Written by jbim04

12 Feb 2007

Last summer I was travelling quite a lot in the south of England. I stopped one day just off the A** **** Road. There was one of those long lay-bys made by a disused part of the road. Alongside it was quite a large piece of woodland, obviously used by everyone stopping at the lay-by as toilets but also as a male meeting place.

I parked right down one end - must have been ten cars and vans there. I went across the ditch and into the woodland and could see some men off to the left. I stood and wanked a bit, but no one came near or showed interest so I wandered deeper into the wood. It was clear no one else came this far in, so I decided to have a quiet crap and then moved back to the area not far from the road. I started wanking again and a couple of guys walked near to have a look but then moved away again - I guess I was too old for them. I wandered nearer another group of men but they were breaking up as I got there. I gave up and went back to the car for some food.

After lunch, I went back into the wood for a pee and again could see several men wandering about. I stood where I could be seen and peed - a guy who was moderately near stood watching so I gave a few strokes of a wank and got a good hard on. He rubbed the front of his jeans and came nearer - bloke in his 50s. He smiled and spoke pleasantly – something often missing from these encounters. He reached out and held my cock and then got down and started sucking it. After a while he stood up and I assumed he wanted me to return the favour but he dropped his pants, turned round and bent over a fallen tree trunk and asked me to fuck him.

I was so turned on by now that I actually managed to stay hard while putting a condom on (great jynx with me) and then started rubbing my rubber-cased cock up and down his bum crack. When I touched his puckered hole, it opened for me – I suspect he had had a butt plug up it recently. I pressed forward and slid into him completely – as I reached the end he squeezed his muscles on me. Gently at first I moved in and out – he was making contented noises – and then I began to thrust a bit more strongly. I reached underneath him and began to wank his cock in time with my thrusting and he very quickly came all over my hand. I really enjoyed fucking him, something I have only done a couple of times before with men. I still didn't come myself - I find one of the effects of the Kamagra I take is to lengthen the time I can hold off cumming - so I had to finish myself off later.

How did the old song go: “If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise!”