Written by Anon 40's couple

9 Sep 2014

My hubby has suggested that I write this tale after reading so many on this site. They certainly have provided a lot of ideas for fantasies during foreplay.

We often talked about sex with other partners, but had never been in the situation to carry it out and we both doubted we'd have the courage to follow it through.

The closest I got was at a party, when I gave a friend of my husband a hand job; the feeling was incredible especially when I felt his hot cum on my hand!

That incident gave us a lot to talk about!

Anyway, time went by, and I got a new job that involved occasional trips away for the company to meetings.

This in turn led to chats between hubby and I about getting up to naughtiness, and he was always very interested as to if I would do anything.

I would always say that I would see what happened. He made sure I even carried a condom!

A few months after, I was asked to attend a meeting in the north of the country and it would be an overnight stay with some of the other girls from the company.

I got the meeting over and done with, and we all met at the the hotel, and decided on a few drinks with dinner.

Needless to say, it started to get a bit lary as only a group of mid 40's women can get. Lots of noise and giggles with stupid games going on.

After a couple of hours, we all noticed a group of men sat not far from us, and one of our group suggests that we invite them over.

Over they came, and one of the group, who I shall call D, sat down next to me. He was late 30's and rather athletic looking.

He and I got chatting, and we started to have a bit of a laugh together.

More drink flowed, along with a lot of flirting. On a couple of occasions, a hand would wander across to the top of my legs. I initially removed it, but in the end I let him keep it there.

I was chatting away to him, when he suddenly lent across and whispered in my ear, "knickers or thong?"

I was a bit taken aback, and quietly said "I don't really have the figure for a thong!"

He just grinned at me.

I stood up to go to the loo, and felt his hand slide round and squeeze my backside.

I felt myself go red, and hurried off to the loo.

I sat in there thinking in my alcohol befuddled state. Here was a guy tens years my junior coming onto me! Don't get wrong, I'm no Ugly Betty, but I was in my mid 40's, with a rounded figure and surprised that a man like this was interested in me!I felt I should leave straight away for my room, as I could feel myself getting wet at the thought of him.

I finished in the loo, and went to go outside for a cigarette.

D was stood just by the loo door; I walked quickly past him and went outside and lit up, with shaking hands.

D came and joined me, and stood very close to me and said "I don't smoke, but there is something very erotic about a woman who does. Maybe it's the way she likes putting something into her mouth".

I replied, saying I'd never thought about it like that.

He came and stood in front of me, putting his hands on my waist.

I didn't move away, but said "it's a good job my husband isn't here"

"If he was, I wouldn't be here"

I blame the alcohol for what I said next; "if he was he'd be watching with interest!"

D took a step back, and asked what I meant.

I tried to change the subject, but D wouldn't let me and again asked what I meant.

I told him that my hubby and I had talked about sex outside of our marriage but had never done it.

D seemed stunned, before saying "so if your husband was here, what would he be saying?"

"Probably to go ahead with whatever happened"

D paused, then said "well, what do you reckon?"

I replied that I was very pissed, and wasn't going to do anything stupid and I'd think about it.

D nodded and walked off.

I lit another cigarette, and pondered the problem.

I decided to phone hubby. I rang his number, but got no reply.

I was now stuck. The sensible bit of me was saying walk away, but a bit, that now very wet and twitching like hell bit, was teling me to take the opportunity.

I went back inside and got another got another drink and sat down next to D.

He whispered very quietly "well?"

"I haven't decided yet"

I started to chat with the girls again, and felt D's hand go back onto my thigh and start to slowly move up and down.

I shifted closer into the table, so the others couldn't see his hand.

I felt my skirt being slowly pulled up, and a hand go underneath it. I had to physically stop myself from jumping up, especially when it moved higher.

I kept my legs firmly closed, but the urge to spread them was unbearable! I was shaking!

At that point my phone rang; it was hubby.

I quickly stood up and went outside to answer it.

I answered the call, and it was hubby, saying he'd seen I'd called and was I ok?

I said I was, and very drunk.

He laughed, and said he hoped I was having a good time.

I told him that that depended on him.

He asked what I meant, so I explained all that had gone on.

I was aware now that D had come out and was stood close behind me; he hands went onto my backside and started to grope. A hand slipped up my skirt and into the side of my knickers. I moved my legs apart slightly and felt my knickers being pulled down and finger slipped into me

Hubby went silent and asked what I was going to do?

