Written by Tom

27 Oct 2010

When you've got a wife like mine who is just a bit of an exhibitionist it's your husbandly duty to do everything possible to assist. When we go out Tina, who is 26, likes to wear revealing clothing, short skirts, sometimes with panties or string other times naked underneath, loose tops which accidentally reveal her firm little tits, or stretch tops which mould to her tits, her hard nipples sticking out. She bought some low cut jeans and looks fantastic in them, her long toned legs, tight across her arse. I liked her wearing them when we went out and had been looking out for more on the internet. Eventually I found some and ordered a pair. Extreme Low Cut, they were described and they were not mis-discribed. Tina put them on and they barely covered her pussy, the back left the top of her arse globes uncovered . I put a finger down the front and was touching her clit within an inch. We went out and she got so wet and horny from the looks she got we had to stop in a country lay by for a fuck on the way home.

I always like to keep her pussy smooth but seeing how low cut the jeans were, the next time I shaved her I shaved between her legs but left a 2 inch triangle above her cunt, just stubble at first. Over 3 weeks or so I shaved around the triangle leaving the dark pubes to grow from just a shadow to a small trimmed bush. We were getting ready to go out and I fetched the jeans for her to wear, she gave me a grin as she pulled them up her long legs then stood in front of the mirror. An inch of her dark pubic hair was uncovered, Only the final inch where it came to a point just above her pussy hidden. “So this is what you've plotting you naughty boy. Reckon anyone'll notice”, She laughed. “May be one or two”, I suggested. She then became more serious and continued, “Most of the men last time looked like they wanted to fuck me.” She saw the look on my face and paused. “You'd like that wouldn't you? To watch as another man slides his prick in my pussy and fucks me” I hadn't dressed and she noticed my cock getting hard and took hold of me, wanking my prick. “I've seen the look on your face when I flash my pussy. Remember last time I wore these jeans, my cunt just covered. We had to stop for a fuck on the way home. Were you imagining one of those blokes was taking me, fucking me hard?” I admitted that it had crossed my mind “Good, I'd like that. A nice big fat cock stretching my tight cunt. I can almost feel it, I'm getting wet just thinking about it. Can you think of anyone who would want to fuck me? Have you got anyone in mind?” By now she had sunk to her knees and had started licking my cock, cupping my balls giving them a squeeze as she opened her mouth taking my cock between her lips, sucking my prick. She sucked until my cock was almost in her throat, then slowly released it, looking up at me, “Thought of anyone to fuck me yet?” before taking me back in her mouth slowly blowing me. My prick was rigid as she sucked me harder, taking me deep in her mouth, then just the helmet, teasing it with her tongue. Stopping again “Well, I'm waiting. Or do you think I'm so revolting nobody would want to fuck me?” “No, they'd all want to fuck you. Who do you fancy having?” I replied as she took my cock again. Her mouth sliding up and down my cock, sucking harder I came with two or three spurts, which she rolled round her mouth, sticking her tongue out, showing me the spunk, before swallowing it down. “Decided who you'd like to see to fuck me?” she asked zipping up a top that just reached the top of her jeans, nothing underneath. I nodded and told her, Dave and asked who she fancied. “Dave is nice and so is Jon, they're both single, let's see who's there”. We decided to wait and see who was down the pub that night.

The pub was busy and while I fetched drinks Tina made her way over to a couple of blokes and their girlfriends we know. Soon we were joined by another half dozen or so including both Dave and Jon. I had my arm round Tina's waist, and lifted her top about 3 above her jeans. We could both tell from the glances that her pubes had been seen, the blokes trying not to stare to much. One of the girlfriends whispered in Tina’s ear that her pussy hair was visible. She laughed and took my hand and placed it on her bush, telling her that should hide everything. Feeling the hairs I played with them, gently tugging and stroking, pushing a couple of fingers in the top of her jeans, obviously touching her cunt. I think we had shocked her and she dragged her boyfriend off along with another couple. Dave and Jon were both still there and when they went to the bar I turned to her and said “Decided yet. Dave or Jon?” she replied “Why not both. I'll invite them to ours. They can both fuck me”. I felt my cock twitch at the idea of seeing them both shagging her and immediately agreed. The crowds were thinning and one of the girls wanted to see just how close to her pussy the top of the jeans were. Tina had unbuttoned them and twisted the top down, naturally when the blokes noticed they all had a look and she ended up with the jeans at top of her legs, cunt exposed, and I noticed looking decidedly wet. When she pulled them back up people began to leave and she stopped Dave and Jon, asking if they fancied coming back to ours for a drink “Or something” . I could tell from their faces they hoped to get more than a drink when they accepted.

