Written by Mikael, Master of Fellatrice

6 Nov 2014

.. The groaning and wailing continued as I rolled my tongue round her now reappeard clitoris, O god O god I can't stand it she wailed .. No way, I was intent on making her my prisoner, -- stop stop --- go on go on go on - aagh agh - This time i didn't even pull away, i carried on licking and sucking through her orgasm and beyond, again her clitoris awoke again, followed by her third orgasm - I carried on, the words were now unintelligible , just gurgling an gutterral noises --- After some perseverence on my part, she suddenly let out a huge gasp - perhaps like a farting donkey, then went all limp. I pulled away, her eyes were closed, mouth wide open, as was her legs, arms dangling limply. I watched her face, stroling and teasing my now impatient cock which was really aching with juice oozing out of the end. Moments passed, the, Oh the recuperative powers of young Women !! - her eyes snapped open, then she reared up and threw herself at me raining kisses on my face -

I love you, I love you she screamed. I held her close, the I said to her, no no Miss Longford - it's not me you love, it's having your cunt sucked that you love isn't it - -- O god - well yes, -- what do you love, I asked - and eventually after a few promptings - she said it - "having my cunt sucked " good girl, you've got - (pull the trigger) - fantastic tits, a hot beautiful sweet horny cunt. -- O GOD --- Now Miss Longford, it's your turn to please me, yes ?

Yes, yes , anything you want. I manoeverd her round so the she was sitting on the floor, she was very unsteady on her feet. She came in between my legs staring at me throbbing erection. Now you will learn how to suck cock I told hrr, the most fantastic way to please a Man, OK ? yes yes , show me how to do it. Like before, round and round, then take it in , then back out, then round and round again - she did so, O god it was so exquisite, and my mind was boggling at the thought that I was having my cock sucked by a VIRGIN !! - I stopped her, otherwise I would have spurted all over her after such a build up . What is it, she asked sounding alarmed, - aren't I doing it properly. O yes, super I told her but first - Now Miss Longford, do you know what happens when a man cums. There was a small pause, then from her biology lessons - she said - Sperm, that's right I told her, but that word is for doctors and teachers, We shall call it Spunk Miss Longford - Yes sir, Spunk she said - more emphasis on the K - spunK -she said-- correct, - a smirk of satisfaction from her. (keep praising her I told myself) Now Miss Longford contiue licking and sucking my cock - Now if you want to do it properly, O yes yes, I want to be perfect for you. Well , i Told one minute there will be nothing except for me groaning and swearing - the bingo you mouth will suddenly be full of Spunk - Yes she said (i was so managing to avoid from cumming to quickly and to avoid frightening her off) Not many girls manage to swallow the spunk at first - she interrupted - i can i can do it sir. Well I told her, don't play with it swallow it straight down fast, and the take big deep breaths to keep in in . Yes yes, she got hold of my cock and started again (O god why the fuck didn't I have a camcorder running) It didn't take long, My balls wre full and bursting and my cock on fire. Yes I shouted here it cums, I put my hand round her head to stop her pulling away, I spurted once, twice - 3 4 5 - I watched her face - her eyes were closed with an expression of concentration , i saw her throat gulping; then she pulled away taking deep breaths, she retched somewhat but ended opening her eyes with a triumphant smile - THERE she said I did it I did it , I knew I could - was it good for you sir, wonderful Miss Longford, I think you are going to be superb after a few more lessons? She positevley beamed with pleasure . It's very bitter and salty she remarked. That was the first and the last time she ever commented about the taste of my spunk.

Change places I told her, that was so good you deserve another cuntsucking before we go to bed -- wow I sucked a virgins cunt 5 times in one evening ...