Written by Coastguard

16 Oct 2007

About 4 years ago I met a girl in an internet chat room, in fact I met lots of girls and would regularly chat away the evening to many of them. However this one in particular (Jane) was different, very different. Straightaway we seemed to be on the same wavelength when it came to the subject of sex, what we liked and disliked and in particular the passion we both shared for giving oral sex. After a few weeks we decided to meet, this was a slightly risky business as we were both in relationships of our own at the time. However one evening we met up at an out the way pub, the idea was just to have a drink and a chat and to see what each other was really like.

When we finally met I was bowled over, Jane looked even better than I expected and was dressed just as she said she would be with a small denim jacket, knee length boots, a knee length skirt and what I hoped were black stockings!

I got us both a drink and we took a seat away from the bar in a very quiet pub. It was soon evident that we were going to get on very well and in no time by hand was on Jane's thigh tracing the outline of her suspenders through her skirt.

One drink was obviously all we were going to have as we both agreed that we should go and find somewhere more private to get to know each other better even though we didnt have much time.

Jane left her car and we drove down a track on some forestry commision land so that we were well hidden and got into the back of my car. Fortunately I've got a large 4X4 so there was plenty of room in the back for us both. Our first kiss was electric and I still recall the sigh Jane let out when I ran my hand along her thigh and over her stocking top. As I slipped my fingers inside her thong I found she was absolutely dripping wet and a finger slid easily into her wet pussy, on licking my fingers I found she tasted wonderful.

By now Jane had decided she wanted to find out a bit more about me and soon she had my cock in her hand. When she first took me into her mouth I thought I would cum there and then, it was without doubt the best blow job I had ever had, her mouth and tongue worked in tandem to create the most amazing sensation. She was every bit as good as she said she would be, I was in complete ecstasy.

Rather than cum in her mouth I decided to give her pussy the attention it was craving and soon my tongue was licking her smooth pussy, her juices flowed and after a few minutes she came hard on my face, it was fantastic!

By now I really needed to get my cock inside her, she turned around and leant over the rear seat, the sight was amazing and I slipped my cock deep inside her, gripping her thighs and pulling her onto me at the same time. Now I would like to say that I fucked her hard for half an hour but the truth is that I was so turned on by the sight before me and the job her mouth had done on my cock earlier that I shot my load after a few minutes. As time was against us we settled for a quick kiss and cuddle before driving back to collect her car and say goodnight.

We kept in touch after that night, we talked about how much we had enjoyed it and whether we would do it again, obviously aware that we both had partners and didnt live that close to each other.

After a while the emails became fewer and the gaps between contact turned from weeks to months and eventually to years. Then quite out of the blue Jane emailed me at work about a year ago. I was both surprised and pleased that she had got back in touch. Although my own relationship had ended some time earlier she was still very much in her's and very happy. So happy it seemed that Jane and her bf had started experimenting with 3'sums and had joined a swinging site. Obviously I was as envious as hell at hearing this and pictured Jane with another guys cock in her mouth while her bf fucked her.

It was at this time that her emails started to get really interesting, she asked me if I had ever had any bi experiences or was in any way bi curious. I replied that I wasn't, I hadn't and why was she asking. It transpired that they were exploring her bf's bi side and had had a couple of meets with bi guys. Although it had been a big turn on for her bf it hadn't really been what Jane had wanted as neither of the guys they had met had really turned her on. Jane then explained that she wanted me to join them as she had been so turned on by our brief meeting years before and she hoped that I might have a bi side. I then got Jane to describe to me via email exactly what they had done during their mmf meets. To my surprise I found myself getting really turned on as I sat at my desk reading about it and before I knew it I was stroking my hard cock through my trousers. I've always said I will try anything twice and the more I read of their exploits the more I decided I wanted to experience sucking a cock.

