Written by navalon

17 Sep 2015

I want to take a second , and add a physical detail, a mental picture if you will,about the look of my wife jenny, and I finally found someone to compare her too. I was on Netflix the other nite and started watching a show called Grounded for life, the the mom of the show megyn price is the actress name, Jenny looks a lot like her, only with blonde hair, a little chubbier, and bigger tits. Now back to the story.

I got a call from Beth ( Bob's wife from story part 2) she ask if i could stop by her house this weekend. Bob and the girls were going to be out of town, and she had to talk with me about something really important, and ask me not to tell jenny or bob. I said " sure Ill be over around noon". Saturday I told jenny I had to go into work for a couple hours. She kissed me good bye and I headed over to Beth's. Let me tell you a little about Beth . Beth had gained a lot of weight with the birth of there daughter 3 years ago, she started working out like crazy, and now is very good looking, she used to have huge tits , but lost some size with the weight lose, their still around a c cup. I knocked on the door Beth answered" come on in". beth was dressed in a t shirt and shorts. "Want a beer" she ask . " sure do" and she grabbed a couple and told me to have a seat in the living room.she thanked me for coming over, and she really didn't want to tell me what she had to tell me.

Beth said " I really don't know how to tell you this, so here goes. the other nite Bob and his friend jay were drinking on the deck, I had gone to bed earlier, but got up to get a drink of water, the kitchen window was open,and I heard bob and jay talking. Then I , iam so sorry paul, they were talking about jenny. they were talking about how they had sex with her". I put my head in my heads like I was upset. " no this can't be true, Not jenny" I said, I think a could have won the academy award for my acting. " I know Paul I was crushed too, that son of a bitch husband of mine, I cant believe it either". I said " what do you think we should do". " Funny you should ask that Paul , because I was thinking long and hard about it, and instead of getting all pissed off and angry, I decided to just get even" " what do you mean get even" I asked " Paul I think we should fuck, they shouldn't get to have all the fun"." I said " that sounds like a great plan" with that Beth got up slammed her beer and grabbed my hand and head down the hall the the bed room were bob and jenny had fucked each other silly!

As we got in the room, she kissed me very light and as I meet her kiss, she got more aggressive with her kissing, as a slide my hand up her shirt and over her bra and squeezed her tit, she started to a little moan, she had put her hand down my pants and was jerking me off. I pushed on the bed and quickly got rid of her bra, her tits looked great a lot smaller then jenny , but great never the less. I started sucking on her tits and drop a hand to her dripping wet pussy, I finger fucked her for a couple minutes, until I felt her cum all over my hand. she was on fire. She said" I want to suck your cock, as I removed my pants. she said" It's funny I dont even suck Bob off anymore, but can't wait for you to put your cock in my mouth, I playfully slapped her face with my cock, and put it in her waiting mouth, she licked it really good and then started sucking, I grabbed her head and helped her go up and down, pretty much fucked her mouth. It was the first blow job form someone else other then jenny in almost 21 years. I pulled out and said " Its now time for fucking", she spread her legs good and wide open for me, " come fuck this pussy for me". a slide my cock in the burning hot pussy, I couldn't believe how tight she was, even after having a couple kids, It was super tight, as a thrust ed my cock in and out, she was scream and moaning, telling me how great if felt to have another dick in her besides her husband, i turned her over and she got on all fours, she told me " it had been years since bob fucked her from behind". I Jump right on it and started fucking , and even used Jimmy's move of pulling beths hair as I fucked her. She loved it, as again she cum all over my cock. I told her I was getting close to cumming, she said" Not yet I want to ride your cock for a minute. she got on top and rode me hard, she was scream and yelling, oh fuck, oh fuck yeah she had me squeeze her tits a lot and suck her nipples. I said " Its cumming quick and she got on her back and spreader her legs again" I want you to blow your load inside of me, i want to feel the sex". As the words came out of her mouth the cum came out of my cock and I filled her pussy up, . It felt so good to fuck another pussy, but a tight one like this was awesome!!!

she grabbed my face and gave me a huge kiss with a lot of tongue, and said " I think we even the score up", But I think maybe we should one up them, next time bob goes out of town", I said" that sounds like a plan, and I sucked her tits and gave them a last squeeze. I got dressed and head home. i felt great to be on the fucking side instead of watching some else have all the fun....Its paul time too, maybe its time to try our luck at swinging!!!! who knows what the next story will be!!!!!!!! let me know I you guys like these stories, should I keep telling this stories or have you guys gotten tired of them, leave me a message on how you feel!!!!