Written by Lee

5 Aug 2016

I like reading these stories and I realise that even though they are suppose to be fact many are pure fantasy. Not that there is anything wrong with that. We all need to get our rocks off.

My wife and I are lucky enough to indulge in a very sexual relationship with others and so I thought I would write a few notes about how we make it happen.

It might actually help others in their quest to explore.

Time is the biggest cock-blocker of them all. Like most people, our days are filled with work, family, friends, community, and more work. I wouldn’t change a thing about our full and wonderful lives, but it can be challenging to indulge in our filthy little hobby. That is one of the reasons why my wife sometimes plays alone sometimes as it is easier than scheduling a date night with both of us and another guy.

I am not a cuckold. I am a red blooded guy who loves sex and my wife. Sure I will watch her with another guy. It’s the best porn movie there is as you know the main star. But I will not be humiliated, caged or denied regarding sex with her in any way.

I respect that she likes having sex with other men. She has always loved cock and she will take it much more than any one man can manage.

That aside, the other side of us is our swinging side, and that’s part of who we are.

We’re like any other couple. On a given Saturday evening we could be enjoying a dinner with another couple or just a bottle of wine. With some friends we do this and it leads to some fun with each other’s partners. Not every Saturday night but quite often. This works well with the children all tucked in bed asleep.

When we do set up dates with men we have found, it can be hard work.

Trust me date night logistics are no joke. Even after you find a trustworthy baby sitter to mind the kids. You need to coordinate the date, the time and place with the other guy or guys (yes we have met more than one). You have to get a hotel room, and pack a date bag (Very important). You need to make sure the bag is loaded in the car before the sitter arrives or you’ll have to explain why you’re taking luggage to dinner. We plan our dates well in advance because of all the necessary logistics. Even with that, if a guy stands us up on short notice we will lose that his number forever.

The date bag also contains a couple of Viagra pills. You had better believe that some guys have been known to fail when a red hot sexy woman wants and needs them to perform. One pill can turn that failure into a night to remember.

Many stories relate how their wife likes anal sex. It’s not always like that.

I will tell you that my wife fucking loves double penetration big time but she still really isn’t into anal on its own. We have done it and we needed too but my wife prefers vaginal sex.

But if there’s a cock in her pussy then she’ll gladly take another one in her arse. I have actually DP’d my wife many more times than I’ve simply arse fucked her.

She has never let a date take her arse when she has met one alone.

Trust me, my wife was a sceptic. We practiced prior to actually trying DP with another guy. She got used to me eating her pussy with something in her arse. Then sometimes I would be fucking her with a toy in her arse. We gradually (over the course of months, not minutes) worked up to dick-sized toys.

I always make sure to ask before sex if she’s open to some arse play so that we are on the same page. Surprise her with flowers, not anal. I accept that on some nights it’s just not going to happen.

It so important to take it slow and work up to it. Use plenty of oil or lube. If the mood is right and our new friend does it right, neither of us will have to ask? She’ll beg.