balls in her other hand. When fully erect, she took the length of my firm cock into her open and willing mouth and gave me prolonged and deep oral.

Getting Alison to lie on her back, I gently licked and finger fucked her sweet pussy. She was now very wet. Standing up, I got Alison to bend over and hold onto a fallen tree trunk so I could take her from behind and apply deep and hard penetration which she enjoys. So there I was, thrusing my cock deep and hard into the wife when I notice a guy standing to one side watching. I assumed he was the guy who must have parked next to our car. At first I was abit surprised and he must have sensed that and he apologised and said he would go away. I replied " No worries mate, please watch and enjoy " The wife was happy with this as I continued to fuck her. When we both sensed he was no "Weirdo" , Alison soon told him to come closer and I suggested he remove his clothes and join in. I introduced ourselves as John and Alison and he called himself Peter.

He positioned himself in front of Alison and she took the full length of his cock in her mouth. So there we were, all naked with Alison being spitroated by me and a stanger. She enjoyed every moment of having two big cocks in either end.

Alison then knelt before us and told us to cum over her face. Standing either side of Alison and wanking our big cocks, I shot my hot load first into her open mouth. Peter then shot his cum in what seemed to be an endless stream of hot semen over Alisons face.

Alison simply said "delicious".

With that our stranger said thank you and departed.