Written by Newnwcouple

24 Oct 2011

I thought that dogging was on the decline and that any chance of a meeting (especially in this weather) was out of the question.

I work in Sales and am single now, so I spend a lot of time in my car and the odd lunch time burger van is not out of the question. It was only last week when I was driving from Bristol to Cheltenham that I thought I would take the A420 up past Bath as I had some time to spare, so the Motorway was out of the question. Passing Tog hill on the way I thought I would grab a coffee along with my pasta salad and sit and enjoy the view. I know that there are a lot of single males always buzzing around, but decided that if I stayed out of the way I could eat in peace.

In the car park for about 10 minutes and just finishing off the coffee I ordered I noticed a black SUV car drive to the parking bay near the entrance. Renowned for gay/bi single men I assumed it was just another run of the mill punter until I got a glimpse of some long blonde hair in the passenger seat. No sooner had I seen this I got a twitch and drove down and parked near by. As I passed I noticed that the passenger seat was empty and gazed through the car to a van parked on the other side. There was a head of blonde hair bobbing up and down. Eager to see more I ventured out and walked around the other side, not getting too close in case I scared anyone off. With this I saw a pert ass stretched across the passenger seat and a fit girl (late 20s) sucking off the driver. She was going for it and he looked like he was going to explode. He caught my eye and I gave him a nod............... with this he signalled not to get closer as it was private show, so I backed off and walked back to my car.

A couple of minutes later the blonde lifted her head, smiled at the van driver, got out and walked back to her car and got in the passenger side. She was gorgeous, wearing a tight fitting but revealing school girl outfit that she had worn for the occasion. With this she and her chapperone sat there, then she opened her mouth to reveal a wad of cum from the van driver, then kissed her partner and swapped the load into his mouth to swallow. WOW, it looked dead horny. Needless to say I was solid by then and wanting some of the action. A few seconds went by and the van driver pulled away with a cheeky grin.

As this was a private meet I stayed in my car and waited for them to drive off. Then up pulled another car. No sooner had he pulled up and the door opened, out got the blonde and walked towards it. She got in and her head dissappeared again. At this point I knew she was preying on every car that pulled up. So I reversed slowly, drove round the car park once and parked up a little closer. A few minutes later she re-appeared, walked back to her partner and kissed him again. "My turn, My turn" I was thinking.

I looked over, caught her eye and then sat in anticipation. It felt like ages, but could have only been a few minutes when she reached for the door handle and opened it, walked seductively around her car and over to my door. In she got and said hi. Nothing else was said and I dropped my trousers around my ankles to reveal my 8 inch girth. She muttered that the plan was for me to cum in her mouth and she would take it back to him. Great I thought as she lowered her head down on my cock. The heat of her mouth and the saliva had me holding the seat with joy, she deep throated me and sucked like there was no tomorrow, making a slight gagging noise as she took 2/3's of it down her throat.

With this I asked if I could touch to which she muttered yes, so I reaced round, pulled her moist thong to one side and forced a finger inside her. Wow it was horny, she was an expert at sucking and I was close to coming.........

With that I shuddered and shot my load deep in to her mouth. She lapped up every last drop and looked as though she loved it. She shifted up, corrected her self, got out and walked back to her car, leaned over and kissed her fella smack on the lips, swapping my cum with him to swallow. My heart was beating at the thought of being caught in pure daylight amongst many unsuspecting passers by.

I re-adjusted myself, made myself look presentable and back out of the space. I drove and parked up a little out of the way. I sat there another half hour before I decided to go on up to Cheltenham. In this time she must have got in and out of at least 10 other cars. It was soooooo horny.

I will deffo be heading up there again on my lunch breaks if I am in the area. Cant wait till next time....... :-)