I replied that I didn't know, my voice faltering as the finger moved around the entrance of my cunt.

He asked what I wanted to do, to which I said I thought it was obvious.

He said I should do what I wanted to do.

I went quiet and said I would think about it some more, even as D was now bringing me close to coming, I was still undecided.

D whispered in my other ear, asking if he could talk to hubby.

This whole situation was bizarre, so I just handed the phone to him, adjusted my clothing and walked away.

I heard D start to talk, but couldn't hear the conversation, and after a few minutes he handed the phone back to me.

I asked hubby what they'd been talking about; he said that I should enjoy myself and he wanted to know all about it when I got home, but the choice was mine to make.

I said OK, that I loved him, and I'd let him know what did or didn't happen.

He laughed, said goodnight, and put the phone down.

I went back inside, and got another stiff drink.

D was at the bar waiting, and once I had got my drink, and asked if I was ok.

I told him I was, before taking his hand, and walked away towards the stairs.

We walked up to my room, opened the door and walked in.

I said "I hope I won't regret this", and walked over to the bed, not knowing quite what to do next.

D immediately stripped off. He had one hell of a body and his cock was standing out like a tent pole.

It looked the same length as my husband's and I reached out and took hold of it, pulling the foreskin back.

D gasped, and I knelt down in front of him and took him into my mouth, nearly gagging in the process as he pushed and nearly put it down my throat!

It seemed a lot thicker than my husband's cock, and I drew my teeth gently back along the shaft.

I felt a hand on the back of my head holding me on him; I reached up and gripped his balls.

This must have tipped him over the edge, as he thrust forward and came in my mouth. I swallowed out of instinct and withdrew him, a load of hot spunk running down my chin.

I wondered if that was it over and done with, but D stepped back and helped me to me feet.

"Don't worry, I stay hard after I've come"

I didn't know what to say to that, but was soon led over to a chair and bent forward over the back of it.

My skirt was lifted up and knickers pulled down to my ankles.

I stepped out of them and opened my legs expecting to have a cock pushed inside me.

Instead I felt a tongue moving slowly around the edge of my waiting cunt, before being pushed in to me.

This was exactly what my hubby liked to do to me.

I asked D what he and hubby had talked about.

D stopped licking me, and put a finger in, before saying that hubby had given him a few 'hints and tips' to try out.

Fingers were now working away inside me, making me push back against them.

I got very close to my first orgasm, and then D stopped and pulled me upright.

He undid my blouse and lifted my bra up, letting my ample boobs free.

We stayed standing has he squeezed my boobs and flicked my nipples with his thumbs.

I was gasping at this point, and he quickly got the rest of my clothes off.

I went to step out of my shoes, but was told to leave them on.

This was not good, as thanks to all the booze and the situation, I was rather unsteady.

I went over to the bed, and lay down, opening my legs wide for him.

D knelt between my legs, took hold of my ankles and spread my legs as wide as possible, shifting himself forward so the very tip of his cock was brushing against the lips of my cunt.

This started to get me so wound up, not angry, just wanting his cock in me.

He slowly moved forward and slipped into me, slowly going all the way up. His girth was stretching me more than hubby; it felt good!

I felt him push against the top of me inside, and then he started to properly fuck me.

I started to moan out loud; I had no idea of what my work colleagues in the next door rooms were thinking, but I didn't care!

I was getting fucked hard by a younger man, and enjoying it!

D began telling me that I was a dirty bitch, and I was agreeing with him, telling him to do me harder.

I orgasmed, and let out a long "oh fuck!"

D immediately pulled out of me and rolled me over. I was hauled onto all fours, my hips were gripped and his cocked shoved up me from behind.

The noise of his midriff slapping against my ample arse cheeks was loud enough, without the noise of me telling him to reach round and grab my tits that were now swinging in time with each thrust.

I was being well and truly pumped, and loving it.

At this point, my fucking phone rang!

I panicked and reached out for it to switch it off; D said "see who it is"

I looked at the display and saw my hubby's number.

"Answer it then!"

I answered it, and tried to say hello, but it is difficult to speak when all you can get out is gasps as a cock is being rammed into you from behind !

"Is he in you?,


"Has he come in you?"

