Written by Yorks boy.

5 Jun 2018

It was close to midnight when I drove to the dogging area just off the M4 close to Bath a few weeks ago. It had been almost two years since I last visited there. but because I had a few weeks work close by I jumped at the chance to return to the scene of several notable sexual encounters that I had there. I turned into the road that led to the rest area carpark and found that the road was now blocked by a large set of solid metal gates. I turned around and drove the few miles to the picnic area at Togg, another place that I often visited.

As usual there were about ten cars parked around the margins of the gravel carpark. I reversed my car into a vacant space and turned of the headlights. I must have sat there for about thirty minutes until I saw four or five men leaving their cars and walking towards a car parked close to the picnic tables. I locked my car and followed them.

There was a couple in the car and they were laughing and joking with the men standing around their car. The driver got out carrying a blanket and when the woman joined him they walked onto the grass behind the tall hedge. I joined the other men that followed them. That night there was a very bright moon so we were all able to have a good look at them. The couple were quite young, I would guess that they were in their late twenties. She was short and slim with long dark hair and was wearing a dark sweater and a short skirt. They stopped and started kissing but soon we saw that he had his hand up her skirt. As he was fingering her she unzipped his trousers and pulled his dick out, he laid the blanket on the grass and she got on her knees and took his dick into her mouth. They certainly did not seem to mind that they were surrounded by half a dozen men with their dicks out wanking watching them.

The girl was giving her boyfriend a very sloppy, wet blowjob and when she started wanking him at the same time he cried out that he was about to spunk into her mouth. She kept his cock in her mouth until he had finished. Then he moved way from her and said that it was our turn with her. One guy quickly stood in front of her and slipped his cock into her open mouth. While she was sucking him she reached out and took the nearest cock in each of her hands and began to wank each one. It was not long before she sucked the spunk out of the cock in her mouth and when the man pulled away from her I heard him say "Fuck that was good" as he headed back to his car. A few more men had arrived as news of the couple got around the carpark.

Before the next man could step forward her boyfriend said that if we had condoms we could fuck her, I cursed because I had left a packet in my car. Several other men showed that they had condoms with them and one young man had already rolled one onto his erection. The girl stood up and pulled her sweater over her head then unclipped her bra and handed both of them to her boyfriend. She had really nice firm tits with large nipples. She then unzipped her skirt and took it off, revealing that she did not have any panties on, she had a bush of dark hair between her legs.

She lay on her back on the blanket and opened her legs as the man dropped his trousers and moved between her thighs, she took his cock in her hand and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. He pushed her cock deep into her then began to thrust violently into her, she asked him to slow down and not be so rough but after a few seconds he groaned and stood up with the full condom hanging from his cock, he tossed the used condom into the bushes and walked away. I think that she was annoyed that he had finished fucking her so quickly and demanded someone else to get on top of her. There was no shortage of cocks ready and an older grey haired man was the next to get between her legs. He was far more experienced and gentle and took his time, the girl was obviously enjoying what he was doing to her , she had her eyes closed and she was gently squeezing her breasts with her hands until she arched her back and gave a loud sigh as she had her orgasm. The old man still had not cum so she asked him to remove his condom and move up her body so that she could suck his cock. He happily obliged and slid his cock between her lips, as he was about to cum she took his cock out of her mouth and let him squirt his spunk across her face. She thanked him as he stood up.

Her boyfriend said that she would be fucking anybody else that night but we were all welcome to wank and spray our spunk over her. Within a few minutes at least six men including myself had cum over her tits and belly, the spunk shining in the moonlight on her body.

When we had all finished she stood up and wrapped the blanket around herself and the both of them returned to their car and drove away. I returned a couple of times to Togg over the next fortnight but I did not see any other couples, just a few gays tossing each other off.