Written by Stacey smith

24 Jan 2017

I've been reading stories on this website for several years and feel compelled to share with you an experience that I had on the underground tube , inspired by a story that I read this morning .

For the last three weeks I have been travelling from Peterborough to Kings Cross and then on the Northern line to London Bridge station where I get off and walk up to Guys Hospital where I'm working on installing new software to the computer systems , any way moving on , my first journeys on the underground I was amazed at how full the trains were , and had to stand nearly all the way , I tucked myself near the door and hung on to the grab rails , with my bag over my shoulder and held tight , this was repeated on several mornings , as we passed through Angel , then in turn old Street were the train was bursting , as we approached Moorgate and tell train started to slow and shudder to a halt , I felt a hand cup my bum and give it a little squeeze through my dress , well I must have jumped and as I turned around and looked at everyone around me , no one looked guilty , no one gave any indication that it was them , for about a couple of minutes I felt uncomfortable and couldn't wait to get off , anyway next station was Bank and then I got off at London Bridge . All day all I could think of was the unknown hand touching me , and to be honest I was feeling incredibly turned on , don't know why , this sort of thing had never happened before, that evening travelling back in stood in the same place kind of hopeing for a repeat , but to no avail . For the next couple of days I stood in the same place, but nothing I kind of thought well it was maybe a one off , then on Wednesday I was standing in my normal place and as we approached Moorgate it happend again , I felt a hand lifting my jacket and again cup my bum , wow , I must admit I haven't been that nervously horney before , I didn't turn round I just let my mystery groper continue , as the train pulled out of Moorgate the hand went one step further and I could now feel it under my dress , rubbing my panties , I just pushed back as if to accept what was happening to me , for the next few minutes I was groped and to be honest I even parted my legs slightly to make it easier to rub my pussy , the whole time I just kept looking forward , as we approached London Bridge the hand pulled away as if the person knew that I would be getting off , as I was about to get off I looked around to see who it was but again no one stood out , now I was as horney as hell and headed straight to the loo , once in there i lifted my dress and rubbed my pussy through my wet silk panties, I came almost immediatly..... . So fast forward to yesterday morning , I had a shower and picked out a lovely little mini dress , and matching white silk panties and bra , small jacket , and been honest tarty lippy , and headed off towards the station , to say I looked at bit tarty would be an understatement ! I didn't give a dam ! The journey to Kings Cross was like being in a shop window , I know my own fault , but excitingly enjoyable.

On the tube same scenario standing in the same place , as the train filled and became packed it seemed like more people had crammed in , it wasn't long before I felt a stray hand touching me around my breasts as I looked down in couldn't believe it , it was a woman's hand , almost at the same time another hand pushed up my dress , I was been totally violated , then then hand around my breasts disappeared and the other hand had worked it's way into my panties and was rubbing my clit , I felt a mixture of total slut and guilt to be honest , but wow what a buzz ! As we approached Bank Station the hand that was in my panties pulled away , as quickly as possible I looked directly at the hand and I grabbed it , it became immediatly apparent whose hand it was , I looked directly at him and could see he was looking straight at me, a cheeky smile emerged, the chap was around 50 years old, grey short hair and smartly dressed , within seconds the chap moved to the doors and got off , as the train pulled out of Bank I couldn't believe it , another hand started to grope me , obviously some one had seen what was happening and decided to join in , this person wasn't as adventures as the guy who got off at Bank Station, he just ran his fingers along my panty line , as the train pulled into London Bridge I casualy walked off the train , and boy did I work it , I walked up to Guys Hospital and not once did I look back !

All day yesterday and last night when I got home all I could think of was the thought of what had happened , and the fact it only happened in the mornings.

Day off today and tomorrow but back to London on Thursday. So if your heading to London on Thursday morning I will be on the 6.15am train departing from platform 1 and arriving at London Kings Cross platform 8 at 7.20 .

Please grope away ....LOL x