Written by Mr_gwhizz

8 Jul 2011

I was 34 when it happened. I had come out of a messy divorce (my fault) and was essentially on my own. A mate who I had gone to college with contacted me out of the blue; he was marrying the 18-year old daughter of his next-door neighbor. Yep you are right it didn’t last, but that is another story. The wedding was taking place in Northampton and although I wasn’t too excited about going to a wedding on my own I thought hey you never know there could be some available, and desperate, bridesmaids so why not.

I booked in to stay in the same hotel as the reception, got my suit dry-cleaned and saddo that I was even bought a box of condoms. Armed with images of young ripe bridesmaids desperate to jump on my cock, I headed for Northampton, dead center of England.... with the emphasis on dead….or, as it turned out, maybe not.

The wedding was the usual boring he says she says, the bridesmaids were all ugly (not usually an issue) but also all sub 16 years old (definitely an issue) and feeling dejected I headed for the reception hotel for the meal and speeches. The table I was on had a good mix of people and as it turned out was the making of that day and why I will always remember Paul’s wedding.

I was sat next to a lovely lady who had been best friends with the brides mum at school and she was with her husband Frank, something big in scrap metal apparently, who sat opposite me. The lovely lady’s name as Angela and she was probably in her mid 50’s very attractive and well maintained. In short she was everyman’s Joanna Lumley fantasy. She must have been a stunner in her younger years and after introductions over the main course we got into her past and it turned out she once modeled underwear for a living and did a lot of work for the Littlewoods catalogues my mum used to get when I was a boy. These were every boys early wank material, I would sneak into my bedroom and flick thru the pages of women in bras, stockings and corsets and. …well, you know…happy days.

Angela had long blonde hair, very slim figure, long legs, lovely tits and the most gorgeous sexy blue come to bed eyes. She had a wicked filthy sense of humor and was an outrageous flirt as every time she spoke to me she would lean in towards me giving me the loveliest view down the front of her dress. As the dinner wore on I became convinced she was doing this on purpose, giving me an eyeful after eyeful of her cleavage and her left breast gently jiggling in its black lace cup,.Was I hard? Was I turned on?…..oh yes.

As the cheap red wine flowed and we all got rather pissed Angela’s flirting became more obvious as she squeezed my arm, or thigh, as we chatted. I kept glancing nervously at Frank, but he was just laughing and saying things like “Angela you are terrible” when for the second time she asked me if I liked oral sex or had I been with many girls, or any boys…I felt like I was 16 again blushing furiously but this was my older woman fantasy alive and kicking and sitting right next to me, I wanted her.

As it turned out Angela and Frank were also booked into the hotel, they lived in Devon and had come up just for the weekend. As the afternoon wore into the evening and the drunker we all got the more risqué the conversation became, if that was possible, Angela and Frank began talking about the swinging parties they had been to back in the 70’s with cocaine and wild orgies which I thought was a modern thing, wow these guys had lived. Every now and then Angela would let her hand drop and trace its way up my thigh and squeeze my cock under the table while holding a completely innocuous conversation with Frank before turning to me winking and saying so Graham what do you think about that? I was speechless and in danger of cuming in my pants there and then. I needed to fuck this woman and I was convinced she wanted me .

As I sat there making up scenarios in my head where I could get her on my own the reception drew to a close, I didn’t realize the time it was gone 11:30. Frank suggested we go back to their room and hit the mini bar. It seemed like a good idea and on reflection it was a great idea and one that certainly took my life in a new direction, I just didn’t want this evening to end, not until I fucked his wife at any rate, so with images in my head of Frank in a drunken stupor while Angela and I fucked like rabbits we headed towards the lift.

