Written by Cragman7

4 Oct 2016

I adore being touched up, espcially by strangers in public places. last year at the Erotica show in London, we were in the crowd watching the stage show when i felt a hand on my thigh from behind, I was wearing a short ruffled mini skirt with a tiny lacey thong underneath, On top I had a tight fitted white blouse that was close to see thru, a 1/4 cup bra lifted my tight little boobs up high and showed off my niples, buttons undone half way down revealing my cleavage.

I could feel fingers teasing the top of my stocking, it was so slow and gentle, a total tease. I could feel my pussy getting moist. P had just a couple of hours before shaved me, just leaving a tiny tuft above my clit. My thong cupped my pussy lips enhancing the sensation of my baldness. The hand slid slowly up and down my thigh, each time going a bit further, a thumb brushing between the cheeks of my bum or a finger briefly stroking the line of my pussy lips. I was close to cumming when I whispered in P's ear and told him what was happening to me. He started to kiss my neck (which really turns me on) and his fingers started to trace around my hard nipples. We had a tiny camcorder with us that we were using to get lots of sneaky sexy pic's, un beknown to me, P had this in his other hand, held low trying to film up my skirt as i was being touched.

I felt a thumb see sawing along the edge of my thong. slowly pushing it aside, pushing my lips apart, pushing into my wetness. The fingers somehow gathered up my thong, pulling it between my moist lips, pulling it into my pussy, the wet thumb then started at my tight little back door, teasing its way into me, slowly opening me up. My head was spinning, I had little flushes of orgasms runnning thru me, building up till i had to cling onto P to stop my legs from giving way. As my orgasm subsided I could feel hands on my hips, under my skirt, sliding my panties down. I was turned on beyond belief and just let it happen. My feet were lifted one at a time as this stranger that I still hadn't seen stole my panties.

A few mins later as i gathered myself, I looked around and couldn't decide who had made me cum, I was soaked and told P I had to go to the ladies to clean myself up a little, he stayed behind, watching the dirty girls on stage, just briefly glancing back at me walking away on wobbly legs. When almost out of the crowd I was suddenly aware of these two huge black guys walking beside me, one pushed his hand up the back of my skirt, and whispered "we just watched your sexy little show and want some for ourselves" I was speechless, more than a little scared but horny as hell. His huge hand cupping my wet pussy almost lifting me off the ground, pushing me, guiding me where they wanted me to go. In seconds they had taken me straight into the gents loo's, leading me into the disabled cubicle which was like a small room on it's own.

Come on little lady, one of them said, show us whats under that sexy little skirt, the other lifting it up around my waist revealing my pouting lips that by now were soaking wet. "Wait, Please wait" i asked. "i'm not fucking either of you, just because i let a someone touch me doesnt give you the right to force this on me.

"Whoa", one of them replied, "we're not forcing you into anything, we just want to play a little". Relieved, I started to calm myself down. These guys were both gorgeous and feeling like i wasn't in danger I started to feel turned on again.

"How about a little attention here" one of them said, unzippping and showing me an impressive hardening cock. I couldn't resist and took it in my hand, slowly pulling on it, feeling it grow harder. I bent forward taking it between my lips, wetting it and taking in that male aroma. His mate, seeing i was willing, lifted my skirt from behind, knelt down and worked his long wet tongue into my bum. I was a lost cause, turned on and wet like never before. The guy behind me was working at least two huge fingers into my pussy, I could hear my own wetness as he worked me towards another orgasm. the cock in my mouth was like an iron bar, I could feel the veins with my tongue. He undid my blouse, reaching in and working my nipples into hard little bullets.

I suddenly felt a hard bare cock between my bum cheeks, wipeing precum over my naked skin. I panicked again, standing up saying "No".

They both stood back, trying to convince me i was safe. Holding his huge cock, one of them said "Well after causing these, your gonna have to at least make us cum you dirty little tease" Feeling a little guilty now, I agreed and knelt in front of two massive guys with impressive hard cocks. I took one in each hand and started sucking and wanking them, going from one to the other, creating a wet string between each cock and my wide open mouth. I felt my blouse being taken off and my tiny bra pushed down, each guy had one hand on his cock and the other on my head, they wanked themselves and pushed their cocks into my face and mouth. Moments later they both came, together, thick spunk pumping onto my face,boobs and into my mouth. I felt fabulous and oh so dirty.

They both then grabbed me, lifting me up like a toy. They took pic's with their camera phones, pic's of my cum covered face and boobs, pic's between my legs of my stretched wet pussy and holding my cheeks apart, pic's off my bum with a big black thumb pushing into my tightest hole. I was passed about photographed and filmed like some sort of prop. "just a momento of a dirty white slut" they laughed. Then they just opened the door and left. Quiet a few guys outside the door saw me, half naked and covered in cum, I quickly closed the door and cleaned myself up. Once semi respectable again I unlocked the door and left. The guys in the loo looking at me like I was a slut, all sorts of filthy comments coming my way. Despite that, I felt so fucking sexy and dirty and walked out proudly knowing i'd just had the thrill of my life.

P asked why i'd been so long, I replied "I was in the gents with to horny black guys" he laughed and said, "No really, where were you ?" "Oh just window shopping" i replied

Back at the hotel we hooked our little camcorder up to the tv to see what we'd managed to record. When we got to the film of up my skirt I was left open mouthed. The hand up my skirt, on my thigh and teasing my pussy was small, with perfectly manicured and painted nails, a girls hand. We could also make out her skirt and stockings and high heels as the camera moved around. I don't know what made me blush more though, the realisation that it was a girl or the fact you could see two grinning black guys watching it all take place.