Written by navolan

15 Sep 2015

since jenny is a sub teacher we decide to go to Florida over her schools spring break just jenny and me. we dropped the pissed off kids, who all thought it was crap that we were leaving them at grandpa's and going to Florida without them, for 5 days. we dropped them off and headed for the airport, 3 hours later, we where in Daytona beach. it was awesome.

the first 4 days we just just hung out at the ocean, partied at the beach club and ate awesome seafood. our last day there we enjoyed the beach and about 4 o clock we head to the beach club bar. It was pretty crazy all the senior college types running around drunk and having fun. some guys hit on jenny, I heard comments as has we passed a group of guys like" did you see those tits, man i'd like the fuck that milf" stuff like that, I would tell jenny what I heard she would just smile.

around 7 as we were at the bar, we heard a guy say" mrs mathis is that you". " why steve its great to see yeah' jenny said. Jenny introduced me to this guys, he was a student of her's last year, his name was steve. jenny and him started talking about school and stuff. we ordered some more drinks, as we were drinking we were trying to figure out what to do the rest of the nite. Jenny said " i don't feel like going out, why don't you come up to our room and we 'll get some beer and party on our balcony". Steve said " that's cool iam waiting for a friend to get here" as his phone rang " thats him now, ill get him settled in our room and i will be down later maybe ". "ok then, we are going right after we finish this drinks" said jenny. with that then finish up a bought 2 cases of bud lite to take back to the room.

About an hour after we got back their was a knock at the door. steve walked in and said " i hope you don't mind i brought a friend he know mrs mathis really good" he said with a laugh. In walk our old friend jimmy. jenny jump out of the chair and run to jimmy. she hugged him and have him a deep kiss. " I've missed you jimmy its been what 7 months since the last time i saw you". " yeah I've missed you to, and i've missed those". jimmy grab the top of jenny's swimming suit and pulled the top down , so her tits flopped out. jimmy started squeezing jenny's tits and licking her nipples" oh oh i missed this fucking fat tities". jenny ran her fingers through his hair. jenny reach down under his shorts and pulled his huge cock out. " fuck i missed this fucking huge cock of yours, its still the biggest fucking cock i've ever seen your still the best fuck of my life ." will why don't you get a better look as he shoved her head toward his cock and her mouth was already open for it as she licked from the base to the tip, she then started bob"n up and down on it. after a few minutes he said" i just want to fuck you' said jimmy and jenny got on the bed and stuck her ass in the air" I want you to fuck me from behind, Jimmy" said jenny. Steve started to take his pants off, but jimmy stoped him" this slut is all mine right now, you can fuck her later". Jimmy started fucking jenny really slow., he looked at me and had a smile on his face" hey jenny does your husband know about us" jenny said " yes we saw us fucking at the house" jimmy kinda laughed still looking right at me." which time their was so many", as he slapped her ass. " did you tell your husband how you came on to me, did you tell him how you heard all the girls at school talking about how big my cock is, did you tell your husband, how you sucked my cock in your classroom at school,and how you beged me to fuck you everyday, and how you would pull me out of class and take me to the trainers room and fuck me on the table, did you tell him how if you didn't get called to teach, you would call me and we would spend the day fucking at your house in your bed. did you tell him how you would call me when you take your son to soccer practice and i would meet you there, and we would fuck in the van, and you would suck me off as we waiting for the practice to get over, oh and my favorite, did you tell him how, you faked being sick, for that out of state soccer tournament he take all the kids to, and you stayed home and me and 2 of my buddies came over and fucked you all weekend, we all fucked you so many times i lost count, we jizzed on every part of your body, you loved it, hell bill told me he still comes by your house and fucks her, he says you love it when he fucks your ass' Jimmy again slapped her ass and started fuck her hard and still looking right at me and still smiling. I was pissed and hurt and turned on as fuck too. Jenny said" iam sorry PAUL I'VE TURNED INTO A SLUT WIFE, I LOVE GUYS FUCKING ME AND SUCKING MY BIG TITS, I LOVE SUCKING COCK, I THOUGHT YOU WANTED ME THIS WAY". as she started screaming for jimmy to fuck her harder. jimmy grabbed her hair and fucked her with all he had, he quickly pulled out and put his huge cock in her mouth as she sucked and swallowed his cum. jimmy told Steve' the sluts all yours. " I cant believe iam going to fuck mrs mathis and final get to suck those huge tits". Steve started sucking and licking her tits,steve put his cock in her mouth as she give him head for a little bit, Steve kept saying" I cant believe mrs mathis is sucking my cock", steve told her to stop as he licked and sucked on her tities some more, Then Steve

started fucking her missionary position, it didn't take him long to pull out and shoot his load on her tits as he tit fucked her.

Jimmy got hard quickly and he said " lets fuck one more time" jenny quickly got on his cock and started riding it, jimmy was cupping her tits in his hands and sucking them. Jimmy looked over at me and smiled again, i've never fucked anyone this good ever, you sure are lucky Paul, but so Iam I, cause am fucking her now", as he slapped her ass agin and laughed jenny told him she was cumming all over his young huge cock, jmmy started cumming too and they cam together as they both were screaming. both boys got dressed and left.

after they left jenny told me she was sorry, she didn't tell me about the others, I cut her off mid sentece, grabbed her hair and pulled my pants down she started sucking my cock as hard as she as ever did, I fuck her mouth with my cock i cam a few seconds later she shallowed every drop donw. we fuck all nite, crazy sex she was screaming and moaning, I know we kept up the neighbors, but it was well worth it. I love my cheating slut whore wife i hope she never changes, but little did i know our life was ahout to change for the better......... more to cum