Written by Mistress Caz's Slave

18 Jan 2010

my story begins 18 months ago although to be truthful it has always been my fantasy its just now it has come true.

I met my current Mistress 18 months ago when i was her boss she is 30 i am 50 so i am a very lucky man. Within a few weeks i was discovering she had worked out my secret that i needed to be under a womens control, it started off slowly her getting me to get her coffee and do little chores, when we were alone she would make me sit at her feet while she did her work, my diary had to fit around her needs and wishes.

At one stage she let a trusted work collegue know our secret and enjoyed humiliating me in front of her on a few occasions making me sit at her feet in the office with her feet on my back while she chatted with her friend do humiliating and yet strangely so exiting.I asked her once why she did this her answer " cause i can"

We soon started a full affair and i was now hooked and now her total devoted slave . I was seperated and she was still married but she had made up her mind that we should move to Cornwall , I moved down bought us a cottage and when all was in place she left her husband and moved down.

Let me describe my Mistress has long red hair ice blue eyes she has a full womanly figure and like all Mistress should have an amazing bottom made to queen ( my biggest treat).

Anyway two weeks ago after i thought my life was now as it would be she announced "Slave i am going to find a lover" i was at first a little hurt as any man would be but also a stirrring in my cock was there at the thought, "yes Mistress i said if that is what you want".

Mistress soon had placed adverts looking for men to play with , very soon she found a man who appealed. He was a rich succesful business man and yes a Dom. She started corresponding with him and loved to humilate me with pictures of his huge cock, she told him i was her slave and cuckold he got very turned on by this.

After corresponding for a few nights they agreed to talk on the phone i was left downstairs while they flirted then i was called upstairs Mistress was on the bed legs open playing with her shaven pussy he was telling her what he was going to do with her when they met. She then turned over on all fours and told me to lick her i did with gusto she was telling him what i was doing and then she came all over my face soaking me.

Eventually they arranged to meet, i was made to take her shopping to buy the underware and clothes he would fuck her in. On the day he came i was sick with exitement , i got up early to clean the place through, changed her bed , then went to work i was told to be home at lunch time to run her bath and get her clothes ready , my cock was so hard all morning. At 12 a text saying get home now.

When i arrived home Mistress was sittting in her chair painting toe nails, " run my bath and get my clothes ready Sir is here at 1.30 oh by the way did i say you will call him sir" . I ran her bath and placed all of her clothes on the bed i could tell she was very exited. When she was ready Mistress sat in her chair she was looking amazing i was so proud of her. At 1.40 a knock at the door i answered , he smiled at me he was very handsome (damn) "is your Mistress in", "yes sir" i said "please come in".

He walked in confidently , she stood up and he took her in his arms and kissed her passionatly , he lifted her skirt sliding his hand down the back of her panties. "drinks slave she said "we do not have time for drinks i am taking you out for a nice lunch but my cock needs sucking" he then pushed her to her knees. I was told to kneel in the corner and keep my mouth shut.

Mistress unzipped his trousers and his huge cock popped out Mistress sucked on it greedly "if i am pleased you get a nice pudding" he said. She licked the end then sucked on it taking almost all of it down her throat. I remember thinking she only had sucked me once but figure that is that is the privalage of being a dom.

After a few minutes his hips buckled and he said "i am going to cum" , "oh darling i dont want to get messy let slave have it" said Mistress. My ears twitched uh what my mind raced. Ok said Sir "pour it down his throat", she clicked her fingers i crawled over she tapped my chin "open wide you idiot take sir cum", my mouth automatically opened and she started wanking his big cock over my mouth, "mmm my balls are so full honey", "enjoy yourself baby he is here for us to use", she then stood up and started kissing him and stroking his hair wanking him with her other hand , it seemed ages but eventualy his hips buckled and his cum poured into my mouth and all over my face , he moaned and groaned i thought it would never stop.

He then put his cock away and tapping her bottom said "come on i am starving. They then left laughing and leaving me covered in cum. I waited for there return on my knees and very hard.

To be continued