Written by Angela

15 Aug 2007

Having reached the age of 44, and been divorced for nearly 2 years, I didn’t really expect to have too many wild nights out. I certainly didn’t think I’d have the joy of three cocks at the same time. But just a few weeks ago I had the experience of a life time in a hotel room.

I’d been out on a works night out and the night was starting to break up. It was about 11.30pm, still quite early for me, and a few of us were sitting round in the bar talking and having some drinks. Another group of people came in to the bar and sat on the seats adjacent to us. There were three really good looking men in the group. All of them younger than me and they were really chatty and very funny. They ended up moving the chairs about and joining our company. I got on like a house on fire with the three lads and absolutely loved their company. By one in the morning there was just me and the three lads and we were having a ball.

I can’t really remember the exact moment we decided to go up to my room and I can’t remember how the subject came up; but we all ended up in my room with two bottles of wine. I had no doubt what I wanted; I wanted sex. I hadn’t had sex for about 6 months and thought that a session with these three young studs would do me the world of good. I suspected that the three lads were up for it too.

To get the ball rolling I kissed one of the lads hard on the lips. He responded exactly as I wanted him to and he pulled me close to him and returned my kiss. The other two lads went silent and looked on with apprehension. I beckoned one of them to come and join us, which he did in a flash. He put his arm around my waist and moved his hand up and down my back and on to my arse. He squeezed my arse and pushed his fingers in between my legs, touching my fanny from behind. I stepped aside and opened my legs as far as my skirt would let me to give him better access and to make sure he knew I was OK about it.

The lad I was kissing had his hands all over me and was giving me goose bumps from head to toe. He was moving his hand up and down my back and round on to my boobs. I was wearing a black fitted shirt and I wasn’t wearing a bra. I was loving the massaging he was giving my boobs and encouraged him to undo the buttons on my shirt. Pretty soon it was almost completely open and he had his hand inside my shirt and was playing with my naked tits. He whispered to me how much he liked the fact that I was and how nice and firm my tits were. He sat down on the end of the bed and gave my nipples the sucking of their lives. As he did this, one of the others started to kiss the back of my neck and continued to move his hands over my body. The third lad was trying to get at my boobs while his mate was still sucking them.

Suddenly I felt the waist band of my skirt loosen. They were trying to get my skirt down but it was too tight and they were struggling with it. I stepped back from the lads and wriggled it down over my hips and on to the floor. I was now standing there in sheer black tights and high heeled shoes with my shirt undone and my braless tits on show to everyone. When I dressed, I had been keen to avoid underwear lines so I had chosen to wear the tights without any knickers to ensure I had a smooth, sexy line to my tight skirt. I was kicking myself that I hadn’t put hold-ups on as I know how men prefer stockings to tights, and the lads would by now have had better access to my freshly shaved fanny.

Immediately, one of the lads had his hand between my legs and was fingering me through the sheer nylon of my tights. I opened my legs wider and I felt another hand grab me from the back and press his finger against my arse hole. My tits were being sucked again and I was in a blur of sensation. I felt a hand move down inside the front of my tights and soon I felt a finger enter me. I moved round and got myself on to the bed. I kicked my stilettos off and one of the lads removed my tights. I was feeling relieved that I’d taken the time to shave my fanny smooth as one of the lads went down on me and it feels much better when smoothly shaven. His tongue felt cool as he licked around the lips of my fanny and I almost screamed as he moved it into my open slit. He was somehow flicking my clitoris with his tongue and I was on the verge of coming when he was pushed out of the way and replaced by one of the others. Because I was so close to coming this new tongue brought me to my first orgasm within a few seconds. They all tongued me to orgasm and my fanny was very sensitive and was twitching with excitement.

