Written by Mikael, Master of Fellatrice

23 Oct 2014

slight mistake in pt 3 - at this time, Maria was 18 1/2.

So, will you be my teacher.?? she pressed. A bit uneasy, because of her youth, but freddy was beginning to harden at the thought. Yes, I said.

It can't be tonight, she almost whispered - i'm out of action now, it will have to be next week - I realised what she meant, A little relieved in fact, this gave us breathing space to think it over. So i gave her my phone nr and told her I was away on business - back home on Thurs pm, phone me to make a date . The week passed slowly, at nights I had monstrous erections, i refused to masturbate, if this thing got off the ground next weekend, I wanted to have full balls and a big erection.

Back home thurs pm - phone rang almost immediately. Maria here -- i'm all exited , are you going to start teaching me tomorrow. No going back I thought - YES, replied firmly, i will be your teacher, your Master, and you will call me SIR. Immediate acceptation - YES SIR.

Eat first I told her, we are not going to waste time in a resturant. yes, yes, goody goody.

I told her to wear a skirt and blouse, at this stage I made no comment about her underwear, that would come later. Now, I said, you haven't been fingering during the week, oh no SIR

you said not to. - Good, i replied, can you stay the night, pause - i'll fix it with my sister Pamela , good I replied and perhaps Saturday too, if you are a good pupil on Friday night - O yes yes I shall be SIR

She was waiting as arranged. (Now dear dirty readers, this happened many moons ago, the words might be somewhat different from originally, but in essence this is how I came to NIRVANA)

I picked her up, she got in the car and launched herself at me with sloppy wet kisses, I'm so so fucking exited she squealed - SIR, i said , o Yes sorry SIR

Back to my appartment, coat off, into living room? Stand there miss longford - Yes SIR.

Take of you blouse - off it came in a flash -Now your bra - slowly off it came , Silence - I stared at the most beautiful tits I had ever seen live. Full, high, pointed straight out and almost identical, As I stared her nipples hardened ans stuck out.

She broke the slience, do you like tjhe SIR she whisperd

miss longford, those are the most beautiful tits i ever saw. Refief flooded her face, I was frightened you might not like them. -- SIR I said - oh sorry Sir.

I moved in, feeling and stroking her tits gently, the licking and sucking each nipple in turn. The i stepped back. Take off your skirt, off it came. I knely before her and pulled her knickers down - slowly slowly - she was being to breath heavily, a thick jet black bush. It had obviously been trimmed at the edges - you've trimmed it, yes, do youlmike it Sir - o Yes , Good she my sister Pamele told me ti trim it Sir, said most men like it trimmeD, God, i thought, what else has sister Pamela has said, and what has Maria told her, or might tell her. I ran the back of my finger against jher cunt, she was already lubricating, i pulled her lips open a ran my tongu up and over her now swollen clitoris, she groaned ...

next time - the traing moves on apace ---