Written by Adele

26 Aug 2010

I saw him first driving home late one Friday afternoon, it was August on a typically English summer day - pouring with rain! He was trudging along the verge in the gloom, when heheard mycarhe lifted his thumb in the accepted hitchhiker's manner. I thought, 'Poor bugger!' and drew up alongside him, he turned to look at me, he was a good-looking boy, I saw the shock in his eyes as he realised that he was looking at a Rolls Royce. I let the window down, 'Looking for a lift?', I asked. He was absolutely drenched, I don't think I had ever seen a wetter person who hadn't actually been in the water, 'I am,' he responded. 'Where are you heading for?', he shrugged, 'Anywhere,' he replied. I took pity on him, and unlocked the door, 'Get in.' He jumped in with alacrity and a squelching sound, 'God! How long have you been walking in this downpour?'. 'Nearly all day,' was his reply.

I switched the heater on, although it wasn't really cold, I could see that he was shivering. 'Whatever possessed you to be walking on such a day?', I asked him. He shrugged again, 'Fell out with my father, it wasn't the first time, I'd had enough.' I asked him where he was aiming for, 'Dunno,' he replied, 'just got out and started walking.' 'Where are your things?' 'I didn't wait, left everything at home, maybe I'll go back one day, but not while that old bastard is alive.' 'Your mother will be distraught,' I admonished him. He felt that, his eyes filled, 'I know, that's the worst thing.'

'What's your name.' 'Peter,' just that nothing more. We drove in silence for a while, I asked him what he was going to do. 'Well, I've got good training,' he replied, 'I was hoping to end up somewhere I could get a job and get back on my feet.' Somehow I took a liking to him, 'Hmm, my name is Adele, as you have no doubt guessed, I'm not short of money and I must be mad, but I think that you're genuine, I certainly hope so! You'd better come and stay with me until we can get you sorted out.' So I took him home. As we arrived half an hour later I aimed the remote at the gates and prseed the button, the gates opened, when we reached the garage I did the same there and parked the car inside. 'Come on,' I said, grabbing my briefcase I led the way through the door into the kitchen. 'Take those sodden shoes off and leave them by the door Peter. Then I took him through to the guest bathroom, 'Just strip off and I'll dry those things off and you can have a nice bath and get warmed up. He stared at me, 'I don't know what to say.' I said, 'Well, Peter, I hope I'm not being a silly woman, if you let me down I'll come down on you like ton of bricks. Now get those clothes off.' 'What, in front of you?', he looked incredulous. 'Why not, what have you got that's so special? I've had more men than you could throw a stick at, now don't be silly and get those soaking things off!'

He obeyed, looking at me the while, he had a good physique, a bit on the slim side, but athletic and fit looking, aside from the fact that he was still shivering. His cock was shrivelled until it looked like an acorn, 'Oh Lord,' I thought, 'that's a bit disappointing.' He turned and went into the bathroom, 'Wow,' he commented, 'luxury!', he turned the taps on. 'That's a good boy, I'll bring you in a nice cup of tea in a moment.' A few minutes later I did as I said, he was laying in the steaming water, his cock had developed somewhat as he became warmer, 'There's your tea,' I told him, 'you can stay there as long as you like.' 'Okay, ' he said, 'thanks.' I left him to it and went into my bedroom which had an ensuite, I stripped and went in the shower, I showered and dried off then returned to the bedroom. I caught sight of myself in the big mirrors, I stopped, 'Not bad for forty-eight,' I thought. I still had a decent fgure, probably mainly due to the fact that my late husband and I had never had children, my breasts had never been big and had now retained their shape quite well and I had always been proud of my legs, as for my pudenda, Louis had always raved about my mound and the shape of my fanny, 'Best I've ever seen!', he used to say. My thoughts turned to sex, something I had been very short of since he died, 'I could do with a good hard fucking,' I thought. Louis and I had always used industrial language about sex, it had been a shock to me at first, he was a good bit older than me and very experienced.

