Written by Mikael, Master of Fellatrice

14 Jan 2015

-- I posted 15 earlier but it seems to have been lost in the ether. Best horny readers, I trained Maria sometime ago, the memories are absolutely clear, even if some of the conversations are not 100% correct. So we were awoken by the phone - I had planned to start the day as yesterday - Maria would suck my morning hard on, then I would make her sit on my face for her first cum of the day -- but the phone --

The voice was trembling with exitement or nerves --, Yes, you gave me your card in the clothes shop - bingo, I even remembered her name - Yes, Miss Adams - so do you want to come and play with Miss Longford then ?? O yes yes, I couldn't sleep all night just dreaming about it. -- and you b/f then, -- I dumped him last night she replied , I found out he was 2 timing me, and anyway, he's not very exiting actually. Miss

Longford is exiting , yes ? - I even smelt her lubricating cunt, Maria was listening wide eyed , squirming up and down on her feet - o god yes, came Miss Adams back, fantastic breasts and a beautiful pussy too. You've not done it with a girl b4 ?? No no she exclaimed, but i'de love to try it with your girl. Ok , when can you come to us I asked - NOW, NOW came the exited voice, I know where you live, it's on the card, I only live about 20 mins from you. Oh boy what a way to begin sunday - Good Miss Adams,

-- O by the way, you saw that Miss Longford does not wear a bra or knickers -- Yes Sir -- Good the you will come here also without bra and knickers ok ? - o god O god, yes Ok sir came the stifled reply. I put the phone down; So Miss Longford, now you are going to learn how to suck cunt. Maria was almost jumping up and down trembling and shaking - ooo yes yes. Good go to the bedroom and dress - I told her what to wear , put my dressing gown on and made tea. Shortly Maria appeared - O god what a vision, black high heeled shoes black stockings, small garter belt surrounding her bare cunt,

her sling bra pushing her tits high up and of course - her new black collar. Miss Longford , you look fantastic - she grabbed me and showered me with kisses - I love you Sir, thou art my LORD and MASTER; --- Now, when the doorbell goes , I told her, go and peek to see that it's her, the throw the door wide open so that she gets a big

eyeful str8 away -- Yes Sir.Maria came and drank tea with me quivering with exitement, Sir ? yes , I am glad that it's Miss Adams, she's much prettier than the waitress at the restaurant. ding Ding went the bell almost 20 mis to the dot. I watched from the living room, Maria did just as I had told her, a peek through the door, then she flung the door wide open - I watched the face of Miss Adams, O wow what an expression, eyes like saucers. Maria grabbed her , pulled her inside, took her in her arms and they

kissed for several minutes. Comee in here girls, they came in hand in hand, giggling. Now Miss Adams, I told you to come without bra and knickers ? Yes she said, I put them in my handbag. Show Miss Longford then - more giggles as off came her blouse and skirt helped by Maria; OOO Maria groaned nice nice, tits larger than Maria slightly hanging,

big brown fully erect nipples, big black bushy pussy around her cunt - needs trimming, I thought. Now, I told them kiss each others breasts, they did so for several minutes - Now kiss each others pussy to say hallo (I refrained from say cunts) that would soon follow ------