Written by EROM

6 May 2008

It all started as a joke, show me your tits I asked. As we sped along the country road my wife dropped her top to reveal a lacy bra. The road was quite and we laughed I was very turned on. How adventurous do you feel, I asked. Why? Was here response, I dared her to leave her top down while we met on coming traffic.

She did as a line of traffic approached I expected her top to go back up but I was surprised as she left it down. Most cars flew by but at the end of the line of traffic there was a tractor. The driver had a good view and nearly crashed, as he never took his eyes off my wife’s in her bra.

Oh my god I can’t believe I just did that gasped my wife. Did you see him looking at me? I told her I was really turned on.

Later in the day we were still laughing at the guy in the tractor, as we drove my wife said hang on I’ll do it again, as we saw another tractor approaching she dropped her top, this time however she took her tits out as well. She nearly chickened out but held her nerve again the slow moving tractor has a great view of my wife’s tits (36DD or E depending on the type of bra she buys)

The whole thing left us extremely horny and pulled in a few miles down the road where we had sex in a lay-by Now that my wife has started this I hope this side to herself, I hope it will lead to more and more exciting stories.