Written by Tom

13 Aug 2014

The start of this came when I had an erection problem some times I would loose my erection or other times it didn't get fully hard not all the time but some times, we put this down to my age working to hard doing long hours that sort of thing the most upsetting thing being you never quite knew when it may happen the mind was willing but the body not

This became frustrating for my wife which was made worse by the fact she was younger and has quite a high sex drive she always been like that and I have always thought how lucky I was after listening to other husband say how there wife's don't want to know

June didn't seem to think it a problem at first saying its temporary and give it time

A few months down the road she was still say much the same thing but I could seance her frustration

I noticed a bit later when we out she be looking at other men I caught her some times almost in a day dreaming way, it was only now and again and how she be smiling if some guy spoke to her as if she was glad they had

I think it must of been about then I said as a joke, after a failed attempt at sex,you need a boyfriend, the reply was don't be silly, it be a month or so later we where at a function and I had notice she eyed this young guy up jest a couple of glances, he obvious seen her looking as well, I was on the other side of the room talking to friends and the guy must of thought it was his opportunity to speck to her, I looked round and they where chatting June can be reserved with some one she don't know or not been introduced to

This time she was smiling and catting he must of said some thing she laughed, so I hung back and stay talking with my eye on her she look my way a few times, I then went to the loo I did see her watch me go in that direction, when I came back he was still there

Normally if I left her alone like that she come after me,I went to the bar, and I think that is where I was when she sopped me talking to a old mate of mine

By the time I left him it would of been gone an hour and half and my wife was in grossed with this guy, as I made my way over to them he spotted me and went off

I didn't say much to June jest sorry for being away for so long, normally I would of got where the hell have you been that sort of thing but this time she said that is aright I could see you chatting and not a thing about the blokes she had been talking to

So I let it go, we then bumped into some people we knew and that took most of the evening up, the bloke was at a distance, he looked our way a few times, it was before we where going to leave June said she was going to the loo, as soon as she walked away from our grope the guy fallowed,she was gone some time, when she got back it was time to leave once more not a thing was said apart from it was nice to see our friend and so on

There was no mention of the evening after that,to start with I didn't think she was taken my idea up,then I thought it jest not be June any way

It was after I had a couple of failed attempts at do my duty I said you do need some one to do this, I was a bit surprised by her attitude it was more surius, June said its okay say things like that but if I did you really be upset, I told her I wouldn't be and she said I know you would be, it got left at that, it was later we where talking about my problem and I had been to the doctors and with going into it he told me to wait and see how it go's a lot of the time it start to work again, June saif its stress and working to hard, I joked maybe you will have to find a boyfriend. it was a bit odd she never replied

What I didn't know at the time the bloke she been talking to, she fancied and they had swapped phone numbers that night, and he taken her out a few times be it only a coffee and a lunch a couple of times but my wife had taken that step and gone and seen him behind my back,I would of said at the time it was completely our of character

I didn't know any of this, things with me didn't improve, and once more I joked again, this time she said well maybe I have to, then went on to say if I did would it hear us or would we end up divorced I expect, that is when I said no not as far as I am concerned, she asked what I meant I went on to say if it was jest sex what I can't give you at the moment and it wasn't behind my back I don't think there be a problem

Over the next couple of days June questioned me not directly but it was pretty obvious she was trying to find out if I was siriu, I made it plain I was

What happened next I didn't quite expect, she said she would like to go out with some one I asked who it was and in the end after saying I don't know him it turned out to be the bloke from that night,I told her I wanted her to be honest and tell me every thing

She did tell me every thing, much to my surprise at the time and all about she been out for lunch and so on and they got on very well, I spear you the details

It was weird how calm and adult we both where about, the out come was she would like to go on a date one evening, he had asked her a few times but it been out of the question

So in a day or two it was arranged with my knowledge, the crunch for me was the evening she was going the big question was how would I react, that was funny I was quite alright till she left, then I started to worry once I got over that I am sure it stimulated me I almost stiffened, June was home by eleven, when she came in she seem concerned about me

I convinced her I was fine and asked did she have a nice time all the thing you would expect,

That was the start once she could see I was okay another date was arranged, then another and so on, my wife really had a boyfriend, I am sure it was only a case of going out and nothing more, it was also very obvious she she was liking her freedom I had given her and she like him a lot we would talk about Barry as if we both knew him I start to think I did know him

I didn't admit to myself she would in the end sleep with him but it was inevitable she would, as time past I could see the sighs little things the way she dressed to meet Barry

the way she spoke about him, also the dates where now longer she got in later, the first sigh was when she came in with smudged makeup, I think that was the time it moved up a gear, they where snogging and it was getting more intimate also she was a little sheepish

When this stared I did get excited a few times and the night she admitted they where petting as she put it, I surprised both of us by getting a hard on it was short lived but it was there enough for my wife to get her hand round it and wank it, so it seemed thing where moving on with her, each time she meet him I would ask what happened at first she wouldn't say but in the end I stated to get more detail, till she admitted to touching each other that went to given him a wank and he fingered her,that was the first time in a long time I did get hard and manage to get it up her before I lost it

I am sure that night spurred my wife on to tell me more, it seemed to work, there was a couple of things she wouldn't tell me like how big was his cock, she jest say a fair size or bigger enough things like that, she could see the more she told me the more aroused I could get, I think between me not doing my job and playing with Barry and he was obviously arousing her, between us we where making her even more frustrated I can see that now and that played a big part in her taken the next step

The night it happened she was quite late and as soon as she walked in I knew jest the look on her face told me that guilty look, I gave her a hug and I said was it good she whisper yes and I love you, I lead her upstarts with out saying any thing I undressed her I notice a mark on her neck also her nipples look puffy almost erect the inside of her thighs where redish, June lay on the bed her legs together, I almost ripped my closes off and joined her,it was like magic I had a stiff on, I did no more I mounted her my cock slipped into a very wet sticky and loose pussy I didn't last long and I was cumming

Afterwards I think we where both surprised, we hugged and kissed telling each other we loved each other, the last bridge had been crossed, I said to June Barry is a lot bigger than me, she said how do I know that, well it pretty obvious really, she said yes he is

Once that had happened June did start to tell me more, the next night she was telling me when he went into her she thought at first she not accommodate him she was telling he how it felt really big and very long as she told me I got stiff and I did perform again she didn't feel like she did the nigh before but I think she wasn't as tight as she used to be

That was the start of a full on affair with Barry which helped me my wife when from no cock to getting it off two blokes I was encouraging her to see Barry the situation never heart us at all, it did make my wife a lot more sexy woman in lots of ways she never do oral but she started doing it with Barry then me, it went to the next stage with him she came in one night we kissed I could taste and smell spunk on her breath and in er mouth

It made me ramped that night I fucked her in the lounge bent over the sofa with her wet knickers pulled to one side and a night or two later she told me she had sucked him off and then showed me what she did and I cum in her mouth and she swallowed it

she was seeing Barry twice a week to get fucked and I have her each time after him plus I fuck her some time another couple of times in the week

I think after a time I was getting back to normal, the only thing was Barry satisfied her more than me with his big cock it seemed he was about nine inches I am six but his a lot fatter than mine