Written by navolan

4 Sep 2015

Has we were driving back home from our float trip. I asked my wife to tell the first time she cheated, and turned into the slut wife. she said "it started on a Friday", jimmy came into the classroom for his tutor class, I told him " I had something to do right after school". But i told him "if he wanted to come over to the house he could' , because my husband and kids are out of town this weekend and the house will be quiet. jimmy said " sure sound great".

about 5 o'clock jimmy stopped by. we did some studying and after about 2 hours i told him" since you did such a great job, ill buy us some pizza". so we had a nice talk about school and what he wanted to be, and college he was going to go to. the pizza got there I open a beer and asked him what he wanted for dinner, he said" I want what your having" I said" no FOR one your under age, and second your not driving after your drinking. so with that and a confident smile, he take the cell phone out of his shorts and made a call. I heard him say" hey mom iam spending the nite, at billy's tonite, see ya later". and with that he walked over to the refrigerator and got 2 beers out gave one to me and opened the other and started drinking. we both started drink pretty good, jimmy said " I got something in my car you will like". He brought in a bottle of jack Daniels whiskey, take a big drink and handed me the bottle i take a big drink , and this nite was on.

after about a half hour, both of us where feeling no pain. i said jimmy " what do you want to do tonite". He talk up behind me and put his hands on my waist and slowly moved they up under my shirt, til i felt his hands cup each tit. he said as he whispered in my hear " i thought we could just fuck all nite in your bed". I couldn't believe it Paul, this student of mine was squeezing my tits and want to take your wife and mother of your kids to our bed and fuck me, i put her hand on my super hard cock and told her I wanted to hear every time that happened that nite.

she told me he pulled her shirt off, and she was standing in her bra and shorts. jimmy looked her over and said" I have been waiting for so long to see these tits and he pull her bra off and her tits fell out, they hadn't stopped felling before jimmy had his hands feeling her naked tits and sucking on them. he said " these are big and better then I ever dreamed of. I was thinking I had made a mistake , I wanted to tell jimmy to leave, but he was so good at sucking, and I loved him telling me how much we wanted me and to fuck me, I wanted to be treated like a slut , not a wife or mother. he told me to get on my knees and I did, He pulled his pants down and the biggest fucking cock fell out that i ever seen. I couldn't help myself I started sucking his dick as hard and fast as i could, and i couldn't get half of his monster cock in my mouth. I was telling him how much I wanted him to fuck me with it, and with that we went up to the bedroom, where he he told me to get on the bed. We kidda laughed and said " you fucking married housewives are so easy to fuck and your always so fucking horny it's unreal. he started to tease me with this huge cock. he would start to put it in me and then pull back, he kept asking we " how much do you want this cock" I was scream and begging for him to fuck me with it. Do you believe this Paul your wife and mother to your kids begging this 19 year old student to fuck me in our bed, were we sleep and where you are suppose to be the only one i fuck here.i was close to cumming so i told my wife to finish this story. she said a couple minutes later he smiled a cocky grin and grabbed a tit and started sucking, he then moved to my dripping wet pussy as i felt his tongue licking I had what would be the first of hundreds of organisms i would have. he then grabbed his huge cock and stuck in my red hot pussy and he started fucking me good, I was screaming for him to fuck me harder and faster, he then turned me over and start fucking me from behind, and that's when he first pulled my hair back and slapped my ass. it set me off like a rocket. I couldn't fuck him long or hard enough. we fucked all nite and then all day Saturday.

we fucked all over the house too, in the kitchen on the pool table. he came in my mouth , and on my tits , and on my ass and inside my pussy too many to count. he would be hard in minutes, the only time we left the house was to go pick up food, and we had to pull into a park and I sucked his dick, and let him tit fuck me and we fucked in our mini van, the van we ride to things as a family with the kids in., but this day, your slut wife was fucking her big cocked teenage student in.on sunday the day you came home we fucked two more times in our bed, one he tit fucked me and cumed all over my tits, then you call and told me you where about 30 minutes from home, jimmy started to leave but i couldn't stop myself i was a cock slut to this teenager, I told him he need one last dick suck before he left, I started sucking his cock, and he pulled me over to the couch and bent me over and a said" oh no am fucking you, one more time and sucking those huge awesome tits of yours. he blew his load in my mouth. he left about 5 minutes before you got home. he was the best cock and fucks the best of anyone i ever fucked. After my wife finished the story we pulled into the first rest area we saw, i pulled my cock out and she sucked it and we moved to the back of the mini van where she said she fucked jimmy and i fucked my wife really good and came in her mouth like a good slut wife should take it.... i love my slut wife and i have more stories of her and making my fantasy cum to life