I put a shift on and went out to the kitchen and thought about a meal, I was just going to have a sandwich or something, but now I'd have to give Peter something better. I was still thinking about Louis and I, I had gone to work at one of his businesses straight after my Secretarial College where I had passed out as the top student. After a few months I caught Louis's eye, as soon as he learned of my qualifications he made me his personal assitant. I was quite experienced sexually and I think he recognised the signs because within a couple of months we were sleeping together. I thought I knew quite a lot about love-making but his technique blew me away and I found myself having orgasm after orgasm with him as a lover. A year later we married and he began teaching me all about the three businesses he owned, I was a quick learner and when he died I found out that he'd left everything to me in his will, making me an instant millionairess. I took over the businesses and I thrived, which was very satisfying, there were a few people who didn't like the fact that I had now become the boss, but it didn't worry me.

I looked to see what was in the fridge, nothing much, bacon, a few sausages, eggs, milk and a bottle of wine, that was all. 'Ah well,' I thought, 'it'll have to be a fry-up then.' I went and peeked into the bathroom, Peter looked asleep, hardly surprising really. I went back to the kitchen, poured myself a sherry and went into the living room, switched the TV on and sat to watch the news. The house I lived in was not the one I shared with Louis, it was in fact a large bungalow and fitted out to my specifications. I had a woman come in to clean, do the washing etc., she was a nice girl anmd we got on well, there was also a gardener who kept the garden looking nice. My life with Louis had been very enjoyable, once he had trained me in the various aspects of the three businesses, we rarely saw each other during the day so our home life was very agreeable, sex played a large part. As I said, Louis was very experienced and I had always enjoyed it, we had sex every day, more at week ends and we looked at this site and others like it and had a good laugh and wondered about swinging ourselves. We never did but I'd had a few liaisons since he died seven years ago, nothing serious, I didn't want to get really involved with anyone else, all I wanted was the physical stuff.

After a while I went and had a look at Peter again, he was still asleep but his cock had filled out considerably, he wasn't hard but it was now a good six inches long and very thick, it certainly gave me pause for thought. I looked my watch it was getting on for half seven, I said quietly, 'Come on, Peter, wake up.' He didn't stir, I tried another couple of times with the same result so in the end I took his shoulder and shook him gently, that did the trick. He opened his eyes, 'Oh,' he sat up, 'I've been asleep.' 'You certainly have, I replied, 'I should think that water must be cold by now, come on my lad out you get.' He climbed out as I opened the airing cupboard and got out a nice warm, fluffy towel. I wrapped it round him and gently dried him off, when I got to his genitals he started getting hard, I smiled, 'Now that is worth seeing!' I commented. He blushed. 'Stay there, I haven't anything you can wear so you'd better have dry towel to wrap yourself in,' I dug out another towel and handed it to him, 'I'm in the kitchen, fry-up alright?' 'Oh yes!'

I left him to it and went into the kitchen and put a frying pan on the halogen hob, I put the sausages and bacon in the pan and then put two slices of white bread and the eggs in another one. By the time a yawning Peter appeared everything was well on the way. I sat him at the table with a glass of wine, I said, 'I hope you don't mind me asking Peter, but how old are you?' He smiled, 'Twenty-five.' 'Uh huh, and you mentioned training, what would that be?' 'Well, it's a bit more than that actually, I completed an apprenticeship in electronics and since I qualified I've done three years in an experimental laboratory.' 'Ah, I see,' I soon had the fried bread, sausages, bacon, eggs and baked beans on the plates, 'there get yourself round that!'

Fifteen minutes later the plates were in the dishwasher and we were sitting in the living room. 'I must say,' Peter said, 'you have a really cracking place here.' I shrugged, 'What's the use of money if you can't have what you want.' 'I suppose that's right,' he said. I questioned him that evening about his work and life and, of course, his family. What I liked was that he appeared to be completely honest with his answers and I gave what he said a great deal of thought when I went to bed, having shown him to a bedroom, it also had an ensuite which he liked.

