9 Feb 2016

Please read my first post that was published Earlier today, about Maidenhead dogging to get the references.

Not living in Maidenhead anymore, i moved a few miles to somewhere near Bourne end, I had just bought dinner for me and the mrs, and was just going over to see her.

I was going down the dual carriageway on my way to Maidenhead (where she lives) and I overtake a pickup truck that had a very similar look and license plate to the pickup I had a wonderful encounter with on this very dual carriageway.

I pull in, I front of this pickup and approaching a turn off to a roundabout that is close to the car parks, I look to see if their indicator is on before turn off just to see if they are going the same way, or to the car parks rather.

They had their indicator on way before the exit. it's the way to the car park, they don't rush, they eventually follow me into the car park which is empty apart from me and now this pick up that followed me in, we both reverse up so we are side by side. I wait for a moment or 2, I go over to the window on the passengers side and low and behold, absolute bliss! They are both there, she has wonderful red and black Lacey outfit with black stockings and suspenders topped off with high heels, reclining with legs up and her partner is playing with her. Her tits are absolutely divine, and poking out over her garment. He lowers the window halfway and I let them know what a gorgeous sight this is. He lowers it all the way and i stroke her sexy legs, I have my member out and playing with it with my right hand, I can't help myself! Her partner gives her the okay to open the door, I step out of the way and see what they have in store, she leans out and grabs me by the cock, now harder than ever, she pulls me closer and then proceeds to put her luscious lips around it and suck it like nobody ever has before! Another car comes in and interrupts, her partner is more wary and she kept sucking, the intruding car parked on the other side of my car, so not next to us. She kept sucking my nice hard cock and I was absolutely loving it. Her partner was loving the sounds and was playing with his cock too. If only I had more time, my girlfriend was expecting me any minute and I had another woman's mouth around my cock.

Another car came in and she sat up in the pick up, we look around and mention wishing that we were alone. I let them know I have to be going anyway as I'm meant to be at my girlfriends, I bought her flowers that are on the footwell, I show them to this lovely couple and they have a little chuckle about the situation... What a situation to be in!

As I say goodbye and get in my car I realise I can give them my number, so I do, I write it down on a bit of paper in my car and let them know that when they are around, let me know and I'll be there.

They were very acceptant of this and I was surprised, I didn't expect to hear from them let alone continue texting (sexting!) and arrange a meeting elsewhere.

I go home and have dinner and give my partner her flowers, she loved them, dinner was great and all I could think about was that couple...

I will continue this tomorrow, the meeting in 'a different kind of vehicle' as she put it...