"Mmm, my mouth"

"Dirty girl! What's he doing now?"

"Mmm, from behind, hard"

D took the phone from me and began talking.

"Yeah, she's loving it. You were right, she is loud; you've got one sexy wife, my friend. Cheers for this. Bye."

D passed the phone back to me and started to pick up pace again.

I heard my hubby saying that he would go now, as I was obviously enjoying myself.

The phone went dead, and D continued to fuck me.

Without going into too greater detail, I was fucked for the next two hours in every possible position.

I was bent over a chair and licked and fingered from behind, I sat on his cock and rode him, after that he had me from behind again, before finishing off with me on my back legs pulled up to my shoulders getting a hard fucking before he emptied into me again. I eventually fell asleep, after D had gone back to his room

I woke up with a raging headache and a well used fanny. I had a shower to get rid of the bad head and a fanny full of cum.

I had every intention of leaving early to avoid the potential embarrassing morning, but after I'd got dressed and packed, there was a knock at the door.

There stood D with a very sheepish grin on his face.

I let him in and made some coffee.

It was difficult making small talk, but we agreed to swap numbers and perhaps stay in touch.

As I got my stuff together to leave, D stood up and said "I don't suppose...,"

I could see a bulge in the front of his trousers, and before I thought about it, his cock was out and I couldn't get my skirt up and knickers down quick enough!

I leant forward against the dressing table, and he was up me.

My head was pounding, a bit like the pounding in my cunt.

I came first, encouraging him to hurry up and come as I had to get home.

A long gasp and the feeling of heat in me told me he had finished, and I pulled my knickers back up, smoothed my skirt down, gave him a kiss and said "enough now".

I left the hotel and drove home, spunk seeping from my fanny and making my knickers wet.

All the way home, I was thinking about what had happened, and while I felt embarrassed and slightly ashamed, I had enjoyed it!

When I got home, hubby was waiting for me.

We sat down and talked about it over coffee.

I told him all that had happened in exact detail, including the quickie before we left.

I could see it was turning him on, and was not surprised when he stood up and suggested we fuck right there and then.

I stood up, and was about to go upstairs, when he suggested we do it right there and now.

I looked round me, the kitchen windows were open and I could hear the neighbours outside.

Why not?

I dropped my soggy knickers to the floor, laid back on the kitchen work top, opened my legs and took my second cock of the day.

My hubby slipped into me easily, helped no doubt by my wetness combined with the remnants of D's spunk!

As he fucked me, he was saying that it was a great feeling, knowing I'd had a strangers cock up me before him. I agreed with him, before letting out a long moan as I came.

Hubby pulled out of me and let loose a huge amount of spunk over me, my cunt, my dress and the work top! I've never seen him produce that amount before!

The only downside was that he didn't stay hard as long as D, but he made up for it with his fingers.

I had to stand up for that, leaning forward looking out of the window, where the neighbours were out mowing their lawns, as my husband fingered me!

If only they knew.

Hubby stopped his fingering and dashed upstairs, and came down again with a tube of KY.

I knew what was happening next and opened my legs wider as he worked the lube round my bum hole.

I relaxed and felt his cock push up my arse.

"Did he try this?"


"Would you have let him"

"I don't know"

"Call him"

"Are you joking?"

"Call him"

I reached across for my phone, and called D.

Hubby continued to very slowly fuck my arse.

D answered the phone, asking if I had got home ok.

I said I had, and was now with my husband.

Hubby said to tell him exactly what we were doing

"Well, we thought you'd like to know what we're doing"

"I can guess, but go on"

"I'm in the kitchen, leaning against the work top, with my husband's cock up my arse. He fucked me as soon as I got in, with your cum still inside me"

"Good man! He enjoyed it then?"

"Oh God, this is making me want to come. I can't believe this is happening!"

I came loudly, my knees buckling, and felt hubby unload into my arse.

D said "that sounded good. I wish I'd been there to watch"

Hubby asked what he was saying.

I couldn't speak properly so handed the phone over to hubby.

All I could hear was him saying "thank you, I'm sure she wouldn't mind. I certainly wouldn't. Call if you are this way."

He put the phone down, slapped my bum gently and said "shower time!"

He told me that D was interested in a threesome, and would I be willing?


That has yet to happen, but I'm sure it will.

Thanks for reading this.