Their room was much bigger than mine, and while Frank and I investigated the contents of the mini bar, Angela excused herself and headed into the bathroom. Armed with a Jack Daniels and a ‘cube’ each we perched on the bottom of the bed just as Angela came back, now minus her dress wearing an ill-fitting hotel bathrobe. She made us shift apart so she could sit between us, and as she lent forward to get her drink the front of the robe fell forward and I could see she was naked underneath. Game on ! Frank found the remote and switched on the pay per view, “We got any porn on this” Angela asked…and I will always remember what he found…channel 996 “Hot night Nurses on the job”. I started to get embarrassed as the action got going on screen, but Angela and Frank didn’t seem to notice and Angela kept squealing and laughing at the corny on screen dialogue bouncing on the bed as she did so. Before long two nurses we going at it with a Doctor and an anal thermometer and as I glanced down I could see Angela was slowly rubbing Franks obviously bulging crotch. As she noticed me watching she started doing the same to me with her other hand and whispered in my ear that she didn’t want me to feel left out. I glanced sheepishly at Frank but he just looked down and smiled at me then leaned over and began gently kissing Angela on the side of her neck and as he did so moved his hand up to the front of her dressing gown and pulled it open reveling her very lovely and surprisingly firm breasts before squeezing and rolling her right nipple between his fingers causing Angela to gasp as he did so. She had a sensational body and as I sat watching them kiss and caress god I wanted her so much. Angela Looked up at me and asked me if I liked her body, I just nodded and taking my hand and placed it on her other breast and squeezed. I needed no second invitation. Bending down I took her erect nipple in my mouth sucking and gently biting it while my hands squeezed her lovely firm tits. Slowly she began to lay back on the bed taking Frank and me with her as she went. I was still embarrassed and unsure what I should do, but Angela took care of that for me, she began to unbutton my belt, before tugging at the zipper, sliding her hand inside and squeezing my hard cock. I thought I was going to cum there and then. As she pulled my cock free she bent forward taking me in her mouth. I looked up and Frank was watching her as she slowly took my shaft deep into her mouth before pulling back and wrapping her eager tongue round the head. It was at this point something unexpected happened. Frank leaned forward and grasped the shaft of my cock and began slowly wanking me into Angela’s mouth, at first I though wowah not sure about this, but then there was a thrill inside me, a shockwave that made me even harder. Not really wanting to see but feel I lay back on the bed enjoying the sensuous mouth and hand job. Suddenly things got really amazing, god she was the best, this was the most fantastic blowjob ever. When I raised my head to see what exactly Angela was doing I was slightly shocked to see they had changed positions, Franks mouth was around my cock and Angela’s hand was slowly pumping up and down. She looked at me and winked before raising her eyebrows In a you like? Gesture. Like? It was amazing, god what was he doing? In that instant I came, pumping hot fluid into his mouth my body jerking in a powerful orgasm. This was unreal; I had been sucked off by a guy! As I lay there my head spinning feeling a mixture of feelings now the sexual energy was dissipating. Angela seemed to sense my panic and started kissing me on the mouth her tongue deep into my mouth and as she did so she moved my hand up between her legs until I felt the wetness of her pussy. My weird feeling was replaced by desire once more as my fingers found her erect clitoris and teased it before my fingers slipped inside her. And as I began to thrust harder and harder with my fingers into her wet pussy she suddenly stopped me and guided my hand down to Frank’s hard cock. Gripping it gently I began to pump up and down wanking him. Before that day I had never seen another mans erect cock let alone touched it, and was I am not by any means gay, but in this drunken sexual high it all seemed “right”. I wanted to taste that cock, I knew I wanted it in my mouth. So I pushed Angela gently away and began sucking Frank. It tasted like my own cock, well the juices I had tasted and to feel the hard shaft in my hand and the head on my tongue was electric. As I quickened my strokes I felt him suddenly stiffen and I knew what was coming next…literally, but I bottled having him cum in my mouth, the hot spunk hit my face and hands with that salty chlorine like smell of spunk. I Jumped up and ran to the bathroom to wash it off, when I came back into the room Angela just lay back on the bed and laughed

It was at this point we all began to laugh and I guess that was nervous energy. Retreating to the sides of the bed we refreshed our drinks and were a bit unsure of each other. Angela naturally broke the tension. “Well” she said “you boys have had fun what about me?” At which point she discarded a her robe completely and lay back on the bed. God she was stunning. After removing our remaining clothes Frank and I lay either side of her and we both began gently squeezing and caressing her lovely breasts, sucking and teasing the perky pink nipples. We took it in turns to play with her very wet pussy sometimes both slipping our fingers inside as she writhed and moaned. All the while she slowly wanked our cocks back to hardness as she got more and more tuned on. Frank broke away and came back with a tube of K-Y Jelly. You’ll need this he said with a smile and laying on his back on the bed Angela climbed on him and guided her husbands cock into her very wet and willing pussy. As they began to slowly fuck she looked across at me and the tube of K-Y in my hand, and what she said I will never ever forget and it was possibly the sexiest thing a woman has ever said to me. Fuck my ass and make me cum she whispered. Instructing me to squirt half the tube of lube in her ass and a good handful over my cock I did so and moved behind her. As she continued to ride Franks cock she talked me thru pushing first one finger in and gently opening up her anus before inserting two fingers. I could feel Franks cock thru the wall of her rectum and he seemed to be enjoying that sensation a lot. Now she was ‘open’ I began to slowly push my cock in, first the head and then all the way in. Suffice to say Angela’s how to fuck an ass lessons have served me more than once over the past 20 odd years, done right most women love it done wrong and it is the most painful thing ever, so I am told.

So there I was fucking my first Ass and what a sexy piece of ass it was. I didn’t last long in there, but it was long enough to bring Angela to one of the noisiest orgasms I have ever heard. God knows what the people in the next room thought. We were all spent, and collapsed in a heap of tangled bodies on the bed. At this point it all got kind of embarrassing, as it can one the sexual energy of the moment has gone. Pulling on my clothes I excused myself thanked them both for an amazing evening and went to my room, where in the dark I tossed of again thinking about what had happened before falling asleep.

When I eventually awoke with a thumping head the next day and apprehensively went down for a late breakfast, but Angela and Frank were not there and I felt a mixture of relief and disappointment. . I went past their room on my way back to mine, the door was open and it was being cleaned so they must have checked out. I never saw Frank and Angela again, and if I had of I am not sure we could ever re-create that night a second time. They introduced me to the wonderful delights of MMF and anal, something I have continued to seek out and enjoy. In that scenario there is no bi or gay, there is only sex and what turns those three people on. Nothing has ever matched that first time and for that reason Frank and Angela will always be very special in my life and remembered with a smile.