Written by fellatricia

26 Jan 2015

-- So maria took the initiative and knelt down in front of Miss Adams, her tongue dated out as she kissed her cunt, Miss Adams groaned noisily. Now your turns said Maria, the girl knelt down staring at Maria's cunt, took a breath then kissed Maria - nice nice squealed Maria - Yes. They broke away -- does she taste nice Miss Longford, O YEssssssss delicious

she replied, Miss Adams sort of simpered. I moved over, let me taste too; I told her, a slight hesitation, but I was at it immediately running my tongue up and down - more groans from Miss Adams. - What the hell I thought , start as you mean to go on. -- I chucked my dressing gown off and stood there naked with o goodly erection. Now girls, I said , come and say hallo to my cock. Miss Adams was obviously nervous --- Maria took her hand, come on she told the girl, it won't hurt you, I'll show you how. So Maria had become the expert in just three days. They knelt together in front of me, Maria gave the instructions, pull the skin back so you see the nob, she told Miss Adams, the round and round with you tongue 3 times, take in in your mouth then, and push it back out with your tongue, the 3 times round the nob again, and a big kiss' repeating almost indentically the same instructions that I had given Maria, the first time she kissed my cock- Maria demonstrated, then Miss Adams did as she was told albeit very nervously. It tastes salty she told maria, yes of course said M, and the spunk tastes much more salty. --- Have you never kissed a cock before she asked Miss Adams, Oh no exclaimed Miss Adams, I played with Peter's cock a lot, and made him squirt but not with my mouth. -- I pressed them on -- now Miss Longford, put Miss Adams on the sofa in the sucking position. Maria pushed the girl onto the sofa, left foot on the floor , right leg up on the sofa legs open wide. Pink, wet cunt, hard protruberant clitoris. She put her hand over it. Take your hand away, said Maria sharply - Then with no further ado Maria had her head in between the girl's legs, i knelt beside M and saw her tongue dart out. That's right Miss Longford I whispered, do her cunt the same way as I do yours. M was away, she knew instinctevly how to do it. The girl began to make all kinds of weird noises, groans , moans, wriggling bum up and down, the after a very short time, a rattling noise in her throat, she raised herself up in the air with a big squeal - eeeeeeeeeee, aggghhh -- Don't stop Miss longford do her again straight away, Maria continued - aagghh ooooh eeeeh, the girl was trying to move her cunt away from M's tongue - noisly she orgasmed again. Again Miss longford, do her again. M started on her third cunt sucking. The girl was now becoming hysterical --------- suddenly M threw herself backwards as a torrent of juice shot out of the gil's cunt. Now i had heard of female ejaculation, but the word squirter was not yet in use -- M & I stared amazed as the girl squirmed moaned a wriggled, her stomach muscles rippling . Then she collapsed back on the sofa, eyes closed, mouth wide open, seemingly passed out. O god said Maria, wow wow - yes our first but not to be the last -- squirter--next Miss Adams sucks ----