Written by navalon

25 Aug 2015

a couple weeks after I saw my wife fuck the young guy (jay) from our party, we ran into our neighbor bob who brought jay to the party, we were getting some things to grill at the store.Bob said why don't you guys get a sitter and come over and hang out with Beth and me tonite. so we went home and called a babysitter to watch our kids ages 4, 8, 11. I didn't describe us in the last story. jenny and I have been married for 15yrs. she's 45 and Iam 46. jenny is very cute, with blonde hair, blue eyes and big dd tits and a nice plump ass she isn't fat but is thick.am avg build with a avg cock. back to the story, we left about 8 and got to bob's and beths house. we knocked on the door, bob answers and says sorry guys beth got called into work, so it's just me tonite. I saw the disappointment on jenny's face, she likes beths alot ,they talk about the kids and stuff Bobs a great guy we have know him for about 5 years, hes about 27 , bob and beth have 2 kids who were at his brothers for the week. beth is a nurse and is in call so she got called away. they live a couple blocks away their daughter and our son were in the same class at school is how we meet. so we started drinking beers and talking, we were watching the baseball game and drink some more. I found some vodka and started doing shot. i started to get really drunk. it was about 10 and his phone, bob said beth wasnt going to be coming home tonite she had to work overnite.i was starting to get really drunk and tired like i always do when i drink and kindda fell asleep for about a half hour, i could hear, jenny laugh and talk with bob. i wake up alittle to hear bob talk about the vacation pix he had on his computer from their trip. I looked over at jenny, she didnt see i was awake she was drunk, their was about 7 or 8 beer cans on the table from her, and bob was half way through the bottle of vodka. jenny said she would love to see the pictures. bob said the pictures were on his home computer in his bedroom. so i saw bob and jenny walk down the hall to his bedroom. after about 10 minutes a slowly walk down the hall and the door was open and i looked in. jenny was sitting on the chair in front of the computer and bob was sitting on the bed telling her about the pix. they started talking, and bob asked her what she thought of jay from our party at our house, she said, he's cool why, bob looked at her and said well he loved fucking the shit out of you and that you have him to best blowjob he ever got, and said your tits are fucking awesome. my wife wife said he told you. yep, said bob and he also told me he's fucked you 3 more time since then, I was shocked to hear she was fucking him again, but I was turned on and pissed all at the same time. my wife said i've been bad, but dont tell paul i love him, its that jay fucks so good. bob thought for a minute well if you show me your tits maybe we can make a deal.I was so mad but like that nite was so turned on, my wife was going to show bob her tits. my wife looked at bob and pulled her shirt off and pulled her bra over her big tits, her tits spilled out for bob to see!!! bob told her to come closer he couldnt see that far. so my wife walk right up to the bed where he was sitting. and put her tits right in his face, hows that, she said is the close enough.he started sucking and squeezing her tits. she started moaning and said suck these tits. she then started talking dirty something she never did with me.. she said do you want me to be your slut tonite. he said yes and you already are and he grabbed her hair and pulled her to his cock and said suck that cock bitch, she pulled his pants down and started deep throating him I didnt see his dick at all it was all in her mouth so fast. she was sucking and and grabbing his ass. he told her to stop and get on the bed. he started licking her pussy and grabbing her tits. he then got on top and started tit fucking her. she was begging him to fuck her but it was hard to hear her as his dick was in her mouth and she was moaning because he was fingering her in her wet dripping pussy. he stopped and started laughing saying if i knew you where like this i would have fucked your big tited ass a long time ago. then he started fucking her she was scream fuck me, oh yes , harder and harder he pounded her the whole bed was shaking, he told her he wanted to fuck her from behind. she put her ass in the air and he started again. her head was hitting the head board and she was scream for him to fuck her harder. i had my cock out and was beating off. he told her to get on top and it was her fucking turn to do some work. she got on top and was fucking and bucking llike a never seen before. she was in total fucking slut mode. she got tired and he started fucking her again. she told him that she couldn't get pregnant , but she wanted him to cum on her tits. he told her that a slut like her, he was blowing it in her.. he started cumming right then, my wife said that was the biggest load she ever felt. i quickly zipped up and went back to the living room, about 10 minutes later they walked in and sat down really fast. my wife kissed me on the forehead and said wake up sleepily head and I stretched like I had a great sleep. what did you guys do all nite I asked. they both just said sat here and watched tv. we left and went home and i just went to sleep think of the last couple weeks my wife turned into a slut a i loved her not knowing i know what a slut wife she is...maybe i will tell her but theirs still a couple more stories for you guys and for her!!!!!!