Written by James

5 Apr 2018

After being married for quite some time things got stranded and in the end lead to us separating Sue my wife had never been the most sexy woman but for the last year and a half it was none existenstent Sue had never been that interested anyway and always been prudish

After we parted I was surprised to find out she was seeing someone else with in three months we where still in contact things to sort out and in the end she did tell me, I also later found out who it was a bloke called Barry I knew who he was but didn't really know him I knew him in passing and his car a very nice BMW

I started to visit as butty stot mostly after dark and sometime in the day time I guess it was dogging I like watching couples in doing that I found an interest in other men, sitting in my car I got approached a number of times one day I was as horny as hell and this happened without going into it I ended up getting sucked off after that apart from dogging I was looking to get a blow job, it was a short steep to me given blow jobs I found it wonderful to feel a cock in my mouth throb then my mouth fill with cum to start with I spat but I soon swallowed

That lead on to me fucking a guy and I was soom sucking and fucking I knew then I was bisexual I was taking men back to my bedsit for sex one of my regulars ended up shagging me after some pain I got rock hard and hell I cum I really did climax that got him off in the next few months I had a number of lovers and in the end moved in with one of them

I had a very full sex life now better than it had ever been Ted is very open minded and he will invite a friend round for a threesome but at the same time I have never given up dogging I am not interested in other men out there now but I still enjoy watching couples

This story is not about my sexuallity it is about my EX wife and the total shock I got one afternoon, where I go there is a small hill behind what is the car park and trees I like to go up the hill and look down with my binoculars when or if I see something interesting I go down

That afternoon I spotted a black BMW back up between the trees away from the car park, the first thing I thought was you don't see many of that model it is like the one Barry had I keep an eye on it but nothing was happening

After half an hour I guess another car pulled up in front I homed in magnifying what I was looking at, the driver of the car got out at the sametime so did the driver of the BMW they met between the cars and spoke when bemer drive terned I could see it was Barry I wondered what the hell is going on, him and the other man went to the passenger side of the bemer Barry opened the front door a woman slid her legs out that is all I could see of her, the three stood talking for some time

The next few minutes shocked me, Barry left the other driver talking and went to the back of the car and took a blanket out and put on the ground

As he did that the woman had moved out more on the seat the other driver was stood in the way for me to see her but I could make out her undoing her blouse, the other driver dressed in shorts and tshirt dropped his shorts, I made out the woman's arm was out she had to be holding or doing something with the guys dick, Barry was at the back watching them

Soon the woman was bent forward and the way she moved had to be sucking his cock the bloke was still in the way

After a time the oral stopped the guy took his shots off even from where I was I could see he had a very substantial size hard on I flashed back to the woman and almost fell over it was Sue taken her blouse off she was topless outside unbelievable and she just sucked that blokes cock she never did oral

They both walked to the back where Barry was Sue with just had a black skirt on she lay on the blanket pulling the skirt up round her waist she then started to play with herself as the other two watched the other bloke was stroking his cock after a short time Sue said something

Barry was looking round as the other guy got down he was between her legs holding his oversized cock, he then moved closer as she opened her legs for him

A few seconds later he was on top her, going by the way she was moving she struggled as he went up her he was soon humping away Sue's legs went up in the air as he fucked he was going at a pace then he got hold of her legs and pushed them over her then he pounded her Barry on his knees bent down and look between his legs looking at his cock in Sue

He fucked for sometime he must of cum he got off her

Sue lay there she said something and Barry went down on her then she waved at the other bloke who moved close to her head she started to lick and suck his cock till Barry finished he then fucked her as he did the bloke got his shorts on

After talking for a bit the bloke left Barry got Sue's blouse from the car he put everything away and they drove off I was left in tola shock

I got home dazed that night Ted was horny and tried it on my head was filled with what I had seen and Ted wanted to husband me I gave in and rolled over he got me on my knees I knew he was going to be energetic but I was not in the mood he was banging away like mad my cock was limp he did me hard and fast normally I would of loved it and squealed like a pig he was covered in sweat as he shot his load deep in me I didn't cum we did have a long snog and I told him he was wonderful

The middle of the night I felt his dick nugging me oh no I thought not again I was on my side I moved one leg forward to let him have me he slipped in easily I was stretched and still had his cum in me

I ended up face down and he pounded me for ages before he cum I didn't need it but we live together and I am happy to be his bitch normally

The thought of my EX wife doing what I had seen was playing on my mind how could she change like that after all the time we where together and she didn't want to know was it me