We got a taxi, me in front, Tina in the back between, Dave and Jon. Looking over the seat I could see, she'd pulled the zip on her top down revealing her naked tits and Jon had a hand down the front of the jeans fingering her cunt, whilst Dave sucked one of her nipples. The driver and I could hear her moaning softly, he said nothing just adjusted his mirror to see better, taking a longer route than was necessary. By the time we got to our house, the jeans had been pushed down below her pussy and they were both having a good feel of her cunt, while she was stroking their cocks through their jeans. I went and opened the door and they followed me, Tina her top open, led them to the lounge and fetched us all drinks. They hadn’t messed about, by the time I went in to the lounge, Tina had been stripped naked and was laid on the sofa, one leg on the floor, the other up over the seat back, her legs spread wide her cunt wet and gaping. Dave was about to go down between her legs to lick her cunt. Jon was undressing just pulling his jeans off then stood by her head stroking his large hard prick, a good 8 inches, and thick with it. Tina's eyes opened wide when she saw what he was going to give her and reached out, gripping his cock, pulling him to her mouth. With Dave licking her cunt she stuck her tongue out, licking Jon’s knob end, then opened her mouth sucking two or three inches of his hard man meat in, as he wanked his cock in her mouth. I put the drinks to one side and undressed positioning myself where I could get the best view. Dave stopped sucking her cunt and started to undress, Tina wanted cock in her pussy, lifted her mouth from Jon's rampant cock turned over and with her hands on the sofa, bum in the air, parted her legs and told Jon to fuck her. Dave had got her soaking, her cunt was dripping in sex juices, her pussy lips open like a flower and her hole glistening, ready to take his cock. Standing behind her he held his cock sliding it between her legs, rubbing it along her gaping gash, teasing her as it touched her clit. Dave was stroking his erection, sat on the sofa then slid along sitting in front of her his cock pointing at her head. She gave a loud gasp as Jon shifted his attention to her cunt, lifting her by the waist, bending his knees he found her cunt entrance. His bulbous glans spread her cunt, slowly stretching her tight pussy, slowly he fed his length up her, his girth stretching every inch of her cunt as he penetrated her deeply. She moaned quietly as he began to fuck her, I could see his fat cock slowly moving in and out of her slick pussy as she reached for Dave's prick stroking him, then dropping her head down and taking him in her mouth. I had to stop wanking, I was in danger cumming it was so exciting watching her being fucked by another man for the first time. Tina supported herself on one hand, the other wrapped around Dave’s cock as she sucked him deeper in her mouth. Jon had a hand on her waist holding her the other reaching between her legs frigging her clitoris. She was rapidly building up to an orgasm and had difficulty sucking his cock as her breathing got louder, until she was forced to release his cock gasping for breath as she had an explosive orgasm, gasping and grunting for Jon to fuck her harder, almost sobbing as she came, demanding that he cum in her cunt. He had been steadily fucking her for at least 10 minutes then as she climaxed he held her still, slamming his prick in her harder, his body slapping against her arse, as he rammed her faster until with several hard thrusts he came, squirting his spunk in her cunt. If he hadn't been supporting her she'd have probably collapsed, but he held her, his cock still buried in he cunt and even though he'd cum continued to fuck her. His prick still looked hard as he pulled out and slid back in, his spunk forced out, running down her thighs, his cock still filling and stretching her cunt as he carried on fucking her, giving it to her rough and hard this time, ramming his cock in and out of her pussy . He pulled her hair, and grabbed one of her tits, pinching the hard little nipple. She pushed her cunt back to meet each thrust of his cock, telling him to pull her nipples, begging him to make her cum again. Juices and spunk ran down her legs as he shafted her until she gasped out that she was cumming. He fucked her until her orgasmed subsided and may have spunked in her again. Dave wasn't going to wait, he just pulled her off Jon’s cock, I'd never seen her cunt so stretched, gaping open as if she'd had thick cucumber stuffed in her pussy, spunk streaming out, dangling between her legs. Dave had been wanking in front of her and she straddled him, taking his prick straight up her cunt. Kneeling on top of him, her cunt stuffed with another cock she wrapped her arms round his neck, rubbing her tits against his chest, riding his hard cock. Her pussy slurped and squelched, sex juices and sperm forced out as her cunt tightened on his cock, as he fucked her well lubricated hole. As he tried to thrust in her pussy, she was grinding her clit against his pubes, rocking on his cock, holding him deep in her pussy, almost certainly massaging his erection with her incredible cunt muscles. From past experience I knew he wouldn't last long, from the sensations going through his cock as her cunt gripped and squeezed his prick. She started to slide up and down his pole faster and harder, panting as she slammed down and felt him cum inside, moments later cumming herself. My cock was rock hard and I was desperate to fuck her now that they had both had her, to sink my cock in to her spunk filled cunt. She sat with Dave's softening cock still in her pussy, a satisfied smile on her face. I lifted her off him turning her round and kissed, telling her what a horny sight it had been watching her fucking, seeing her cunt stretched and filled by another man's cock, hearing her cum and seeing their spunk running from her cunt. I led her upstairs and laid her on the bed. She spread her legs wide, another gush of spunk poured out as she held her arms out and whispered “Please fuck me now”. Getting between her legs I slide my prick in to her juicy spunk flooded cunt and we fucked, more sperm displaced as I thrust my cock in her cunt, ramming her hard, sliding in and out of her slick cunt until I too gave her another load of spunk.

In the morning the bed sheets were still damp with all the spunk that had leak from her used pussy. We could her Dave and Jon moving around downstairs, and were having a slow leisurely fuck with Tina on top when they opened the door to say they were off. Tina told them to stay and watch us fuck. She rode me harder, turned on being watched closely as my cock entered her pussy, jerking in her cunt as I shot my load. Tina hopped off and headed for the shower, stopping to kiss them both, giving their cocks a quick squeeze before telling them to keep their strength up because she wanted them to fuck her regularly in future. They have and they are not the only ones either.