Written by Fran

14 Apr 2008

I have recently found this site and it has completed my tranformation.Let me tell you how it started.

I am a rep for a cosmetics company,been doing it for years.Started when I didn\\\'t need make up,but I need a little help now as I approach the big 40.My area covers parts of the south west,Bristol included and I was heading back home to Birmingham early as I felt like having a bit of a break.The M5 was busy and not very pleasant so I got off onto the A38.I needed a pee badly and just my luck I saw a sign saying loos one mile.

It was a lay by full of big lorries and I had to park at the end and walk back past the lorries to get to the loos.As I walked I knew the drivers were looking at me,not a problem as I thought I lookedI quite good.Always wear high heels and I can drive in them,I had on a black skirt, white blouse and hold ups. The blouse showed a bit of cleavage as it helps to get orders.

Passing one lorry the driver leant out and asked me if I wanted the time of my life?Wouldn\\\'t mind a pound for each time I hve been offered that.I said you won\\\'t have anything I haven\\\'t seen already and he came straight back saying, how about nine and a half thick inches.I laughed and said in your dream and carried on to the loo.

As I sat there,I thought could it be true? and got quite excited.On tne way back to my car he was waiting,leaning out the window.\\\"I\\\'ll show you if you like,because I don\\\'t tell lies\\\"\\\"O.K. I said hang it out the window\\\" And would you believe the tip of it appeared above the door.\\\"Come round and have a proper look\\\" he said.

On legs like jelly I walked round to the other door and climbed in.In doing so I showed him and anybody watching a fair bit of stocking top.I had never been in a lorry before and was amased by the amount of room in it.However my eyes were fixed onto his prick which he had hanging out of his trousers.

\\\"I bet you want to see it standing up\\\" he said.I nodded,incapable of speech.\\\"Well lets have some privacy then\\\"and wth that drew curtains around the cab windows and locked the doors.

\\\"I\\\'ll need some help,you show me something to help get it up\\\"Slowly I undid the buttons on my blouse and took it off.\\\"Keep going,its working \\\"I could see it was.his prick slowly started to rise.I undid my bra and let my heavy breasts swing free.I was under the spell of his manhood and could not control myself.

\\\"Let me touch it please\\\" slowly I put my hand out and held it.It was real,hard as a rock and huge.Noway could I get my hand around it.He pulled my hand away and said if I wanted more,I was going to have to show him the rest of me.I didn\\\'t think I could,but thenwithout fully being aware of what I was doind I unzipped my skirt and slid it off.I then nealt on the seat and asked him to take my knickers off.He did this with on pull,ripping them to shreds.That took me over the edge,I had both hands on him and was kissing the tip of it.I couldn\\\'t get it in my both,my mouth wouldn\\\'t open wide enough.

\\\"Do you have a condom?\\\" I adsked.He laughed saying they don\\\'t make condoms in my size.I didn\\\'t care,I had to know what it would be like

Fuck me please I said and crawled over onto the bed I had noticed behind the seats \\\"If your sure thats what you want and don\\\'t mind bare back.\\\"He said and quickly slipped off his clothes and joined me

I lay back hands together above my head and raised my knees,opening myself for him.He was above me and grasped both my hands with one of his.His other hand felt for me andI felt the end of his prick push against me.Slowly I stretched and he entered an inch maybe two.His head now left his prick and grasped my hair.He started pushing and I felt like a wave was moving up in me.

\\\"I want it all\\\"I gasped and he took a firmer grip on my head and just drove himself in.I farted I was so ashamed and said how sorry I was.He just laughed and said I\\\'ll join you and with that let out a great fart at the same time rammed himself in.

I heard someone groaning and was shocked to realise it was me.How could I be here,in a lorry cab with a dirty ill mannered man having all my insides rearranged

One final thrust and he gasped telling me I had got the lot.I didn\\\'t need telling the last thrust caused a dull pain to flow through my body,but slowly it eased.

I became aware of the cab rocking as he started to move in and out.The thrusts were getting bigger and faster.I was farting out of control now and cared not one jot.I was using language that had never come out of my mouth before.

\\\"I\\\'m coming where do you want it?\\\" \\\"Can you come again?\\\" I cried \\\"Oh yes several times\\\"\\\"Then in my mouth\\\"He must have been just about there because two giant thrusts which sho the whole lorry and had my shrieking and he pulled out,dragging my insides a pushed the tip into my mouth.Most of it I swollowed,but then I started to cry and I was bubbling his cum out onto my face.

He cleaned me up and slowly I recoverd.My tummy felt I had been kicked and I was exhausted.

\\\"Why did you want it in your mouth?\\\"he asked,.So you good have me again and I wouldn\\\'t be sloppy

I stayed the night with him,going to the cafe for tea and food.O ther drivers came up and chatted,they knew what had gone on and were hoping no doubt for a turn.\\\"Not this time fellers,but who knows about next time\\\"Fran