Written by nico_demus

20 Jul 2012

it was 7 years ago that this took place....but doesnt seem it

My missus and i ended up at a party in one of my mates flat,the night was going well good atmosphere drink was flowing...you know what its like .i was sitting on one sofa and eve was sitting on the opposite beside my mate ed it was well into the night that when i returned from the fridge with another beer that i noticed eds shirt had been unbuttoned and eve had her hand inside it rubbing his chest...

next morning i mentioned it to her and she replied it was nothing just drink so i left it at that...but the wheels in my head were turning..

over the next few months ed and a few mates would come back to mine for a drink and invariably he was last to leave usually after eve having teased with a sly flash of her tits.

one night ed and i came back on our own, drink was flowing & eve had just come in from night out with the girls as usual ed teased her about her tits and she duly gave a flash

a little later ed mentioned something about porn and quick as a flash eve said i had a good collection and went to get a few

on the dvd went and in went the beer.one scene showed this guy getting his cock sucked and ed said that guys a lucky bastard. eve replied i give better head than her to which i had to give confirmation ...she really does give a good blow job...ed laughed.

eve got off her chair moved over to the sofa where was now lying and started to undone his belt as he looked at me stunned i found myself shrugging.

she deftly opened his trousers and reached in to pull his cock out as she stroked it she kissed him till his cock was hard then she started sucking hard at his cock.

as i watched on her knees sucking hard i knew her cunt would be wet so i moved over and positioned myself between her legs started to lick her now dripping cunt

it wasnt long before she stood up and said i need fucked, ed jumped up led her to the sofa where bent her over the arm i sat in front of her with my cock out ready to be sucked.ed lifted her skirt up to reveal her ample ass and reached round to pull her tits out then he pulled her knickers to the side and slowly entered her making her moan.

slowly he started to fuck her and as he plunged into her harder and harder her big tits swung to the rythm and her moans became louder it was all i could do to hold her mouth to my cock it wasnt long before she arched her back and i could see every wave of orgasm hit her just ed emptied his balls into my wifes cunt and i thought