Now this is where the deception really begins, as Jane was in the same relationship as she had been when we met years ago we couldn't let on that we knew each other. We hatched a plan that I would join the site, reply to their ad for a bi single male and hope that her bf took the bait. Anyway it worked!! After a few emails and a couple of converstions on msn (and obviously Jane's encouragement) we agreed to meet at a pub local to them. The plan to have a couple of drinks then return to their house for some fun. As I waited in the pub I was as nervous as hell and when I saw them arrive my heart was racing. Jane looked as stunning as she had done 3 years before and her bf was a pretty decent bloke, the question now was, could I suck his cock ?? We got our drinks and sat chatting at a table (me gazing at Jane's gorgeous breats)and all the time Jane and I were being extra careful not to let anything slip that would indicate we already knew each other.

All went to plan and we left the pub to return to go to their house a few minutes away, by now I knew I would soon be sucking a cock and I could feel myself hardening at the thought. Jane and her bf (Colin) were totally relaxed and as soon as we got to their house we made our way upstairs to the bedroom. Jane looked at me and said, time to get naked, I did just that as did Colin. Jane herself slipped out of her skirt and blouse and stood there in just a pair of black stockings and high heels, she looked fantastic, I was so horny I would of done anything at that point.

We got on the bed, Jane between us and started gently feeling our way around each others body's. I was lying behind Jane caressing her breasts with one hand when I reached out and took Colin's cock in my hand and slowing started to wank him. To my delight he instantly started to get hard in my hand. Jane was obviously enjoying the double attention and turned to take my hard cock into her mouth. The years instantly rolled away and her lips felt as good as I remembered them, I was in heaven or so I thought but then it got better. Colin joined Jane and between them they took me to new heights of sexual excitement as they took it in turns to suck and lick my cock.

As good as it felt I knew the time was now right for me to repay the compliment and take Colin into my mouth. To begin with Jane held his cock as I gently licked the tip making it wet before sliding the whole of his cock into my mouth until it touched the back of my throat. To be honest it seemed the most natural thing in the world to do in that atmosphere of sexual experimentation and I licked and sucked his cock as though I had been doing it all my life. By now Jane had my cock back in her mouth and I was loving having my cock sucked while I in turn sucked a cock, all I could think was what I had been missing for all those years.

We spent some time licking and sucking each other before Jane declared it was time to do some fucking. I lost no time in sliding my cock into Jane and then had the pleasure of feeling Colin's tongue licking at my balls. I took my cock out just long enough for him to lick the juices from it before thrusting it back into Jane's very wet pussy. From then on we tried various positions, both Colin and I fucked Jane doggy position while she sucked our cocks in turn and when she was on her back we could fuck her while sucking a cock ourselves, brilliant!

I really wanted to taste her again so got my head between her legs and got down to some serious tongue work on her clit, all the time she had Colin's cock in her mouth and was giving him one of her special bj's, the look on his face was a picture.

Eventually Jane came and I licked up the juices that were oozing from her pussy taking Colin's cock into my mouth in between. By now I was really into cock sucking and after a few minutes I felt the cock in my mouth stiffen and twitch followed by a jet of spunk hitting the back of my mouth. I took it deeper into my mouth and gladly swallowed the jets of spunk that followed. When Colin finally took it out with a satisfied look on his face Jane joined me in licking it clean and we shared a kiss that had Colin's cum dripping from our lips.

I had now brought both of them off with my mouth and it was now my turn to be pleasured. Jane and Colin took further turns to lick and suck my cock, to be honest Colin was almost as good as she was but not quite (well he had a good teacher I guess)and soon he had me so close to cumming I could resist no longer. I came with what felt like a huge spurt of cum into his mouth and he expertly conitued to gently suck my cock until I had finished. Just as before Jane then helped to lick any cum from my cock, it was out of this world.

We lay there for a while getting our breath back before I got dressed said my goodbyes and left, mission accomplished. I spoke to Jane the next day and both she and Colin were of the opinion it was there best meeting so far and he had absolutely no idea it was prearranged in any way, the deception had worked. I just hope to relive it again some day soon.