Written by Andy

3 Jul 2014

This is part three of the saga, Jo is a single mum in her late 30's, she moved into what was my parents house after I sold it following my mum's death. Jo was rather introvert when she moved in, but started to 'come out of her shell' and finally relaxed fully on my patio.

Her bully boyfriend dumped her and she came round for a chat, she ended up sun bathing nude and ended up having orgasm after orgasm.

This is the third part of the story.....

Jo sat there, smiled here gorgeous smile and said 'Please, if you don't mind'

I told Jo to lay back and close her eyes, which she did.

I knelt down at the foot of the lounger, lifted her legs and folded the bottom part of the lounger down - her legs dangling off the end. I told her to bend her knees and place her feet on the lounger, this caused her legs to part giving me a lovely view of her shaved pussy. I pulled her further down the lounger so her bum was on the edge of the lounger, which made her legs spread even more.

As I placed my hands on her stomach she jumped, obviously the anticipation was too much, I gently began to massage her stomach allowing my hands to run across her mound. He breathing was getting deeper. My fingers began to rub across her lips, then slowly I allowed them to stop on them as my fingers passed over her lips.

Finally I stopped my fingers on her pussy lips, gently parting them, allowing her juices to flow from her.

Jo began to give a low moan as my fingers entered her, my fingers slipping into her and them pulling out. My fingers were now covered in her juices.

I pulled my fingers out of her wet pussy and held her lips apart. I leant forward, my mouth inches away from her lips, from this distance I could smell her sex. I gently blew her pussy, as I did she jumped and said 'please, don't tease'. I never replied.

I continued to blow gently into her pussy, she continued to moan.

After a few minutes, I moved closer to her pussy, my lips millimetres from her pussy lips.

I extended my tongue and gently allowed it to touch her lips, she jumped. She lifted her head and opened her eyes. She was just about to speak when I said 'close you eyes and don't open them again'. She did what she was told.

My tongue again touched her lips, again she jumped, my tongue slowly ran along the length of her pussy lips - up and down again and again.

After several minutes of this, I pushed my tongue deeper into her pussy, finding her already hard cliterous. She moaned. I allowed my tongue to rest on her cliterous of a few seconds and then slowly began to lick at it. Her breathing and moaning increased.

I carried on licking for what seemed lick hours, her breathing and moaning becoming deeper with every minute. My fingers began to slide in and out of her very wet pussy.

After several minutes Jo said 'fuck, I'm gonna cum'. I never responded.

A minute later she said 'Andy, fuck me, give me your cock'. I never responded, but just carried on licking at her cliterous.

Several minutes later, the first of many orgasms rocked through her body, Jo was bucking like a horse as she orgasmed, she grabbed my head and pulled it harder into her pussy, my tongue still licking at her pulsating cliterous as her juices flowed from her and into my mouth.

After what seemed like ages, her orgasms subsided and she collapsed on the lounger, her breathing very deep but very quick. Eventually, between breathes, she said 'fuck! that was fantastic, but I want you cock in me'

I sat up on the the lounger and said with a laugh 'everything cum's to she who waits!'

I got up and made another drink and then we chatted for a while about everything and anything. But several times Jo said 'Please don't make me beg, I need your cock in me now!'

And that will be part 4........