Written by Huggym

2 May 2013

I had been desperate for some cock fun for a few days and had the chance of an evening at an adult cinema in Birmingham that previous experience (and accounts on SH) had told me was always worth a visit. I wore light clothing, no underwear and shoes that slipped off easily. I always get a buzz as soon as I enter the cinema and my cock always springs to attention the moment I touch it. I was greeted in a friendly manner at the entrance desk and I paid the fee then I went in to one of the two screens and stood surveying the scene. Unusually there was only a bit of wanking going on and no interaction at all. A CD was sitting with boots up on the seat in front and there was a guy on either side.

I decided to be blatant. I unzipped, pulled my cock out and looked at the porn on screen.I also undid my shirt. Amazingly this was Japanese with subtitles! I turned and watched the audience. One man was watching me intently.and I stared back. He stood up and came to me. 'Next door,' he muttered and we went to the other screen. I opened up my trousers and showed off my smallish but extremely hard cock. He stroked me expertly then lent forward and put his mouth over my hardness. Total delight! My hard cock was in the mouth of an expert who certainly knew how to use his mouth and his tongue. I was soon giving little sighs of delight and on he went, swirling his tongue over my sensitive tip then taking me deep in his mouth again. After a few minutes I asked him to stop, I wanted a lot more enjoyment that evening. He gently fondled me but made it clear he wanted nothing in return.

With my hard prick poking out from my trousers I returned to the other screen - where more action usually seem to happen. Not a lot seemed to be happening but I had plenty of time. I prominently displayed my cock and stood watching. The CD began to play with a guy then began to suck his long cock taking it deep, this was an impressive and thrilling performance that did nothing to calm me.. Eventually it was clear that the guy had come but I unfortunately did not see his fountain. He left and the CD then switched attention to the fellow to the left.

I decided to sit down and immediately I had a companion. We began to play with each other, exploring and enjoying the experience. His considerable cock grew in my hand so I bent down and took him in my mouth enjoying his smoothness an doing my best to give pleasure.I dropped to my knees and sucked him deeply. My head slid up and down and saliva flowed adding to the smooth and very horny action. When I came up for air and sat down he lent over and gave me similar treatment. It soon became clear that we were being watched and our show was appreciated by several others. He moved away and his place was soon taken by a guy who soon revealed a seven inch shaved cock. He stared at mine and I looked at his appreciating the view. We were soon playing with each other and I especially enjoyed his smoothness. This was too good to miss, I dropped to my knees to make sure that I would really be able to take him in my mouth. I always try to suck as much as I can and I made a special effort getting this lovely cock right into my throat. I slavered over it and worked my mouth up and down as he also mouth fucked me. This was sensational as he pushed in and out with vigour but not forcefully. He pulled away and then began to suck me giving me a gentle tonguing that was exquisite.

I was sitting on the end of a row and someone I had given mouth to earlier was standing close by stroking his cock. I lent over and licked him well then sucked him till he pulled away. A few minutes later another guy was standing by me and stroking himself. I lent forward looking him in the ey

The evening was getting on and I had about half an hour left. My cock had remained rock hard for a long time and I now wanted a grand finale. I looked about and wandered around. Two guys were sitting at the back not playing but clearly wanking. The CD was doing a splendid job sucking another guy. Eventually I decided to sit at the back again, a seat away from the other two men. I happily stroked my still rock hard cock and got an admiring look from the man closest to me. I edged closer and he kept looking so moved right next to him. Within moments were feeling and exploring each other. He had a lovely 8" quite thick cock that was incredibly hard and a delight to fondle and stroke.

Unable to resist I bent over and began to suck it as deep as I could, then using my tongue along it and over it savouring the glorious hardness. I glanced up and saw a look of delight on his face then went about pleasuring him again. I sat up and waited as he pulled his trousers down then I took mine right off and we began a serious mutual wanking session, stroking each other at different speeds and enjoying each others rock hard cocks. I went down on my knees and gave him a delicious prolonged sucking studiously watched by another man. When I had used all my skills on this hard, hard prick I could hold back no longer. We began to wank each other gradually building up a firm rhythm together. I increased the pace and my companion responded stroking me with perfect fast strokes until with a great moan I shot a great fountain of spunk over me, over his hand and on to the floor. I tend to shoot quite a lot of spunk but this time squirt after powerful squirt powered from my cock that really amazed me - but after two hours rock hard and a lot of exciting action I was clearly ready to explode.

Quite a thrilling evening I had a great time and look forward to returning as soon as I can.