As I was drifting off my thoughts turned to sex, there was no denying that I found him physically attractive and I began a fantasy about us making love. My finger was soon in it's accustomed place and after I'd had a small cum I was gone. I woke at eight o'clock in the morning my thoughts still on the demands of my rather frustrated body. I slept naked but I put on a filmy nightie, went to the kitchen and made two cups of tea which I then took to Peter's bedroom. He woke as I entered, 'Brought you a cup of tea,' I said, smiling. He sat up, 'Thanks,' his eyes roamed my figure through the almost completely see-through nightie. As usual, when in the shower the previous evening, I had shaved my fanny. His eyes focussed there, I knew he could see at least part of my longlipped cunt, he swallowed, 'Er...' I knew he was naked under the bedclothes, 'Want to use that lovely thing you're hiding under the bedclothes?' I said, 'I haven't used what you're looking at for a long time.' I put the tea cups down on the bedside table and, in one movement, whipped off my nightie.

Peter just stared so I pulled back the bedclothes and got into bed with him. I pulled him toward me and kissed him passionately then felt for his cock. I got quite a surprise, he was hard, it was thick and throbbing, I pushed the bedclothes back to look at it. It was about seven inches long, nothing really out of the way, but it was the thickness that astonished me. It looked something like two and a half inches thick, if not more. 'Well!' I gasped. 'Like it?' Peter said, lots of girls don't, they say that it will hurt putting it up them.' I said, 'Well I can assure you that it won't hurt me, darling!' I replied. We kissed again and he began caressing my breasts and nipples while I stroked that lovely cock. Soon he was putting his head down and kissing and sucking my nipples, I moaned for the thrill went straight to my cunt, I felt my cunt lips engorge and I began to get wet. He slid his hand down between my thighs and began to play with my cunt, finger fucking me and teasing my clit. I gasped, 'Fuck me, Peter, fuck me!'

I spread my legs and he mounted me, I felt the knobof his cock nosing between the lips and I put my hand down and entered it into my love-hole. He started fucking immediately, after a momentb or two he panted, 'I shan't last long Adele, I haven't fucked a girl for a long time.' 'Doesn't matter feeling you cum in me will be marvellous!' I told him. His thrusts became harder and faster, 'Oh Christ, you lovely cunt, feel this!' He gasped and moaned then began spurting inside me, what sensation is there that even begins to match the feeling of a man filling your cunt with his sperm? Nothing that's what! He flopped on top of me gasping for breath and I hugged him tight until he calmed down.

Some time later I slid down the bed and sucked his limp cock into my mouth, cleaning and trying to get him hard again. I loved the taste of his spunk, my cunt juice was quite pleasant too! He soon showed signs of becoming hard, 'Come on, lover!' I urged, letting his cock slip out of my mouth and grabbing it to wank him instead. He was soon hard, 'Don't keep me waiting, darling,' I murmured, he mounted me again, just pushing his cock at my open cunt. It came straight into me, spunk and cunt-juice squirting out everywhere and he began fucking again. He fucked quite hard to start with then slowed down to a more comfortable rhythm, 'Just like that, lover,' I kissed his ear, 'you lovely fucker!' That second time he fucked me for about half an hour, I didn't take part, just let him do all the work and enjoyed my climax building up until I popped. I groaned as the intense feeling swept through me, 'Oh, darling!', I moaned. Then he shot another load of spunk deep inside my throbbing cunt. This time he stayed inside me as his cock shrank, I closed my legs underneath him and held it in, he lay on me dozing while I remembered how he'd fucked me, enjoying it all over again, then I dozed off too.

When we woke it was about ten o'clock, I murmured, 'Do you want to fuck me again, darling?' I felt him smiling as he said, 'I might, you gorgeous cunt, but I don't think I could get it up the moment, maybe later?' So eventually we got up and showered, I said, 'Unfortunately your clothes aren't really up to going out in, let's take your measurements and I'll go out and get some for you, you can stay and watch the cricket on TV if you like.' 'Okay,' he said, 'don't be too long though.' I found a pair of substantial knickers, I was still leaking despite the shower, then dressed.

