20 Jan 2018

About ten years back we had a asked a male friend over for a bit of fun George was not longer there when there was another knock at the door and it was our friend Dave. This was the first time they were ever in our home at the same time, over the years both of them had al sorts of sex with Mary this night was going to be a first with the two of them at one time. Mary on this night was wearing a lemon see through blouse with a zip down back no bra a white button down skirt that just went above her knee and a pair of white see through knickers. As some of you might remember Mary has 44d tits and her pussy is like a forest. Well it did not take long for things to get into full swing after a few drinks Mary as I have said before is up for anything. George took Mary by the hand and took her into the bedroom me and Dave stood out side the door he pinned he up against the wall and right away Mary spread her legs, I must say also Dave is BI. George was then kissing her and pressing him self into her he put his hands around the back of her pulled her zip down and took of her blouse her two big 44d tits were out and her big brown nipples were rock hard it did not take long for George to start sucking them and pulling at the also seeing this made me rock hard Dave was to the right of me watching the show the next thing i felt was his hand on my cock trying to pull on it through my trousers I did not stop him. Mary seen what he was doing on me and this was a turn on for her she unbutton her skirt and let it fall to the floor with in seconds George was undressed and his cock was very hard Mary got down on her knees and took it in her mouth by now me and dave had our cocks out and were rubbing each other off. Mary and George then got onto the bed and went straight into a 69 and was licking and sucking on one another by this stage me an Dave were naked also . George then go Mary on her back got between her legs and put his big hard cock right up her fanny and started to fuck her slowly Dave seeing this when over and put his cock in her mouth.I wanted some of this so I said Dave my turn so I then put my cock in her mouth and was getting a great BJ while puling at her tits. Dave at this point was pulling at my ass and trying to finger fuck my bum I did not mind it was turning me on then he put his cock between my legs and started to rub of on me this got me going and i spunked in Marys mouth she swallowed the lot Dave then bent me over spread my legs and eased his cock into me and bucked the hole of me this turned Mary on and she started to cum George then spunked up Marys fanny and before long Dave hot juice was right up inside me we did swap about and Marys fanny got filled three times that night I also spunked Dave hole.