Written by Tuls

7 Apr 2018

I have to say its becoming a bit of a habit, that is, having sex with men other than my husband while on holiday. It all started in Cyprus when I fucked a hot waiter, first on my own and then in front of my husband. This episode of my new sexual adventures again happened when I was on holiday, this time in Tenerife,

My husband and I had arranged a 2 week break in January to try and catch sum winter sun, We arrange the flights via one of the budget airlines and found a nice apart hotel in a quiet resort close to Los Gigantes, with a top floor room with views out to sea.

The balcony was fairly large and had sun all day and we spent quite a lot of time relaxing watching the waves crashing against the rocks, as we were not over looked we could wander around naked without worrying about it and we often did.

The excitement began on the second night we were there. we were getting ready to go out to a restaurant and while my husband was finishing getting dressed I went out onto the balcony with a glass of wine, at that point it was dark but there was a large moon and a very clear sky so visibility was good. I lent on the balcony rail, looking down over the other balconies to the street below. There was not a lot of activity immediately visible,, but then to my right I caught sight of movement and what turned out to be naked flesh. Around about 10 metres below me a couple were having sex on their balcony, The woman was bent over a chair and the man was fucking her from behind, I could just hear the noise of flesh hitting flesh in time with his thrusts, The sight of his arse pumping in and out of her immediately started to arouse me and I guess the excitement and danger of seeing something I was not supposed to added to the eroticism. I quickly evaluated my options, I could step back and walk away, I could continue watching discreetly or I could go and tell my husband. I decided to keep watching.

I must have only been watching for a minute or so but I could feel my cunt getting wet. I had a short dress on and a thong and I could easily access my clit from the front without anyone being able to see and that is exactly what I did. I was very close to cumming when suddenly the man looked up and saw me looking at them, I got such a fright the excitement left me, however, all he did was wink at me and smile and preceded to what I assume was to shoot his load inside of the woman. I stepped away fro the rail and pictured the scene in my head, he was around about 30 years old, dark hair cut short around 6 foot I would think and good looking. At this point my husband came outside with his glass of wine, I did not mention the activity to him at that time in case he looked over and embarrassed me further.

A couple of days past without event, however 3 days later we were walking up the stairs to our room after being to the shop and a man and woman were coming down the bottom flight. As we passed I made eye contact with the man and he smiled and winked, it was the couple who had been having sex. I felt myself go red but smile back saying 'hi'. The sight of him winking as he was fucking the girl flashed back into my head and I felt aroused again so when we got to the room I made very direct advances to my husband and we had a quickie on the bed with me cumming very quickly on his cock in a missionary position. He was very pleasantly surprised and asked what had got into me and I answered ' just you'!

The following evening we were sitting on the roof terrace at the bar having a couple of drinks. I had a couple of glasses of wine and was slightly tipsy. Needing the toilet, I excused myself an went along the corridor towards the toilets, as I got to the area where the toilets were located, I bumped right into the man I had seen fucking coming out of the gents. He looked at me, smiled and said 'did you like my action?' with an embarrassed look I smiled back and said he looked average. He laughed and said 'I could give you a first hand taste if you fancy'. I said, I do not think my husband would be very happy, he replied that he would not need to know if we are quick, laughing again. Being a bit tipsy, my dutch courage was flying high and I think I shocked the life out of him when I said 'come on then, where are we doing it'? He said' how about in the disabled bathroom just there'. I said 'let me have a look', I went in and there was a shower, toiled, sink and changing table in the room. I said 'OK, lets do it but we will need to be quick and I need a wee first '. I could see the bulge in his pants as I went behind the screen to use the toilet. When I came out I rubbed my hand over his bulge, picturing his arse fucking the woman. He pulled me towards him with his hands on my buttocks and I could feel his strong arms and hard body under his clothes. We kissed and I loosened his belt and jeans. reaching in for his cock, it felt so thick and hard. He turned me around and bent me over the sink, pulled my thong down, lifted my dress up and shoved his hard cock straight into my pussy. I think he must have only thrust seven or eight times and I was cumming, my knees were shaking as he continued to pound into me. My cunt was so wet I could hear the squelching as he fucked me and it was only a couple of minutes in until he came, shooting his hot spunk on my arse.

I used toilet roll to quickly wipe myself as he pulled his jeans back up. I said 'you go out first and I will follow if the coast is clear'. He said 'well what do you think of my action now'? I said, 'tell you better next time'! He smiled a lovely smile and left. I followed out and went back to the Bar. My husband was on Facebook catching up on posts and simply said 'thought you had ran away with someone'! I smiled a warm smile and said I will tell you all about it later. He just looked at me and went back to Facebook.

It was a fantastic experience and one I have used to turn us both on several times since described as my Tenerife Fantasy.