I gave Peter a kiss then went to the garage and got into my Mini, pressed the remote and drove out when the garage doors opened, I did the same with the gates and roared off down the road to the town. I bought jeans, tops, boxers and socks for Peter then went in search of shoes, these were more difficult but I found a couple of pairs I liked and arranged with the manageress of the shop that we could exchange them if they didn't fit. Then I went to a supermarket and did a big shop. I was home just about lunchtime. Peter got up and kissed me as I walked into the living room, 'Thanks for this morning,' he said, 'it was amazing, you're a wonderful woman!' It touched me. Somewhat embarrassed I said, 'I've bought some stuff for you, you'd better try it all on.' I watched as he dropped his towel, his lovely cock hung fatly down his left thigh, he grinned as he put on a pair of boxers then a soft, short-sleeved, top, this was followed by a pair of socks and then jeans. Everything fitted, 'Great!' he smiled, 'Thanks, Adele, that's brilliant.!' He picked up one of the shoe boxes, they were rather narrow at the toe, they didn't fit. He picked up the other pair, they were more like a brogue and fitted perfectly, 'We can take the others back and exchange them for something better,' I told Peter. He kissed me again, 'Thanks very much, Adele, in fact I don't really know how to thank you .... except perhaps this!' He put his hand stright up my skirt and felt my cunt, 'Your knickers are all wet and slippery,' he said, and pulled them down. He bent me forward over the arm of a chair, the next moment he was nudging his cock into my cunt where he promptly gave me a really hard fucking.

At least it was like that to start with, then continuing to grasp my hips he settled into a rhythm that told me he was going to last a long time. I could smell the spunk that he'd left inside me earlier and the thrills roared through me giving me little cums every few minutes, 'This is what you want, isn't it?' he panted. 'Oh, darling, it certainly is, you must have been reading my mind!' 'No,' he laughed, 'just reading the reaction of your cunt earlier, you just love fucking, don't you?' 'Mmmmm.' I replied.

Sometimes you just don't have a body shaking orgasm, merely a lot of little ones, time and again. And it was like that now, his squelching thrusts making the mixed juices from inside gradually ooze down the inside of my thighs. After a while I descended into a daze of sexual euphoria until he eventually shot his lovely spunk up me once more. I thought he was going to collapse as I felt his legs sag, but he managed to recover and eased imself out allowing me to rise upright. The spunk and my cunt juice sluiced down my thighs, made more liquid by his constant fucking, I loved it!

That evening, as we waited for Match of the Day, I said to Peter, 'I've been thinking, you said that you had some sort of qualification in Electronics?' Peter nodded. 'Well one of my businesses is electronics. Would you object if I sent you to a friend of mine who is also in that sort of business and let him assess your capabilities? If his report is good I could offer you a place in my firm, would you like that?' 'I would,' Peter replied, 'I'd welcome any test, electronics really is my forte and I'd love to work for you!' I kissed him and we settled back to watch the News.

My friend reported back that Peter had passed every test he could devise, 'He's an absolute natural,' he told me. That was good enough for me and I installed my young lover in the experimental department of my firm. Before he started I sent him back to his mother to collect his things and to put her mind at rest and he's still with me.

Peter had never performed oral sex on a woman, in fact he wasn't very experienced at all even though he was a natural repeat performer with great stamina. The first time I persuaded him to do it to me it was as a prelude to full sex, he soon learnt under my instruction just as he learned how to pleasure me in the ways I wanted. The biggest hurdle, I thought, was giving me oral sex when I was full of spunk and to be truthful he was a bit reluctant, but once he got started he did it better than anyone I'd had before. I love a man who is prepared to suck our mixed juices from my cunt and put it in my mouth so that we may enjoy it together, once he'd done this I knew that I'd taught him as much as I could.

We are still together, not married of course, I don't want to tie him to me if our romance dies but while he stays I will enjoy his lovemaking as much as I ever enjoyed my late husband. He has, of course, progressed and is now the manager of the Experimental Department and a good one too, he seems to be good at most things!