Written by JoJo

22 Nov 2010

About 20 years ago after leaving school I decided to backpack round Europe and for 3 years had the most wonderful time and adventures. I am now an avid reader of this sight due to my partner who loves the stories and we could wright a few of our own but he has encouraged me to tell mine of my travels.

Before leaving Scotland I made sure I had a job to go to on the first part of my trip this was through a friend who was already working in a bar in France. The first year was spent going from bar work to grape picking and apart from the odd shag nothing much to tell it was only when I decided to move on to Spain my first adventure?? happened. I decided to hitchhike to save money and was lucky to get a lift from a Brit Lorry driver. His name was Pete and about 40 he was good company lots of stories about things that happened and I laughingly said a girl on every road. Grinning he said just about after all sometimes I am on the road for up to a fortnight and needs must. Of course then the talk got more personal and a bit more raunchy and by the time of our first stop have to say I was geting very randy at the thought of Pete and I geting it on and I am sure it wasn`t far from Petes mind either by the way he was glancing at my legs. I parted my legs my hands idely caressing the inside of my thighs at the bottom of my shorts I lent back pretending to snooze but watching Pete I saw his hand go down between his legs and start to stroke himself. We pulled into a truck stop and he jumped out coming to my side to help me down I slid down from my seat our bodies connecting his hard on pressed against my belly. Grinning I said we will have to relieve that he pressed closer rubbing himself against me his hand coming up between my thighs his hand slipping up the leg of my shorts as his fingers probed my pussy through my panties then yanking them aside and roughly pushing two fingers into my wet pussy. I could hear other lorries coming into the truck stop so said lets get back in the lorry for privacy so we climbed back in Pete closed the cab curtains and I started to strip soon we were both naked and Petes cock was looking nice and hard.

He pulled my legs open nice and wide so he got a good view of my glistening pussy, he said that cunt needs filling and he just thrust it in and started to ride me. Now I usually like a bit more foreplay but his animal thrusts were taking me to a new level of sexual pleasure. He did not last long and I soon felt his hot spunk fill me as he withdrew he maybe saw a look of disapointment on my face don`t worry he said I have great powers of recovery but I needs a little sucking. Now I had sucked cock before but usually before fucking, this cock was covered in spunk and pussy juice. I tentivelly licked it didn`t taste to bad so took it in my mouth and started sucking him clean, he was right about his power of recovery within seconds I felt it start to harden and soon he was fucking my mouth his fingers entwined in my hair pulling my head back and forward. I felt his fingers find my pussy and clit I felt a little pain as he managed to get 4 fingers into my pussy and his thumb rubbed my clit my orgasms were coming in waves now. He said what a little slut you look sucking my cock while I finger fuck you, I did not want this to stopp this was the best ride I had ever had so much sexual pleasure. I was soon on all fours as he fucked me doggy fashion my head banging on the back of the seat his fingers gripping my hips I am sure our moans of pleasure could have been heard by anyone passing by the truck.

Pete fucked me two more times and I got a taste for spunk covered cock and if it hadn`t been his schedule was taking him to another part of Spain I am sure it would have happened more he really did have powers of recovery. I wonder where you are now Pete still shagging I bet.

So my next adventure, I have to say sexual adventures, were on my working travels through Spain maybe you may find this boring but am willing to wright more????