Written by todd22uk

5 Mar 2010



Go for my swim as promised and after about 20mins HE arrives, gets in the pool and we start chatting and swimming like old mates. He then suggests the steam room so off we go. Once in there I sit with my feet resting on the bench opposite, he sits next to my feet and does the same, we are facing each other and whilst chatting, there’s those intense looks again plus he sits most of the time with his hand on his package occasionally adjusting the waistband of his shorts. I’m very wary of making any sort of move in case I’ve misread the situation! I don’t want to be kicked out of my health club or thumped!

During our conversation he has let me know that he is going on holiday the following week and has a back ache ( I am a massage therapist but he doesn’t know at this stage).

We move to the Sauna which is within the mens changing area opposite the showers.

When we are in there I decide that I’m not mistaken and I am definitely picking up signals. But now I can’t respond as the shower area is busy and there are other guys outside the glass sauna door all the time!

While we are showering I get to see a lovely arse and gorgeous cock which he strokes a couple of times a bit longer than usual, I’m definitely on here! So when he complains about his back again I tell him I am a therapist and offer to help. He replies with this is his last free evening before his holiday (life can be such a bitch!)

Whilst dressing he asks my rates then a few minutes later(with no one else in the changing area asks if there is any chance if he pays cash I can massage him that evening,BINGO!.

I am professional, a massage is what has been asked for and that is what he will get, but at least I get to work my hands over that gorgeous body! We go to our separate cars and he follows me back to my place.

I show him into the therapy room and as with any client show him where to put his clothes and then get him to lie face down on the couch, and, start the massage on his back. More conversation about how his back feels and work well on it.

Then comes the time for him to turn over, his cock is not so much semi as ¾’s for which he apologises for being a bit exited and I receive one of those burning looks again. I tell him not to worry it’s quite normal and I’m used to it.

I work across his chest taking in the lovely view eventually working my to his groin area.

While massaging here, my hand brushes his cock which is still growing but immediately springs to full hardness at my touch. At this point I decide this guy needs real help so start to massage his cock and balls, the light moans of pleasure and smile on his face tell me I have got it right.

(There’s me thinking this sort of thing only happens to other people!).

He responds by touching me and I remove my shorts and t-shirt so I am naked too, he sits up and we kiss deep and passionately, I move down and suck his beautiful cock for awhile then he repays by doing the same. This has now moved completely away from the massage as we embrace, kiss and suck each other. Then I ask the question of what he likes, he tells me he doesn’t know, this is his first time. I find that hard to believe with all the signals he has been giving me and the way he is responding now, so decide not to go to easy on him, I want that COCK!

I get a condom from the drawer and he lets me roll it on to his stiff cock, smiling ( he knows what to do!)

I bend over the end of the massage table, he positions himself behind me and between us we guide that gorgeous cock into my waiting arse, I am usually very tight as this doesn’t happen very often but I am so turned on and wanting this, he gently pushes and it slides in easy. He then sets into a lovely rhythm giving me a fantastic fuck. After about 10 mins I am concerned he will cum and I want more of this guy so encourage him out and turn for another deep passionate kiss. We move to the floor him on his back with me over him I briefly think I might get to fuck his gorgeous arse but am perceptive enough to realize he is not sure if he is ready for that yet.

We continue to embrace, kiss and I suck his cock some more, then he wants me to cum over him I work my cock with his help and oblige shooting my spunk all over his cock and balls, then I got work massaging my warm spunk all over his balls and up and down his rock hard cock till he cums and shoots his spunk all over my hand and up his chest, more passionate kissing mmmmmm .

We then gather ourselves and while we are cleaning up and dressing he tells me he is going home to his g/f who he sometimes takes to the health club, I assure him of total discretion, I don’t want ruin my chances of a repeat!

I am away for a few days next week but will definitely be looking out for him at the health club, my only regret is that I didn’t give him my phone number (got caught up in the excitement of it all) but it did come out in our conversations that he works at the factory opposite my house, so maybe if he needs another massage after hi s week skiing he will call in person to make an appointment.