Written by Martin.k

6 Jun 2016

This weekend my wife and her sister travelled down to Plymouth from Peterborough by train to attend their nieces wedding , I stayed home to look after our little ones as the journey would have been to much , prior to there departure I agreed to let Samantha's dog out and feed him for the few days she would be away (Sam's my wife's sister ) .

Both she and her husband were both away , Saturday morning arrived so decided to pop over to Sam's house and let the dog out and feed him etc , now I'm a bit of a perv so decided to nip upstairs and check out Sam's panty draw , and maybe a crafty wank , I opened a few draws before hitting the jackpot ! Her panty draw was full of similar lingerie to my wife's , silk , lace etc whilst rummaging through her draws in found 4 sex toys of various sizes , I pulled out the draw and found a nice pair of pink silk panties , my favourite material , I stripped off and put on the panties , my rock hard cock sticking over the top , I got one of her toys , laid on the bed and proceeded to wanking with one hand and rub my arse hole with the toy , I must admit I shot my load in seconds , spunking everywhere , I put everything back quick and cleaned myself up and left .

Can you imagine my utter shock today when Sam text me ... what the fuck were you upto in my room at the weekend ??? I've got cctv in my house that I can watch on my phone via a app I've downloaded ... pervert ... I will be in touch.

I received the message today at 2.30pm .

Haven't heard anything yet , I'm shitting myself ..