Written by fat_tosser

29 Aug 2017

Emma a woman with a large sexy ass I got to know her on holiday recently as our kids became friends. I'd noticed her in the pool legs up reading her kindle but she was partially covered but later she stripped off to her bikini and dived in to the pool in front of me and it was then I fell in love with her ass. Every opportunity I got I would steal a glance at her ample rear end. It was towards then end of our 2nd week on the site as we were walking back towards our caravans the kids had gone dashing on ahead leaving Emma and myself to walk back as our partners had already gone back to start cooking tea.

We were just chatting when Emma said I've noticed you looking at my bum everytime I sit or walk by you. Oppsss busted I say sorry I shouldn't be so obvious I say feeling my self go red and thinking I've gone to far. Dont worry about she replied I like it gives me a confidence boost to know a man likes my big bum. She went on to say that after having her kids how her hips had got bigger yet her weight stayed low but still had a big bum. What do you find so sexy about big bums she asked me. To me it makes you all woman I said. She said that her husband didn't like her big bum, he must be mad I said. She blushed a little and then asked what would I do to a big bum. I grinned and said well you would have to find out I said. With that we reached the are we were camped in with our caravans and the conversation had to end there.

I need a shower after being in the pool so grabbed my stuff and headed off towards to the block that had the larger shower rooms as I did Emma was heading off as well which block are you going to she asked I said about the one with bigger shower areas big enough for two even I said trouble is my Mrs is never wanting to wash my back. Maybe I can wash yours and you mine then said Emma cheeky girl I said. I want to know what you would do to a big bum she said.

Luckily for the time of day the block was empty so quickly followed each other in to a larger cubicle. I dress lightly for a shower and usually just wear shorts back so I didn't have a lot to hang up on the pegs. Emma similarly wore light clothes .

I was soon naked and my cock was already at half mast and when Emma stripped off to show off her small but nice tits and her ample bum it grew to full attention. I turned the shower on and got in Emma followed suit her hand reached down to feel my cock not too big or small she said. Now wash my back she asked so I washed her back and down to her bum allowing my hands to cares it along with my cock nudging between her cheeks that feels nice she said I havent started yet I whisper in to her ear. Lean forward and rest your hand on the wall she does as I ask and I kneel down and start to kiss her bum cheeks letting the warm water flow over them and wash the soap off her. I then start to run my tongue along her bum groove each time pushing a little further into it. She parts her legs a little more and I reach my target area her little brown hole I probe around it teasing it seeing how far she will let me go I meet no resistance and push the tip into her hole my nose is pressed firmly on to her bum with my kissing and licking at her brown hole. Emmas legs start to wobble as my teasing and kissing brings her own pleasure to its climax. I use my fingers to brush over her pussy to add to the enjoyment her big lips part easily and allows me to enter 2 fingers in to her as I continue to kiss and lick her. Her hand touches my head stop she says I cant take anymore or I'll shout too loudly. I stand up and she turns to face me thank you that was wonderful I've never been kissed on my bum like that I need to thank you she said. She wrapped her hand around my cock and started to wank me off her hands felt soft on my cock and she started to build a steady motion up stroking me. Keep that pace up and I will cum over your hands I say. I'd rather taste you she said and knelt down and took me in her mouth and sucked and licked at me until I cum in her mouth.

Sadly that was the only encounter I had with her in the shower and she did speak to speak to me a few days later to say she would like a repeat performance. Thanks to social media we can keep in contact and maybe meet on holiday again soon.