Written by JoJo

24 Nov 2010

I had no problems geting a job in northern Spain my first was a small bar but the owner said he could only give me work for a few weeks as at the busy time of the season he had 2 neices who helped him out. It gave me a start and he and his wife were a nice couple she taught me to make paella.

My next job was a much bigger bar Spanish waiters but another Brit and 2 German girls it was hard work but I only workd 4 day/nights a week so was able to hit the beach on days of. The only draw back was the owner he was a real sleeze ball always pressing himself against you try to cop a feel. I suppose when he was younger he had been a looker and could pull but now he was more 50 than 40 but still thought he was a stud. I knew he was shagging one of the German girls as I had caught her giving him a blow job before the bar opened one night. This went on for about 7 weeks and to be honest was geting fed up with him as he was becoming more insistant with me. One evening it was just the 2 of us to open up the bar when he trapped me behind the bar makeing lewd suggestions and trying to kiss me, enough was enough so I played along for a bit, we fuck soon |I said but first and I unzipped him, fondling his cock which to my surprise was very thick I started to wank him as he squeezed my tits I wanked faster and by the throbbing of his cock knew he wasn`t far of he tried to push me down so I would suck him but I manouvered it as he came he spurted his spunk over the glasses under the bar and with a final very very hard squeeze told him to go fuck himself and walked out the bar. He would have a very long job cleaning out all the glasses which he covered in spunk.

As I again looked for work I was offered a job further down the coast looking after a group of villas some privately owned some time share and the good news there was a flat to go with the job but would have to share with the other girl. The work was easy being there for guests to give them or recieve keys helping with questions, car hire etc. The flat was a glorified bed sit but it was free and it had a balcony. The girl I shared with was Italian Luisa absolutely drop dead gorgeous and completely uninhibited. We had a great laugh and I still keep in contact with her all these years later. One night she said she was bringing somebody back so I was relegated to the bed setee while she had the bed (we usually took it in turns about where we slept)all night she and partner kept me awake with there noisy shagging, he had great stamina and Luisa was very noisy when she came. When I came back from work next day a bit bleary eyed Lisa was on the balcony in just bikini bottoms rubbing oil into her tits and stomach, she laughed saying did we keep you awake? Did you have to rubb yourself and she ran her hand up and down her crotch. As I say uninhibited, soon we were sunbathing haveing a laugh, at siesta time the only fan working was in the bedroom so we both flopped onto the bed stripping of our bikinis, I fell asleep straight away. I woke to the feel of something heavy on me and Luisa in her sleep had flung her arm over me. As I pushed it off her arm still slick from suntan oil fell on to my stomach her fingers slipping between my thighs. I lay still when she moved and her hand came up to rest on my pussy the weight of her fingers pressed against my slit. I tried to gently move her hand but it met with resistence I glanced over the bed Luisa was awake a wicked grin on her face. She moved closer her fingers lightly brushing my slit. You like JoJo and I have to say the more she rubbed a heat was building between my legs. She leaned over little butterfly kisses on my stomach her fingers still moving over my slit, I felt her tongue glide down my stomach her fingers pulling open my pussy, I opened my legs wider and her tongue found my clit, nibbling gliding her tongue to my opening I was so wet. She manouverd herself between my legs lifting them to her shoulders and then with urgency she ate me, I felt an orgasm build my juices flowing out of me,I was bucking against her her cry of give me more of your juices I obliged soaking her face. We kissed a passionate tongues entwined kiss so much satisfaction from a woman so of course I had to return the favour and so I slid between her legs and first I kissed and nibbled the inside of her thighs then I licked and ate her pussy out, teasing her clit with my tongue. Lisa was loud her groans of pleasure I am sure could be heard on the beach. We shared the bed for the rest of Luisa time in Spain except when we met up with a man we wanted to shag and I do wonder after all this time whether we could have made up a 3sum, but no regrets because we had a lot of fun together exploring the ways for 2 women to pleasure themselves.

My partner has just read what I have written randy sod wants a blow job, he has seen me eat a few women and it always turns him on me too. Sorry he is insistant write more soon.