26 Dec 2018

Thirty Five Year Wait

Hi all, I’m Brian, late sixties and my wife Fran, early sixties. We first tried swinging, or wife swapping as it was called back in the early eighties. The guys put their car keys in a hat, the women then sat in a circle and an empty wine bottle was spun and whoever it stopped and pointed at had to undress then pick a key from the hat. The lucky guy and she would then disappear into one of the bedrooms where they could enjoy each other’s company.

Unfortunately Fran was a week early with her period so we had to bow out gracefully from the evening’s entertainment. A year later we drove thirty miles to meet a couple who we had met through a contact magazine. Sadly Fran and the guy didn’t hit it off so we had to make an early exit.

Fran decided that she didn’t want to get involved with the swinging scene. During the next ten to twenty years she would go out clubbing with her best pal. It was only in the last year that she let slip that she had had a fling with a long distance lorry driver from the Leeds area. I pestered her for details but she would only say that they only kissed and petted.

Earlier this year we were out for a drink in our local pub. A quiz night had been arranged and as they were a couple short we volunteered to join in. Fran was sat next to an older woman while I was seated next to her partner. Later that evening Fran told me that the woman had told her that she was from Leeds and that it was a great city to visit especially for shopping.

I suggested that instead of going on our usual holiday to the Canary Islands that we could spend a week in Leeds. She agreed so I immediately booked a room at the Holiday Inn Express close to the Armouries. I also googled swinging clubs and found two that looked interesting. That night she was in one of her sexual moods.

Those impulses are infrequent and because I now have a problem maintaining an erection she turns to the aid of one of her many toys. I lay next to her pinching her naked nipples as she switched on her favourite toy before placing its vibrating head against her naked pussy lips.

I whispered in her ear a suggestion that we could visit a swinging club while down in Leeds and that she may meet her ex-lover, the lorry driver. I could see that she was getting more and more aroused as I continued planting the seed into her mind with an imaginable sketch of him pushing his large cock into her soaking pussy.

I became more graphic in detail of how his large cock would slide in and out of her pussy. She in turn started whimpering and began to fuck her pussy with faster and faster strokes with her dildo. The whole eight inches would be rammed into her pussy then pulled almost all the way out, its shaft glistening with her pussy juices.

Keeping up the teasing with more and more vivid descriptions of his cock slamming in and out of her pussy and finally shooting his hot cum, splashing and filling her hole, she let out a loud shriek as her orgasm shuddered through her body. Thank you, she whispered.

Unfortunately, due to other family commitments we had to cancel our holiday this year but have re booked for next June. I have yet to decide which of the clubs to try first. I would appreciate any suggestions of the best day or times to visit one of those clubs then give you a rundown of our experiences in a follow up. Thanks for reading.