I saw that one of the lads was taking his trousers off so I sat up and started to undo the belt of one of his mates. Soon all three were naked with a raging hard on and trying to get at me. I got one of them to lie on his back on the bed while I bent over him and I took his rock hard dick into my mouth. As this went on, one of them was fingering me from behind and the other playing with my tits. I wanted to get a suck of all three dicks so I reached out and grabbed the nearest one. I contorted my body so I could get it in my mouth and I gave it all I could. This was the biggest dick I’d ever seen and the bell-end completely filled my mouth. Somehow, I ended up on my back again, the enormous dick still in my mouth and one of the lads with his head buried between my thighs and giving my eager fanny another going over with his tongue. He was a master of oral and I’d never experienced anything quite like it. As his tongue darted into me he sucked on my fanny lips and at the same time fingered my bum hole. He was making me come with his finger as much as with his mouth. This went on for ages and the lads took turns at going down on me and sucking my tits and fingering my fanny and bum. I lost count of the number of orgasms I had and I also lost count of the number of times I had a big dick in my mouth. While all this was going on, somehow, one of the lads managed to come all over my naked tits. And I could see that they were all really turned on and probably quite close to shooting there loads. I didn’t want their rock hard dicks to go to waste. So I decided that it was time for me to get those dicks inside me and get myself a good fucking.

I stood up and told them what I wanted. I then leaned over the bed and went down on one of the lads who was on his back on the bed. As I was bending, one of the others entered me from behind and started to stroke in and out of my swollen, baldy fanny. I soon felt a different dick inside me and the lad I was sucking got up to have his turn. They asked me to put my high heel stilettos back on (I of course obliged) and I they guided me round and moved so I lay on my back on the edge of the bed with my feet on the floor. One by one the lads climbed between my wide open legs and fucked me.

The first lad came very quickly and I had no time to come myself. The second banged me fast and hard and gave me two orgasms but it was still over all too quickly for me. The third was the lad with the massive dick and I was looking forward to this one. For a second or so, I felt his dick pressing on the outside of my fanny lips and I felt his bell-end stretch me as he pushed his way inside me. He pumped me with long, slow strokes until we got a rhythm going and then he increased the speed and power of his thrusts. I raised my legs into the air to get him deeper inside me and I came quite quickly. He had great technique and I could feel his huge dick moving deep inside me and hitting exactly the right spot. Sometimes he made slow, careful movements with long, slow strokes that gave me long, powerful orgasms and other times he banged in to me hard like a machine which gave shorter, sharp orgasms. I’d never been fucked by such a powerful man before. My whole body shuddered as he pounded in to me and I had orgasm after orgasm and was almost screaming for him to stop when I felt him jerk to his own orgasm and I felt him shoot his load in to me.

By the time he’d finished with me, the other two had recovered and came back and gave me a second fucking. They weren’t as hard as before but it was still OK and they lasted a reasonable time before off loading into me again. The third lad came back and this time moved me into the middle of the bed. He placed himself over me and in between my thighs. He pinned my hands to the bed above my head with one hand and used his other hand to get his huge, throbbing dick inside me. Once in, he then pinned my arms to the bed with both his hands and looked me straight in the eyes and started to fuck me. I looked over at his mates who were sitting over the other side of the room watching.

This time there was none of his slow, careful strokes; he just fucked me like he was some sort of animal and banged into me with all of his might. I could feel my body moving up the bed as he pounded his massive dick in to me. I wrapped my legs around him and hung on for the ride of my life. He was so very deep inside me and his movements so powerful that I was totally at the mercy of this fuck machine. It seemed that his dick had completely filled me and was touching every part of my insides. I could feel the whole length of his shaft as he stroked in and out of me like the piston of a steam engine. I could hardly breathe as this man fucked the living daylights out of me. My head was spinning and it seemed that I was experiencing one massive, continuous orgasm. His pounding was absolutely relentless and the orgasm just kept getting stronger and stronger until it reached a peak I’ve never experienced before and I was almost screaming. Just at that moment he started to groan and fuck me with slightly slower, but still very deep, hard strokes as I felt his body stiffen and his dick jerk another load of come in to me. I kept my legs wrapped round him and milked every last drop of come out of him and brought myself to a couple more shallow orgasms at the same time. After a few minutes, I released my grip on him and braced myself for the feeling of this massive dick being removed from my well fucked and by now, red raw fanny.

We all just lay there for a while saying very little, eventually the other two lads went back to their rooms leaving me and him alone. We showered got in bed and went to sleep. The next morning we fucked again before he left. We made no arrangement s to see each other again and I put the experiences of the previous night down as the best sex I’ve ever had by a very, very long way.