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"Scrumptious Lass"

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Author's Notes

"All true as best as I can remember"


We first met online, she enjoyed cyber sex in most of its inglorious forms. She really enjoyed getting laid in story form, on a one to one chat forum with me. Over a few months of raunchy chat she agreed to meet me for real.

We met in a car-park at the agreed time. She got out of her car and transferred to mine. A cute forty eight year old, blond, green eyes and a sparkle of a smile. She was wearing a short denim skirt that hugged her amble hips and bum. Her denim jacket, open and over a see thru white blouse, noticeably no bra. Her boobs tho not huge were ample with very pert nipples. Sliding into the passenger seat, she was shaking with excitement, I leaned over and kissed her, fully on her lips, she responded and grabbed the back of my head to bring us in together tighter, all the while her eyes were closed.

Pushing my hand up inside her jacket I caressed her waist and made my way up to her right breast, I grabbed and tweaked her nipple. At that , she opened her eyes, pulled away from kissing and gasped. Shall I drive somewhere quieter? I asked. She simply nodded. Breaking our embrace, I drove a few miles to a secluded layby, hidden behind a row of trees and a hedge. We kissed some more, the front seats was not the most comfortable of locations so we moved to the back seat. Door open I sat her on the seat, legs dangling out of the door. and told her to lay back. She did as told and my hands slid up inside her skirt and hooked my fingers into the waist of her pink lacy knickers. Pulling them down in one sweep. I pushed her legs apart and buried my face into a very wet pussy and ate. She tasted so sweet! Her hands were on the back of my head, pulling me in tighter, her hips bounced as she encouraged me on. I ate for the better part of fifteen minutes. She moaning and shrieking as I did so. I leaned in and over her and checked that she was still OK with this. She nodded that she was. I undid my flies, dropped my jeans and climbed into the car. I flipped her over to all fours, stood outside the open door and took her from behind. We fucked , she was giving her all, we orgasmed at the same time, she pulling me into her in a tight embrace as she did so.

We lay there a while recovering. Eventually she asked that I drive her back to her car as she had to go make hubby's dinner. She kissed me deep and long as a goodbye, asking 'when can we do this again?' Life was getting good!

Written by BackinBath

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