Written by gaz

18 Aug 2017

im 54 and the wife 52, size 12 and a 38g, and works as a sales rep, as i said in the last story we dont get much time alone as the gran kids stay, but the wife was thinking of a young and large cock again, well it happenend for us, we was on line on a site and got chatting to a guy he was 28 and single with a large cock , he was 80 miles away from us so we decided to book into a hotel and then go to his, on the saturday we got to the hotel on the saturday afternoon and was talking about the meet on the drive there, we arranged to be at steve's about 8 o'clock, after i showered and dressed , sue showered done her hair and put on her make up, she then dressed , dark pink satin undies, with half cup bra, just keeping her tits in, white stockings, black heels, leather mini and white blouse , which you could see her bra through, she had a glass of wine and left , after about 20 mins we arrived and pullled on to the drive, we knocked on the door and steve answered , we went in all greeted each other , steve got a couple of drinks and said wow , how nice sue looked, and hoped he was ok , after some chat , they started kissing while i watched hands everywhere, we made our way to the bedroom where a porn dvd was playing , sue took off her blouse and skirt and steve could not believe. the size of her tits , we both stripped off , and his cock was about 8in and very thick , sue said lovely and started sucking him , i was kissing her arse through her panties, and steve moaning as he played with her tits, he was fingering her cunt which was very wet by now, i sat back as steve removed her panties and put a condom on and started to fuck her , she sat astride him and her on all fours, he pumped away with such stamina that it seemed to go on for ever, he shouted he was cumming which he did , the condom had quite a bit of spunk in it, steve took it off and poured it over sues face, and rubbed it in , i was rock hard and push my cock into her mouth she was sucking away and steve started fingering her arse , she was moaning loud as she loved anal steve got hard again and was moaning to, i shot my load into her mouth which she swallowed, steve was rubbing lube into her arse and pushing fingers up there , he then put on a condom and started entering her arse, he was riding away and she was shouting fuck me you cunt, steve said you dirty slut and whore as he pumped away i was starring as his thick cock tore into her arse, as she adored anal she was in heaven i was rock hard by now , as steve shouted and cum, i put my cock straight up her arse , and started to pump away , steve went to the front of her and offered his cock to her mouth she was sucking away and he said to her what a whore she was , we played for hours, when we was leaving , steve said please come again as you are a true slut, when we got back to the hotel we talked about it, and she said the length and thickness of his cock entering her arse was heaven, we fucked and played for awhile , i loved seeing her get used , now back to normal for a while