Written by Johnathan

20 Jan 2009

I had talked my wife into meeting with other men, this had taken me a long long time.

I desired her to be desired by others, I wanted to watch her so much with someone else, for them to kiss her, touch her, for them to see her breasts and pussy for the very first time, to see the look of desire on their faces.

After a few meetings with 3 different guys, she was ready to give up on them all.

Why cant these men stay hard, whats wrong with them, she would ask. She does think we should all be hard for 5 hours minium!

I must tell you all, my lady is one very greedy girl. She is demanding, and never seems to be satisfied, one of my reasons for wanting to share her with others, was so she would be happy and give me a little break from time to time. What she needs really is 3 good cocks at the same time.

She said, ok, I will meet one last guy, if he cant keep hard thats it, I am giving up on having sex with strangers!

One evening last week, I watched her as she got ready to meet a guy. She had bathed, I had rubbed oils into her body, her skin was glistening, she spayed a delicate perfume all over her body, she looked amazing and smelt it too.

I did the clasp up on her bra, she pulled on her french knickers, and then started to slowly roll her stockings up her long legs, I helped her attach them to her suspender belt, she stepped into her high, high heeled shoes.

WOW, she looked fantastic, I was hard watching her get dressed, her delicate beautiful underwear, so tasteful and so sexy.

I wanted her now, but she would not let me near her, she said I had to wait, as she wanted two of us together.

We drove for an hour or so, arrived at a lovely country hotel,and walked straight in to the bar. As we walked through the lounge, I saw several eyes on her, she looked so classy, and darn sexy with it.

The man we were meeting was there, he looked just like his photos, he came up to us straight away, shook my hand, and then put his arm around the small of my ladies back and kissed her full on her lips. I was staggered at the intensity of the kiss.

We all sat back, my wifes stocking tops showed slighty when she sat down as she crossd her legs, he noticed and I heard an audable gasp from him. Her flash to him, even though she did not mean to do it, had been noticed to by another gentleman sat near us.

I knew my wife was instantly turned on by him, she was laughing, smiling, flirting and ignoring me, all good signs! I knew then we would all be making use of his suite soon. Please God, let this one be a good one, I was saying to myself in my head, I never want this life style to stop. Other men fucking my naughty wife, what could be better.

In half an hour we were walking upstairs, I saw the man at the opposite table get up too..................... MORE TO FOLLOW